Evenings with Liron- Chapter II, Oct. 24 2014 @ Michael Joseph Centre

Evenings With Liron- Chapter II
Event: Evenings with Liron- Chapter II
Venue: Michael Joseph Centre
Date: 24th October 2014
Time: 7pm
Entry: Sh500
Contact person: Monica Kabiro, email: info@lironsoul.com

Evenings with Liron, Chapter II is a music concert by singer songwriter Liron aimed at giving music fans a soulful acoustic experience of her original music. Together with her band, she plans on showcasing new material as well as compositions from her recently released debut album “Prodigal’s Diary”.

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Kampala Contemporary Art Festival, Oct. 4-31 2014 @ Kampala Railway Station & 28 Locations Across the City

KLA ART 014, Kampala Contemporary Art Festival
Theme: “Unmapped” Who are the unheard voices of our cities?

Dates: 4th – 31st October 2014
Venue: Kampala Railway Station & 28 Locations Across the City
For the month of October, thirty artists from Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Congo and Rwanda will unveil
new artworks across Kampala.

The festival will see the reopening of Kampala’s Railway Station to the public for an exhibition that will feature the work of ten artists, showcasing their interpretation of the “Unmapped”.

“The bicycle knife sharpener; the express fashion designer; the mobile nail salon: they fill every corner of the city. ‘Unmapped’ will attempt to artistically showcase how people from every stratum of society adapt creatively to survive” Violet Nantume, Curatorial Committee, KLA ART 014

Five Ugandan curators, working with renowned South African curator Gabi Ngcobo, have selected the artists, who include Helen Nabukenya; a visual artist from Uganda who uses discarded fabric to create vast tapestries depicting the overlooked, the forgotten and the rejected. From Kenya, Dennis Muraguri explores the matatu; presenting it, not only as a transport tool, but also as a space for intriguing gossip and communication.

Reaching out directly to the public, twenty boda bodas (motorcycle taxis) will be turned into artworks, ‘mapping’ Kampala, by forming temporary exhibition spaces in pre–‐‑selected locations across the capital. Ugandan artist Kizito Mbuga will transform a boda boda into a travelling cinema; whilst Ogwang Jimmy John will turn another into an interactive recording studio, which maps the ‘unheard’ musicians of the city. The mobile exhibition will attract new audiences from every corner of Kampala, from the iconic Independence Monument to bustling Ggaba market on the shores of Lake Victoria.

“Building on the success of the festival in 2012, KLA ART 014 offers a platform to showcase new and emerging ideas by contemporary Ugandan artists. KLA ART is a two–‐‑year process of thought, production and experimentation resulting in a unique festival, which directly links artists, artworks and audiences” Rocca Gutteridge, Project Director, KLA ART 014

“Umeme has partnered with KLA ART 014 to celebrate and support art as a driver of community togetherness, self-development and cultural diversity” Core Supporting Partner, Umeme (Energy distribution company, Uganda)

For more information visit http://klaart.org/

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Screening: The Ambassador by Mads Brugger, Oct. 31 2014 @ Docubox Offices

Screening: The Ambassador by Mads Brugger

Screening: The Ambassador by Mads Brugger

Date: October 31, 2014
Venue: Docubox Offices
Time: 6.30-8.30 pm

In his new stunt documentary, “The Ambassador,” the Danish journalist and filmmaker Mads Brugger impersonates a European adventurer seeking his fortune in Africa. This character, named Mads Cortzen, might have been dreamed up by Joseph Conrad in collaboration with Sacha Baron Cohen. A slender, dapper fellow with a ginger beard and an ironical manner, Cortzen motors around Liberia and the Central African Republic in a flag-festooned Volvo, handing out bribes and secretly recording his meetings with government ministers, diamond mine owners and shady passport brokers. Mr. Brugger’s voice-over briskly explains the rules and risks associated with his imposture, and reveals a world in which everything seems to be for sale. His first purchase is a Liberian diplomatic credential, which he thinks will allow him to operate in the Central African Republic with impunity as he buys conflict gems and sets up a match factory. Nothing is quite as simple as it seems. A Dutch fixer and Liberian officials, in spite of thousands of dollars in fees and “donations,” cannot put his papers in order, placing him at risk of arrest or worse. His Central African partners might be ripping him off, and it becomes hard to tell if Cortzen is master of the mock-diplomatic game or the world’s biggest sucker.

It is also sometimes difficult to read Mr. Brugger’s intentions. “The Ambassador” is both a satire of European cynicism and an exposé of African corruption, but a crucial element of social or ethical concern is missing. There is, for example, no sense of the toll that venal governments and abusive business practices exact on ordinary Africans, and the arrogant contempt that his alter ego shows for the Central African Republic and its people sometimes seems to belong to Mr. Brugger as well.

But much of what he was able to record — the deadpan viciousness of a French mercenary in charge of state security; the casual greed of fellow diplomats; the pomposity and duplicity of local bureaucrats — is genuinely appalling. Mr. Brugger’s portrait of shameless, routine collusion between exploitative foreigners and dysfunctional dictatorships is depressing and undeniable.

