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Ubuntu Festival, Aug. 1 2015 @ Uhuru Gardens

Date: August 1, 2015
Venue: Uhuru Gardens
Time: 9 am to 6 pm
Tickets: KES 1500

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Exhibition: I Love Nairobi by Michael Soi, Jul. 19 – Aug. 14 2015 @ GoDown Art Centre

M Soi Nai Ni Who
An exhibition by Michael Soi at the GoDown Art Centre is currently ongoing under the auspices of Nai ni Who Festival.

Opening: July 19, 2015
Venue: GoDown Arts Centre, Industrial Area
Time: 3 pm
Entry: Free

Exhibition continues until August 14, 2015

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Event: The Luo Festival, Jul. 11 2015 @ Carnivore

Date: July 11, 2015
Venue: Carnivore
Time: 12 pm till dawn
Tickets: VIP KES 1000, VVIP KES 2000

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Zanzibar International Film Festival, Jul. 18-26 2015 @ Zanzibar

ZIFF 2015
Dates: July 18 – 26 2015
Venue: Zanzibar

ZIFF is East Africa’s largest film, music and arts festival, bringing new talents together from all over the world for aZanzibar Tamasha!

Find more information on their website

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Festival: Up Live 4 – Off the Rails, Jul. 11 2015 @ Kenya Railways Museum – Workshop Rd

UP Live4-Poster 2015
Date: July 11, 2015
Venue: Kenya Railways Museum – Workshop Rd
Time: from 6 pm till late
Tickets: KES 3000 at the Gate and KES 2500 advance

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Screening: Lusophone Film Festival, Jul. 4 2015 @ Goethe Insitut Auditorium

11 JULY poster
Date: July 4, 2015
Venue: Goethe Institut Auditorium
Time: from 5 pm
No Cover Charge

The eleventh edition of the Lusophone Film Fest of Nairobi will be on the 4-July as of 5pm at the Goethe-Institut Nairobi. We will have a short, an animation, and the first feature film to come out of Timor-Leste (East Timor), one of the newest countries in the World. we’ll showcase:

– Eyes of the lighthouse (Portugal, 2010, Pedro Serrazina)
In a rocky island exposed to the elements, a lighthouse keeper lives alone with his daughter. With no other company, the girl develops a unique complicity with the sea, which brings her toys to the shore. Following the rhythm of the waves, these objects will unveil previous events, memories that the tide cannot erase…

– Sandwich (Brazil, 2000, Jorge Furtado)
A Brazilian pantomime playing with the relation between reality and film by the same director of Isle of Flowers. A couple’s last moments, their meetings, separations and a sandwich

– Beatriz’s War (Timor-Leste, 2013, Luigi Acquisto/Bety Reis)
The first fiction film to come out of Timor-Leste (East Timor), one of the newest nations in the World. 16 years after Beatriz’s husband disappears during a brutal massacre by occupying forces, she is troubled by his mysterious return: is he the young man she had lost or is he an impostor?

Recognised with international awards at film festivals around the globe, the cinema from the Portuguese-speaking world is still mostly unknown to the general public. This 240 million people linguistic community is a thriving one, promoting over 80 film festivals and cinema awards every year, with movies mostly consumed in the respective countries.

The Lusophone Film Fest is a showcase of the diversity of film production in the eight Portuguese-speaking countries spread across 4 continents. The festival presents multiple works (documentaries, animations, shorts and feature films), in sessions of several films from the different countries.

The film fest started in March 2014 in Nairobi and has since expanded to Zanzibar (Tanzania) and Bangkok (Thailand).

The event is free of charge. More info in

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Drum Jam Showdown, Jun. 21 2015 @ Petma Restaurant – Opp. KFC Kimathi Street

The fourth installment of the Drumjam Showdown is taking place at;

Date: Sunday, June 21 2015
Venue: PETMA Restaurant opposite KFC Kimathi Street
Time: from 2 pm
Tickets: KES 300

The Drumjam Showdown is a showcase of East Africa and Central Africa’s best sixteen drummers battling it out through ten rounds for a cash prize and the bragging rights of being the best drummer in East and Central Africa.

One of the official judges is Tetu Shani, who had this to say, “There is an artistic renaissance that is taking place in Kenya and Drumjam is one of the forums that is capturing this movement and providing a platform for musicians to feed off of one another’s creative energy and ultimately build up the regional music scene. I would encourage anyone with a love for healthy competition and music and come out and see the best that Kenya has to offer”

Every installment of the Drumjam showdown also features “mentors.” These are some of the most influencial musicians in the region who offer advice and a short workshop detailing their unique approach to their instrument. This installment’s mentors features some of the best percussionists in the country like Kasiva, Tetu Shani, Mobutu, and Gachago.

In regard to the mentorship program, Tetu Shani had this to say, “In the past there has been a lack of active mentorship from seasoned musicians to those who are rising through the ranks. The idea to have workshops by musicians was the brainchild of Thomas Olango’o and it creates an environment of active learning to make sure this musical generation is better equipped to handle the rigors of a music career.”

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