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Art Exhibition by Leevans Linyerera, Sept. 22 – Oct. 13 2017 @ BIEA

Opening: September 22, 2017
Venue: BIEA Seminar Room, Laikipia Road – Kileleshwa
Time: 6:00 pm

Until: October 13, 2017

Leevans Linyerera is a Kenyan born artist under the tutelage of Patrick Mukabi. He is inspired by emotions and human behaviors towards each other. He is a proficient painter who uses acrylics, charcoal, ink and unconventional mediums.


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Discussion:“The F-Word”: What is the Place of Feminism in Contemporary Kenya? Sept. 7 2017 @ BIEA

Date: September 7, 2017
Venue: BIEA Seminar Room, Laikipia Road, Kileleshwa
Time: 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Panelists: Hon. Dr. Nancy Baraza (University of Nairobi), Dr. Agnes Meroka (University of Nairobi), Job Akuno (KEMEA) and Brenda Wambui (FRIDA).

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Presentation: Mwomboko – History, Performance and Beyond By Drs Cecile Feza Bushidi & Peter Muhoro Mwangi, Sept. 5 2017 @ BIEA

Date: September 5, 2017
Venue: BIEA Seminar Room, Laikipia Road, Kileleshwa
Time: 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

In this discussion, we wish to present our research project about a comprehensive narrative of the mwomboko dance, song and poetry from the late 1930s until present day. Mwomboko is a Gikuyu performance genre that emerged between the late 1930s and the early 1940s in the southern districts of Central Kenya as a traditional cum modern dance performed by young people and newly married couples. In postcolonial Kenya, the style evolved as a living Gikuyu tradition, various groups reviving its choreographic, musical and aesthetic composition as part of regional and national cultural festivals, agricultural shows, and national celebrations such as Madaraka Day and Jamhuri Day. From embodied oral stories to transmit to younger generations to rural associations providing their members with financial support, we inquire about the developmental features of mwomboko in Gikuyu everyday life. We also seek to draw attention to the performance repertoire within which mwomboko is embedded, inscribing performers within local and national narratives that sustain debates about Gikuyu popular imagineries, ethnicity and nationalism.

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Book Launch – Cartography and The Political Imagination: Mapping Community In Colonial Kenya, Jul. 28 2017 @ BIEA

Date: July 28, 2017
Venue: BIEA Laikipia Road, Kileleshwa
Time: 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

“Cartography and political imagination breaks new ground in Kenyan historiography. this detailed study argues that Luhyia ethnic architects used cartography to create a demographically indusive, politically prulalistic and progressive cosmopolitan community. it is refreshing to read a book on Kenya that does not focus on Mau Mau or the Kikuyu. MacArthur’s exemplary study of a regional history will be indespensable to scholars of ethnogenesis and cartography in Africa and elsewhere.”
– Kenda Mutongi, Williams College

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The Political Market Place in South Sudan: Pathways to Economic Recovery, Jul. 6 2017 @ Rift Valley Institute

Date: Thursday, July 6, 2017
Venue: Rift Valley Institute,Seminar Room, Laikipia Road – Kileleshwa
Time: 2:30pm – 5:00pm・

For more information and to RSVP, follow this link

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Exhibition: Nilotic by Philip Ondik, Jun. 23 2017 – Jul. 28 2017 @ The BIEA Seminar Room – Laikipia Road Kileleshwa

Date: June 23, 2017
Venue: The BIEA Seminar Room, Laikipia Road – Kileleshwa
Time: 6:00 p.m.

Exhibition will run until 28th July, 2017.

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Acoustic Living Room Concert Ft. Sage & Webi, Jun. 17 2017 @ #2 Gem Lane – Kileleshwa

Date: June 17, 2017
Venue: #2 Gem Lane, Kileleshwa – off Mandera Road
Time: from 8 pm
Tickets: KES 1,000/- (limited to 30 people)

Performances by: Sage & Webi

Acoustic Living Room Concerts is presenting live music in an intimate format, a living room, where artists share the stories behind their songs and the influences that drive their creativity while performing an acoustic repertoire in either a solo or duo format. Each artist booked performs a one hour set so all together there will be two performances per concert.

The audience number is limited to 30 people so please reserve your spot via Mpesa Buy Goods # 701924. The cost is 1000Ksh. There will be a beer & wine cash bar.

The event begins at 8pm on Saturday June 17th . Location is #2 Gem Lane Kileleshwa off Mandera Road. Keep to left and follow the road til it ends at a white gate. There ask the askari for house no. 2. with secured street side parking.

Sage also know as Chemutai Sage, is a Kenyan singer, songwriter, composer and instrumentalist. She is a pianist and self taught guitarist. She is better known for her songs So Alive, Maskini and sleeper hit collaboration Dumbala, which both showed her musical dynamism. Not one to be put inside a box, her music can be described as a fusion of RnB, neo soul, pop and a hint of African rhythm. Sometimes she goes beyond and adds a bit of rock and classical elements into her compositions.

Webi is a soulful singer, songwriter and guitarist.

Born and raised in a musical family, Webi picked up playing the guitar and singing at an early age and has continued to do so until this present date. Having started a professional career in music as an artiste in 2003, Webi has up until now recorded three studio albums ‘Outside my Window’ (2005), ‘All I Can Say’ (2009) & ‘Lukundo (Love)’. also released, are some independent singles; ‘Gonna Be Alright’ & ‘The Love Stand’. Consequently, he is a 3 time One Gospel awards winner (2008), a multiple Groove awards nominee (2009) & the Airtel TRACE music star winner – Kenya (2015).

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