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Father’s day Musical Narrative: City Dads – and the Women who love them, Jun. 6-8 2014 @ Alliance

City Dads
Wholesome Entertainment’s Father’s day Musical Narrative (City Dads)- Showing June 6th,7th and 8th

Happy new Month. Hope you are well. Father’s day is coming up in June (15th),and we as Wholesome entertainment will this weekend take you through the incredible,anxious filled,exciting yet at times troublesome journey of fatherhood and how this affects the women who love them. The story will be told through entertaining dramatization,interactive narration and awesome singing.

Featuring: Benjamin Webi, Michael Oyier and Steve Katingima

What a great way to spend your weekend,treat your dad,or a father you know,or just enjoy great entertainment with your friends.

The Show: City Dads and the women who love them.
When: June 6th,7th and 8th.
Where: Alliance Francaise
Time: Fri 6th – 6pm and 8.30pm
Sat 7th- 6pm
Sun 8th-3pm and 6pm
Cost: Kshs 1000.

Ticket hotline :0725040951


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Play: Borrowed Life, Apr. 11-13 2014 @ Alliance Française

Borrowed Life
Wholesome entertainment presents Borrowed Life a captivating play showing- April 11th, 12th and 13th at the Alliance Francaise. To book your tickets call 0725 040 951

Borrowed Life – Melissa, a young wife who feels trapped by her “slow husband” who has a “Poverty mentality”, decides goes to go on an unrelenting quest to move on up that eventually turns deadly.

Dates: April 11-13, 2014
Venue: Alliance Française
Tickets: Kshs 500


Melissa feels trapped, being married to what she considers her ‘slow’ husband. She gets even angrier when her younger friend and neighbor buys property, while they are still being held back by her husband’s “poverty mentality.” She eventually tries to “invest” behind her husband’s back; however when the politician from whom she buys prime land demands for more than she can give, Melissa finds herself thrown into a web of secrets, and nothing could have prepared her for the downward spiral her life gets into, as her unrelenting quest to move on up turns deadly.

To book your tickets call 0725 040 951
Lipa na Mpesa number 317979

Written by Seth Busolo, Directed by May Wairimu, Produced by Daisy Busolo and Samuel Kyama, Stage manager Charity Nyambura

Tickets also available at Alliance Francaise

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Play: Life in the Single Lane feat. Patricia Kihoro, Nov. 1 2013 @ Michael Joseph Centre

Life In the Single Lane
Wholesome entertainment Presents Life In the Single Lane, an intriguing play With Soulful Music featuring Patricia Kihoro.

Date: Friday November 1st
Venue: Michael Joseph Center
Time: 7pm
Tickets: Kshs 500 – To book your tickets call 0725 040 951

Kiki an upcoming musician finds it hard to come up with her debut song, ahead of the launch of her “boyfriends” new restaurant. However when the restaurant opening is revoked by the Neurotic Madam Mugambi a government official, Kiki tries to gain sympathy by lying about the status of their relationship with her “Boyfriend” TJ. This forces her to keep up the act. On the other hand TJ seeks “financial help” for the restaurant from the Vivacious Terry, further complicating the “boyfriend” matter.And through the humorous and dramatic struggles of an in between business and an in between relationship, Kiki seeks to find herself and to find her song.

Written By Seth Busolo, Directed by Pauline Komu

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Play: Who’s Your Daddy, Sept. 20-22 2013 @ Alliance Française Auditorium

Who’s Your Daddy?
Written by Seth Busolo, Directed by Pauline Komu and Produced by Daisy Nyawira Busolo, Samuel Kyama Mutui.

Dates: September 20-22, 2013
Venue: Alliance Française
Time: Fri. 6.30 pm, weekend 3 & 6 pm
Tickets: Kshs 500
To buy/book: 0725 040 951

WHO’S YOUR DADDY? Like Father…unLike son

A family crisis forces Alvin to confront his hidden past, and puts him on a collision course with his estranged father, his stubborn son and his Seemingly Retrogressive farmhand. Watch this captivating story full of drama and Humorous twists.

