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Exhibition: Elysian Fields by Zihan Kassam, Aug. 5 – 24 2014 @ Talisman Restaurant

Dates: August 5-24, 2014
Venue: Talisman Restaurant


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Exhibition: Shelter for a Sage, Oct. 23-Nov. 23 2012 @ Talisman Restaurant

Dates: October 23-November 23, 2012
Venue: Talisman Restaurant

For Zihan Kassam, ‘Shelter for a Sage’ is a world in which a philosopher might reside; an old country dream where those who miss nature can take refuge; where they repose. For renowned artist, Tabitha wa Thuku, it is the home she looks forward to after having experienced a trying time in the recent past. She hopes for a humble home again, with a small vegetable patch and modest living quarters where artists who are looking for support; artists, who are so often misunderstood, can find peace of mind.

Together, the two artists, young and veteran, have created nature-abstracts, to remind us not to be preoccupied with the rat-race. Nature will teach the most important of lessons.

Zihan Kassam, art correspondent, is excited to collaborate with renowned artist, Tabitha Wa Thuku, one of the most recognized female artists of the contemporary Kenyan art scene, whose earthy, textured works have traveled to the far corners of the world.

Despite some of the difficulties faced by artists in Kenya, the two artists incite positivity in each other.

On Poster
Hot Planet – Tabitha wa Thuku (mixed media)
Naked – Zihan Kassam (acrylic on canvas)

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