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Exhibition: Turkana Through Time, Jul. 23 2016 @ BIEA Seminar Room

Turkana Through Time
Open to Public from 23rd of July 2016
Venue: BIEA Seminar Room, Laikipia Road, Kileleshwa

This exhibition by Samuel Derbyshire in collaboration with the Pit Rivers Museum, Oxford, showcases a selection of historical photographs taken in Turkana at various different times throughout the last century. Prints of these historical photographs were recently brought back to southern Turkana as part of a visual repatriation project, where they were used in interviews and group discussion sessions to explore the recent history of the region at various different locations.

The exhibition also encompasses photographs taken during this recent project, showing the historical photographs being discussed by the friends and relatives of the people they contain.


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Guided Tours of the On Going Exhibition – Transient [Inspired By Turkana], Until Jun. 2 2014 @ National Museum

Guided Tours
You can now get a guided tour for the ongoing exhibition by Kuona resident artist Josefina Munoz at the Musem on the following dates:

Dates and Time: Thursday May 15th at 3 pm, Saturday May 24th at 3 pm and Tuesday May 27th at 10 am

Transient [inspired by Turkana] showcases a selection of drawings,photography, light boxes, and installation work depicting the notion of impermanence. Through the usage of diverse media and processes,Muñoz explores the idea of private space, ownership, and mobility,highlighting at the same time the splendor of one of Kenya’s most secluded cultures.

To RSVP call us on 0721262326

More information on

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Exhibition: Transient by Josefina Munoz– inspired by Turkana, May 1-June 2 2014 @ National Museum

Dates: May 1-June 2, 2014
Venue: Nairobi National Museum
Entry: Museum Rates Apply

The exhibition ‘Transient: Inspired by Turkana’ opens Tuesday, 6th May 2014 at the National Museum of Kenya.
The works on display will be an output of Kuona resident artist Josefina Munoz, portraying work inspired the Kenyan Turkana community.

More information on

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The Total Eclipse Trance Party! Between the Rays, Nov. 3 2013 @ Tree House – Museum Hill

between the rays
The Total Eclipse Trance Party! Between the Rays

Date: November 3, 2013
Venue: Tree House
Time: 4 pm till midnight

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Talk: Violence, Stress & Mortality in Northern Kenya, Aug. 8, 2012 @ BIEA

Date: August 8, 2012
Venue: British Institute of East Africa
Time: 11am-12.30pm
Entry: RSVP

The paper reports on a project documenting the embodied impacts of violence in three pastoralist communities chronically at war with one another – the Pokot, Samburu, and Turkana.
Data was collected beginning in November, 2008 and concluding in August, 2011 using a mixed-methods approach that included participant-observation, open-ended interview, survey, health recall, mental health stress screen, and anthropometrics (BMI, skin fold thickness).
The paper will present a portion of the mental health and anthropometric findings in their ethnographic context with discussion focused particularly on the most vulnerable groups by age, gender, and community.
Presenter: Bilinda Straight

Contributors: Bilinda Straight (1) Ivy Pike (2) Charles Hilton (3)

1 Western Michigan University. Kalamazoo, MI
2 University of Arizona. Tucson, AZ
3 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

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Out of Town/Festival: The Lake Turkana Festival 2011, May 13-15, 2011 @ Loiyangalani

The German Embassy and the National Museums of Kenya in collaboration with various organisations from the local community (MoSaReTu etc.) and partners from the economic sector will once again team up for the 4th edition of the Lake Turkana Festival on the South-Eastern shores of the ‘Jade Lake’, commonly known as Lake Turkana.

Dates: May 13-15, 2011
Venue:Loiyangalani (a small town located southeastern coast of Lake Turkana)
Focus: Securing sustainable development

The project is based on a proposal, which the local community of Loiyangalani introduced to the German Embassy back in 2008, when the Festival was held for the first time (now on its 4th edition).

The main purpose was – and still is – to overcome tribalism in the region and to promote peace and reconciliation among the local communities around Lake Turkana by giving them an opportunity for cross-cultural cooperation and exchange, both in the preparation and in the course of the Festival.
During the three days Festival, representatives of the Rendille, El Molo, Pokot, Samburu, Turkana, Gabbra, Dassanech and Borana will present their respective customs and living conditions, spectacular traditional costumes, arts and crafts, dances and music to each other and to visitors. Combined with the stunning geographical characteristics and the very limited general knowledge on the Lake Turkana region, the presentation of the cultural traditions makes the Festival a unique and fascinating experience for Kenyans as well as for Expatriates. An objective the National Museum of Kenya strives to achieve (promotion of cultural tourism in Kenya).

In a nutshell, the Festival gives one the chance to explore this culturally and geographically unique region and serves to promote environmental and economical sustainable development.

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Photo Exhibition: Turkana Cultural Festival, Feb 26th – Mar 19th 2009 @ National Museum

Opening of the exhibit February 26th at 6pm.
The first Lake Turkana Cultural Festival took place last June in Loiyangalani. The festival was organized by the German Embassy and cofunded by the EU-Commission. Joan Perreruan and other photographers captured some of the highlights of this unique event. In October, the photographs were shown in an exhibition at the Goethe-Institut. As a reaction to the interest elicited by the exhibition, a wider range of photographs comprehensively documenting the festival held at Lake Turkana will be on display at an exhibition at the Nairobi National Museum, Hall of Kenya. The German Embassy is planning to hold a second festival 15-16 May in Loyangalani at the Lake Turkana.

For more information please visit: or email to: pr-100[at]


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