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Play: Poison Ivy, Feb. 8-10, 2013 @ Alliance Francaise

Poison Ivy
Wholesome Entertainment is excited to be having their first play early in the year. A dramatic and captivating play, dubbed POISON IVY.

Dates: Friday 8th Feb, Sat 9th Feb, Sun 10th Feb
VENUE: Alliance Francaise
TIME: Friday 8th Feb 6:30 p.m., Sat 9th Feb 3pm, Sat 9th Feb 6pm, Sun 10th Feb 3pm, Sun 10th Feb 6pm
Tickets: Kshs 500/= [Available at Alliance Francaise]
To book/buy your tickets call 0725 040 951

They call her Cute Ivy… Pretty Ivy … Sweet Ivy … However Her Brothers wife calls Her …

POISON IVY. This is the story of a young married couple who’s bond is quickly tested by the intrusion of a sister.
From the creators of “Corporate Wife,” “History Box” and “Deputy Husband” Wholesome entertainment presents: POISON IVY

Written by: Seth Busolo
Directed by: Pauline Komu &
Produced by: Daisy Busolo, and Samuel Kyama

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Play: The History Box, Feb 11-12 2012 @ National Museum (Leakey Auditorium)

A humorous, heartwarming and authentic Kenyan play

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, and many at time’s stress levels do go up at this time of the year. Amidst the overwhelming prices, the need to be dressed up, and the pressure to have a date; the celebration of love can soon become a tragedy. That’s why Wholesome Entertainment has worked hard to come up with a great hang out that is fun, reasonably priced and enjoyable for both couples and friends who are simply hanging out.

Not only do you get to enjoy the wonderfully hilarious play The History Box, but you also stand a chance to win one night for two at the Naru-Moru river lodge along with other great prizes.

WHERE: Louis Leakey Auditorium(National Museum)
DATES: Saturday February 11th, and Sunday February 12th
TIME: (FOUR SHOWS) Saturday 3pm and 6pm, Sunday 3pm and 6pm
COST: Kshs 500
TICKETS: @ Wakestar Bookshop Koinange Street next to Bata, From January 24th
…Or buy via MPESA call. 0725 040 951

CONCEPTUALIZED BY: Seth and Daisy Busolo
DIRECTED BY: Sarah Rimbui
PRODUCED BY: Daisy Busolo and Hilda Kuria

SPONSORED BY: Elle Interiors Designers, NTV, Naromoru River Lodge, Metz Cakes, Ideas Unplugged,Anchor hair and Beauty Salon

The History Box Scenario:

1.You broke up with David 10 years ago because he was flying out. Now you’re married, David‘s back and he’s just called. After the call your Husband says “It’s long since I heard you laugh like that, who’s that you were talking to?” You…
a.     Flip it on Him. “So now that I’m laughing you automatically think it’s another man”
b.     Lie and then trivialize it. “It’s just an old ‘Girl’ friend from campus.
c.      He already know about all your ex’s. “It’s David, he’s back and he wants to meet with me.”
d.     Lie and Delete his number.
e.     None of the above

2.Wife’s phone is out of charge and so she asks to use your phone to send an urgent text. Just then you receive a text from your ex saying she misses you. Your wife has no idea about you ex. You…
a.     Lecture your wife about how she lacks foresight because she failed to charge her phone.
b.      Tell her to give you the number and make the call on her behalf.
c.      delete the text from your ex, by pretending to also be sending an important text. And then give it to her.
d.     Just give her the phone and hope she does not see it.
e.     None of the above

3.You are showing some photos to your wife on your facebook wall.While at it, your ex pops on chat and says “Morning Handsome… I got the money.Thanks dear”…You
a.     Make a sudden movement towards her that “accidentally” flips the laptop. Then blame her for elbowing you.
b.     Wait for your wife to raise any issues about Handsome and the money, and calmly refute any allegations.And anyway your name is not “Handsome”.
c.      Accept that you have been busted and explain your way out while hoping and praying for the best.
d.     Tell her the Truth. That your ex was looking for a loan so she called you and out of courtesy, you directed her to your friend who works with a bank. And you have no control over what people call you…Well, Only you know whether that is the truth
e.     None of the above

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