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IFRA Seminar: 50 Years after Independence – The Nations in East Africa. Revisiting Nation-Building between Particularism & Universalism? Jun. 12-13 2014 @ IFRA/BIEA

Dates: June 12 & 13, 2014
Entry: Prior Reservation [RSVP on]

Academic guest of honour, Prof. Bethwell Ogot, Chancellor of Maseno University: The Kenyan Nation, and the Historiography of Nationalism

Sessions & Time
Session 1: 9.00AM
Return on national construction in East Africa: long-term national building and high culture
Chairman, Prof. H. Mwanzi, Kenyatta University.
– Ephraim Wahome (University of Nairobi), Susan Mwangi (Kenyatta University) & Mildred Ndeda (JOUST): The origins of Kenya and the birth of the independent Kenya.
– Marie-Aude Fouéré (IFRA-Nairobi): Nation-building in Tanzania, political culture, and socialist irredentism.
– Steve Omondi (Pwani University): Languages, “high culture” and the construction of the Nation.
Discussant/Moderator: Christian Thibon (IFRA-Nairobi): The long duration (longue durée) of orphan and plural constructions.

Session 2: 2.00PM
Living together (I): the way from the top, the new challenges – federalism, decentralization and regional integration.
Chairman prof H. Muriuki, UoN
– Felix Kiruthu (Kenyatta University), Francois. Muchoki (CUEA):Federalism, majimbo and Kenyan decentralization-devolution under the nation-state by construction
– Mohammed Bakari (University of Dar es Salaam): Racial identities, citizenship and the politics of nationalism in Zanzibar
– Wanyama Masinde (Catholic University in Eastern Africa):Regional integration as a response policy for the national challenge?
Discussant/Moderator: Etienne Smith (Science Po Paris, France): Revisiting state-building, a comparative approach.

Session 3 (13th June 2014, 9.00AM – 1.00PM)
Living together (2): routes down, negotiating identities – “little homelands”, “small nations” and “moral ethnicity”.
Chairman, Prof V G Simiyu, UoN Jean-François Chanet (Science Po Paris, France): “Little homelands” (petites patries) in France, and the concept of ‘sociability’.
– Justin Willis (Durham University, UK): “Moral ethnicity” to the Kenya, or the construction of a civic and moral sense out of the state?
Discussant/Moderator: Pius Kakai (Kenyatta University), Mutuma Ruteere (CHRIPS).


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Seminar: Policing Contemporary Kenya-Trends, Innovations & Projections, Jul. 19 2012 @ BIEA

Date: July 19, 2012
Venue: British Institute for East Africa (BIEA), Kileleshwa
Time: 8.30am-4pm
Entry: Prior reservation & confirmation []

Discussions on police reforms have been part of the public, official and academic discourses on democratization and change in Kenya for over a decade. Going back to the 1990s, the conduct of the police force has been the subject of numerous policy and academic reviews. Over the years, new actors such as private security agencies have emerged, new subjects of policing have also emerged and ideas on policing of these subjects have also evolved. However, these important changes in policing in Kenya have not received sufficient scholarly attention, leaving practitioners and researchers alike with limited optics with which to view the process of police reforms and security sector reform in general.
The one day workshop will bring together leading researchers on policing and security to share their ongoing research and to take stock of the key theoretical developments in the policing of contemporary Kenya.

The workshop is jointly convened by Mutuma Ruteere – The Centre for Human Rights and Policy Studies, Nairobi and Ambreena Manji – The British Institute in Eastern Africa, Nairobi

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