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Thursday Nite Live with Feridah Rose – Direct from Denmark, Sept. 14 2017 @ J’s – Westlands

Date: September 14, 2017
Venue: J’s, Westlands
Time: 8-11 pm
No Cover Charge

About Feridah Rose
Danish Soul singer Feridah Rose is raising her voice and making a mark with a funky sound, grown from deep roots in East Africa’s red soil, as well as musical input from gospel and reggae. Feridah Rose has just released her new EP ‘Njabala’ and her music is the sound of love, soul and hot African sun.

Based in Copenhagen and carrying strong music traditions from Uganda, the charismatic singer has found form and a personal expression for her music. When on stage with her band, Feridah Rose combines the beauty of her afro-soul vocal style with a focus on intense rhythmic propulsion and expansive jazz-funk arrangements. Iit is a show that draws the audience and listener in, with songs that go from deep R&B ballads to the skank of dub reggae and the traditional rhythms of Africa.

Feridah released the EP ‘Game of Love’ in 2012 which showcased her powerful voice and range. is was followed up with the single ‘Kyelondela’ – a tribute to her homeland recorded back in Uganda with one of the country’s most popular songwriters, Sylver Kyagulanyi and the legendary local hit maker Paddy Man behind the desk. It was the first song she sang in her mother tongue and set the di rection for her 2017 release ‘Njalaba’ where she fuses her infl uences both musically and lyrically into a sound with strong roots and a modern vision.


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Thursday Nite Live – May Line Up, Every Thursday @ Choices – Baricho Road

TNL@C May 2015 Month Poster
Dates: Every Thursday night
Venue: Choices – Baricho Road
Time: 8-11 pm
No Cover Charge

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Thursday Nite Live feat. Olith Ratego, Mar. 12 2015 @ Choices – Baricho Road

TNL@C_Olith Ratego Mar 12th

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Thursday Nite Live with Yellow Light Machine, Jan. 15 2015 @ Choices – Baricho Road

TNL@C_Jan 15th _Yellow Light Machine

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Thursday Nite Live feat. Winyo and Nina, Dec. 18 2014 @ Choices – Baricho Road


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Thursday Nite Live featuring Aaron Rimbui, Jul. 3 2014 @ Choices – Baricho Road

TNL@C_Aaron Rimbui_July 3rd
Date: July 3, 2014
Venue: Choices, Baricho Road
Time: From 8 pm
No Cover Charge!

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Thursday Nite Live featuring Gogosimo, Jan. 30 2014 @ Choices – Baricho Road


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