Unless, that is, “The Ambassador” is even more of a hoax than it seems to be. This strikes me as plausible, since somebody having this much fun in such proximity to horror may not be completely trustworthy. Via http://www.nytimes.com/

Find more info. here

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Film screening: Blancanieves, Oct. 28 2014 @ Michael Joseph Centre, Safaricom House

Blancanieves 2012 movie lo

The Embassy of Spain is pleased to invite you to a Spanish Night of the Udada Film Festival where a cocktail will be offered before the viewing of the modern version of the Spanish Film Blancanieves (Snow White) directed by Pablo Berger on 28th October at 5.30pm at the Michael Joseph centre next to Safaricom house, Westlands.

Free parking is available in the centre.

This event is celebrated within the framework of the Udada Film Festival a swahili term that means sisterhood. It is a women’s film festival that this Embassy is supporting and will take place from 25th to 29th October 2014.

For more information about the film screenings, please contact the organisers of the festival: udadafilmfest@gmail.com

Location:        Michael Joseph centre, Westlands, Nairobi

Date:              Tuesday, 28th October 2014

Time:              5.30pm – 9.00pm


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Thursday Nite Live feat. Fil-ah, Oct. 30 2014 @ Choices – Baricho Road

TNL@C_October Fil-ah Oct 30th

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An Evening of Afro Jazz – Cancer Edition, Oct. 28 2014 @ Alliance Française Auditorium


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Exhibition: Echoes by Naomi Van Rampelberg, Oct. 26 – Nov. 26 2014 @ One Off Contemporary Art Gallery

Naomi Van
Date: Sunday, 26 October 2014
Venue: One Off Contemporary Art Gallery
Time: 11am to 5pm

The exhibition runs until 26th November 2014 features paper collage, painted art and jewellery works by Naomi Van Rampelberg.

Find out more about the work of Naomi Van Rampelberg and the exhibition here

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Out of Town: Afrovazi- Beauty in Diversity, Oct. 25 2014 @ Kilimo Hall – Egerton University

Afrivazi 3rd Edition

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Launch of the Kenya Arts Diary 2015, Oct. 21 2014 @ Heinrich Böll Foundation offices

Kenya Arts Diary 2015 Cover | Via Margaretta WaGacheru

Kenya Arts Diary 2015 Cover | Via Margaretta WaGacheru

The official launch of the Kenya Arts Diary 2015 will be held this coming Tuesday, October 21 at 6pm at the Heinrich Böll Foundation offices on Forest Road.

Guest of Honor at the Launch of this the 5th Kenya Arts Diary will be the German Ambassador, Mr. Andreas Peschke who will official launch the Diary and open the 2nd Kenya Arts Diary Artists Exhibition.

The exhibition will feature a portion of artworks by the more than 60 artists whose art is included in this year’s Diary.

The Kenya Arts Diary is the brain child of glass artist Nani Croze who is also the founder of the Kitengela Glass Research and Training Trust. Since 2010 Nani has been working with a team of art-loving volunteers to assemble art works by the best and brightest young Kenyan artists around. Kul Graphics has also played an invaluable role in publishing the full-color diary every year.

Nani’s initial vision from the beginning has been to create a diary that is both a calendar and a catalogue of contemporary Kenyan art which reflects the burgeoning nature of the local visual arts scene. She also has wanted to expose the amazing diversity, dynamism and determination of young Kenyan artists to confirm that there is indeed contemporary Kenyan art and that African art is not confined exclusively to West and South Africa but it is also thriving in East Africa, especially in Kenya.

That is why, in all five editions of the Diary, the KAD arts committee has sought to fill every new edition with the artwork of fresh, new Kenyan talents. It has also tried to include veteran Kenyan and East African artists every year. These have included painters like Ancent Soi, Elimo Njau, Yony Waite and Jak Katarikawe as well as sculptors like the late Samwel Wanjau, Elkana Ong’esa and Edward Njeng’a.

The Diary team has worked hard to seek out young and relatively unknown artists who haven’t had much public exposure but their artistic talents are apparent. The team’s commitment to giving young artists opportunities to develop their creative skills is possibly most evident in the Kenya Arts Diary Residency Award or KADRA that was launched last year. The art residency affords young artists the opportunity to work with experienced artists in stimulating studio environments for one month with all expenses paid, including art materials, accommodations, a stipend and the opportunity to exhibit the awardee’s work produced during that one month residency.

Last year, the two KADRA awardees were Michael Kyalo and Ezra Joab. This year the awardee, currently working with Nani Croze at Kitengela Glass, is Kezia Nduta.

Early in 2015 a call will go out to young Kenyan artists to apply for KADRA and all Kenyans under the age of 25 years will be welcome to apply.

What makes the Kenya Arts Diary both a calendar and a catalogue of contemporary Kenyan art is because every week is given to one artist whose art work is featured together with a head shot of the artist, a brief bio and the artist’s contacts so that the public can communicate directly with the artist. Aiming to foster transparency and independence among the artists, Nani says she feels strongly that artists need to have platforms that enable the public to easily access them. She says it’s good for the artists and the public as well since art lovers can use the Diary like a directory to find the artists they want to know and potentially to invest in their art.

Any questions about the Kenyan Arts Diary 2015 can be sent to kenyaartsdiary@gmail.com or sent to the Diary’s Facebook page.

The Diary is available for sale in all the local bookstores, galleries and art centres. For details about obtaining the Diary, call Diana at 0720624139.

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The Affordable Art Show, Oct. 24-26 2014 @ Nairobi National Museum Courtyard

Affordable Art Show

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