Listen: An Exhibition Introducing Sound of Nairobi, the City’s Sound Archive, Nov. 7-20 2019 @ Goethe Institut

November 7, 2019 at 2:15 pm Leave a comment

Opening: November 7, 2019
Venue: Goethe Institut Nairobi
Time: 6 pm

Finissage: November 20, 2019

Sound is a medium which can you think about yourself in an environment. Listening consciously to sounds and noises places you in time and space and makes you aware of your surroundings. Sound is immediate and distance-less. Pressure waves move through space and penetrate everything in their way. The expanding nature of sound waves establishes a relational connection between sounding entities. These entities might be human, non-human, material or organic and they are never independent, they exist in a network of interrelations. Sounding bodies always have relations to their environment.

This opens up a way of thinking about sound as a medium that forces relations. Thinking through sound produces knowledge that is informed by context, process, “between-ness”, “interrelated-ness”. It has the ability to bring established power hierarchies into question.

In a series of workshops, City Walks worked by practically moving through spaces and listen actively.

The exhibition presents the results of this unique perspective on the city of Nairobi.

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