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Exhibition: What’s New Under the Sun, Mar. 30-Apr. 30 2014 @ National Museum

what is new under the sun
Exhibition Opening: March 30, 2014 at 2 pm
Venue: Temporary Exhibition Hall , Nairobi National Museum

Runs Until: April 30, 2014

What’s new under the sun exhibition is a result of cooperation between two groups of pupils from the middle school in Tomice, Poland and eight schools in the Mathare in Nairobi.

35 pupils participated in a series of educational workshops during which they had a chance to know each other, to work in tandem on the same topic and to answer some questions: Who am I? What do we need to have to go on a journey together? How do we express our emotions?

The works which came out of these workshops impressed many; the Kenyan and Polish schoolchildren, their classmates, parents, teachers, friends, project coordinators, museum employees and spectators who came to watch out of pure interest.

The Polish- Kenyan exhibition has varying settings. It is presented in four usual-unusual places: a disused building in the Mathare turned into an art gallery, the Nairobi National Museum, the Seweryn Udziela Ethnographic Museum in Krakow, as well as Polish Nobel Laureate Secondary School in Tomice. We look at the works – what do we see? Teenagers’ energy, dreams, emotions, differences and similarities.

“I am afraid of things which have been discovered once and for all. I like the things which stay visible only for a few days”, said the Congolese writer Sony Labou Tansi.

We hope that by visiting this exhibition you too will experience a journey of discovery…

The exhibition will be accompanied by two art workshops for students in cooperation with the National Museum in Nairobi.

Project founders: Razem Pamoja Fundation, The Seweryn Udziela Ethnographic Museums in Krakow

Partners: Education Effect Africa, Commune of Tomice, Community Centre in Tomice

Exhibitions organisers: Razem Pamoja Foundations, The Seweryn Udziela Ethnographic Museums in Krakow, Nairobi National Museums


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