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Art Workshop, Mar. 15 2014 @ Puniii’s Coffees & Crafts – Taarifa Suites on 17 Ojijo Road

Puniii's Coffees and Crafts
There is an art workshop coming up this weekend on the 15th of March at Taarifa Suites on 17 Ojijo road held in Puniii’s Coffees and Crafts.


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Exhibition: The Journey Two, Nov. 16 – Dec. 7 2013 @ Puniii’s Coffees and Crafts

Exhibition poster
THE JOURNEY presents to you their second group art exhibition: “THE JOURNEY TWO: Because I feel…” A collection of eighteen Kenyan artists initiated by Poonam Suryavanshi at Puniii’s Coffees And Crafts located at Taarifa Suites, 17 Ojijo Road, Parklands.

“Art is a mystery, art goes beyond history, art does not conceal, art only reveals, art breathes life into every moment”–‐ P. Suryavanshi

The exhibition opens at 5.30 pm on Saturday 16th November 2013 and runs until Saturday, 8th December 2013 (from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Saturday).

Once again THE JOURNEY brings together a multi cultural and multi talented diverse group of artists who will show case their talent and skills from the core and again you will feel and believe that art comes from within the soul.

We all know that an art exhibition is a platform for artists to showcase their work and to gain exposure. With this art exhibition, things are a little different. As a team, we are creating a free network where artists begin to be acquainted with each other’s styles of working and share ideas and techniques. They learn from each other just like how it is in university, where students have to work in groups to come up with a final piece together with a concept. The artists meet up during weekends at Puniii’s Coffees and Crafts to put together ideas and discuss and plan the exhibition. These discussions are an open forum where anyone is welcome, even those not taking part in the exhibition as well. So instead of competing with one another directly, they are working together creating a healthy indirect competition.

THE JOURNEY always provides Art lovers with a diverse assortment of styles and the art scene stays vibrant and fresh, constantly flowing with ideas. The artists are easily available, willing to connect with fellow artists and art lovers alike, and the most important part is that there is equality. Within The Journey collective, nobody is higher than the other; we are all great in our own ways….

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Art Exhibit: The Journey (one), Jul. 27 – Aug. 11 @ Puniii’s Coffees and Crafts

art exhibition

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Art Exhibit: Memories they Last Forever, Jan. 25-28 2013 @ Puniii’s Coffees & Crafts

Memories they last forever
Date: January 25-28, 2013
Venue: Puniii’s Coffees and Crafts, 17 Ojijo Road, Taarifa Suites, Parklands

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