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Theatre: Roots of Shame Seeds of Pain, Mar. 5-16 2014 @ Phoenix Players – Professional Centre

Date: March 5-16, 2014
Venue: Professional Centre – Parliament Road
Time: Wed.-Thur. 7 pm, Fri. 7.30 pm and Sat 6 pm
Tickets: Kshs 500

Written by Brian Munene(Original idea by David Opondoe) and Directed by Millicent Ogutu

Rated: +16

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Theatre: Passing Strangers, Nov. 1-16 2013 @ Phoenix Player Theatre – Professional Centre

Passing Strangers
Phoenix Players Present: Passing Strangers
Directed by Samson Psenjen

Opening: November 1, 2013
Venue: Phoenix Player Theatre, Professional Centre

Runs until November 16, 2013
Tickets: Kshs 500 and Students Kshs 300

Fickle thing, memory. Malcolm discovers how true his words are when he takes his friend Clive to a singles’ evening. Clive has just been left by his wife, while Malcolm is a confirmed bachelor . In the deserted hotel bar, to the depressing soundtrack of the next-door ballroom, they meet two recent divorcees; upwardly-mobile Julie and cynical, defiant Liz.

Malcolm is determined to break down Liz’s defences while trying to pair off Clive with Julie. But the women have a few tricks of their own, and Malcolm soon finds that life, like the evening, is full of surprises.

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Play: Double Bill, Aug. 30 – Sept. 14 2013 @ Professional Centre

Double Bill
Phoenix Players present: Double Bill. Directed by Likarion Wainaina, Samson Psenjen

Opening Date: August 30, 2013

Play runs until: September 14, 2013
Venue: Phoenix Players
Tickets: Ksh. 500 | Students Ksh 300

Marcus a successful stockbroker has found himself saddled with a curious gift: he can see into the future. At first he can use this power to his advantage but his pleasure turns to terror when he finds his vision only extends a certain distance into the future. What lies beyond “the edge“ he sees coming rapidly towards him?

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Screening: My Kenyan Story by Ingrid Berlanga, Aug. 17 2013 @ Phoenix Players Theatre

invitation ingrid
Ingrid Berlanga* and Immortal Media have the pleasure to invite you to the presentation of the documentary film My Kenyan Story, which is a production made about Kenya from the eyes of a Mexican.

Date: August 17, 2013
Venue: Phoenix Players Theatre, Professional Centre
Time: 1 pm
Phone: 020 2212661

* Ingrid Berlanga is the Mexican political, commercial and cultural attaché to Kenya

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Play: Killing Time, Jun. 26-Jul. 13 2013 @ Professional Centre – Parliament Road

Killing Time
Phoenix Players present, Killing Time directed by Gilbert Lukalia.

Dates: Until July 13, 203
Venue: Professional Centre – Parliament Road
Tickets: Ksh. 500

A chance meeting bring Rick and Jane together, and at first their conversation at Rick’s house seems innocent. Gradually the clues to the truth assemble: it is not Rick’s house at all engineered their meeting; he knows all about Jane’s marriage to the violent, unsavoury Michael – and he wants Michael dead, for reasons of his own. surprisingly, Jane is happy to collude with Rick in this plan, but then she isn’t all originally appears to either .By degrees, the two conspirators reveal more and more of their true identities and the crimes and violence that have linked them in the past. The encounter becomes combative; each in turn handcuffed and threatened, each alternates between being predator and prey…Twist after twist leads KILLING TIME, this clever and challenging thriller for a cast of two to a gripping conclusion.

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Play: Meetings by John Sibi-Okumu, Until May 11 2013 @ Professional Centre


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Theatre: Father’s Day, Mar. 15-30 2013 @ Professional Centre – Parliament Road

Fathers Day
Dates: March 15-30, 2013
Venue: Professional Centre – Parliament Road

Its a cold winters evening and bitter,irascible divorcee Henry is enjoying a Scotch and some classical music in glorious solitude. He is soon disturbed,however, by the unwelcome appearance of his son Mathew, bringing with him his new girlfriend,the unappealing punk/Goth Christine. Mathew is obviously keen for a reconciliation with his father,but Henry is quite happy the way things are,and sparks soon fly but this is just the beginning, for who should arrive next but Henry’s ex-wife, Mathews mother,Sue! As the cold night wears on Henry and Sue cant help but reck over the ashes of their seemingly dead relationship and to their surprise the faint glow of a new tenderness develops between them, Before long Henry is facing some important decisions…..

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