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Play: Matchstick Men – A Martin Kigondu Play, Nov. 10 2018 @ the Kenya National Theatre

Prevail Arts Company presents ‘Matchstick Men.’ – A Martin Kigondu play.

Date: November 10, 2018
Venue: the Kenya National Theatre
Time: 4 pm
Tickets: KES 1,000/-

SYNOPSIS: Memories shape lives but what happens when one cannot remember? What if our minds choose to block out memories that cause us pain? Set about a year after the country’s post election violence – the play peeps into the journey of Seth and Fathili as they share a fervent session trying to unwrap their entangled memories.

This is in the hope of not only finding a way forward but also retouching fragments of family and perhaps even themselves. What unfolds is an intense drama that questions what it means to be a man, a parent and even a nation; a hard hitting drama about healing and pain and the distance between the two.

Written and Directed by Kigondu Martin – the Prevail Arts Company production stars Immanuel Mulili and Bilal Mwaura.


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Play: Of Cords and Discord Ft. Valentine Zikki and Veronica Waceke, Sept. 2 2018 @ Braeburn Theatre, Braeburn – Gitanga Road

Date: September 2, 2018
Venue: Braeburn Theatre, Braeburn – Gitanga Road
Time: 3 pm
Tickets: Advance KES 1,000/- (M-Pesa Number 0725 832 607) and KES 1,500 at the Door

Written and directed by Kigondu Martin and produced by Wanjiku Mwawuganga.

Of Cords And Discord – is a dark humoured thrilling drama that explores how much baggage family relations can hold. From familial cords of siblings to those of couples, does love always conquer all? Joan has called her sister Jane to rush to her ‘could be breakdown’ after Ken (Joan’s celebrity husband) has been caught in another of his scandals. The sisters time together is a montage of nostalgic and heartfelt moments looped in chilling discoveries of their current predicament. Betrayal cuts deep – but so do knives.

The latest Prevail Arts Company production assures of an ecstatic ride!

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Theatre: What Happens in the Night, May 13 2018 @ Braeburn Theatre – Gitanga Road

Written and Directed by Kigondu Martin.

Having had a successful ran of ‘What Happens In The Night’ that saw the company stage it late 2017 in Nanyuki and Nairobi and in April 2018 – Prevail Arts Company stages the play’s final show at 3pm, Sunday 13th – Braeburn Theatre, Gitanga Road.

The news makers go home too; the media personalities, the artistes and the leaders – those expected to give commentary on the times. What happens when the scandals they investigate and instigate follow them home? Roy is having a tough time at work as a news anchor, he lives with his sister Ng’endo, a nurse who has her own issues to handle. Don their father, an ex politician might have gotten himself in some murky business. Will their family and relationships stand the storm that hits their home? A riveting drama about a prominent family trying to balance their personal baggage with being in the limelight, while interrogating the on-goings of Kenya in frustrating times.

Cast: Marrianne Nungo, Bilal Mwaura, Shiviske Shivisi, Nick Ndeda & Salim Gitao.

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Performance: Peace And Love by Prevail Arts Company, May 7 2017 @ Alliance Française Auditorium

peace and love

Prevail Arts Company stages an encore performance of ‘Peace And Love’ at the Alliance Française Auditorium on Sunday, May 7, 2017 at 3 pm.

Date: May 7, 2017
Venue: Alliance Française Auditorium
Time: from 3 pm
Tickets: KES 1,200/- at the Gate and KES 800/- advance (Mpesa – 0725 832 607)

Peace And Love is a collage of poetry, music and dance – which invites the audience to find, understand and celebrate the self in order to enjoy peace and love with life and each other. The journey through each of the forms in production (poetry, music and dance) trails the story of coming of age from a point of pain, loss, despair and confusion to a point of clarity, growth, hope, peace and love. The production is a metaphor for different stories of our times; from personal experiences, the economy and state of affairs, to corrosion of culture and morality. It all culminates in a powerful resonance with the need to keep hope alive, the need to seek forgiveness and growth, the need to foster peace and love.

The Prevail Arts Company production features poetry written by Joan Sikand performed by Nick Ndeda, Fridah Muhindi and Laura Ekumbo. Live music performed by Serro and Checkmate Mido that borrows a lot from the seventies retro culture webbed together by contemporary dance by Bridgetta Ikwara. The production is produced and directed by Kigondu Martin.

Get your tickets as early; April tickets at 800/-, May tickets at 1000/- and 1200/- at the door. Make your bookings and enquiries on 0780 832607 and Mpesa 0725 832607.

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Valentine Special Cocktail Performance: Peace and Love, Feb. 12 2017 @ Casual Bite – Westlands

Peace and Love II
Date: February 12, 2017
Venue: Casual Bite, Westlands
Time: 3 pm
Tickets: KES 2,000 at the Door – inquiries/advance tickets – 0725 832 607

Our lovely collage of Poetry, Music and Dance is back! After our run at The Tribe, we are back with the show as a valentines special.

We stage it Casual Bites Coffee House, Westlands on Sunday 12th Feb at 3 pm.

The Tickets are at a 1800/- per head advance and 2,000/- at the door. A drink and bites on the ticket.

The cast is led by Xfm’s Nick Ndeda, Angela Mwandanda (formerly of the Tattuu girl group) and poet Laura Ekumbo. Music is by Serro and Checkmate Mido. Dance by Brigetta Ikwara.

Written by Joan Sikand. Directed and produced by Kigondu Martin under Prevail Arts Company.

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Monologue Series: Who is Your Daddy II? Oct. 14 & 15 2016 @ National Theatre – Ukumbi Mdogo

Dates: October 14 & 15, 2016
Venue: National Theatre – Ukumbi Mdogo
Time: Friday – 7 pm and Saturday – 6 pm
Tickets: KES 1,200 at the Door

18 + years

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Play: What Happens at Dusk, Jul. 8-9 2016 @ Kenya National Theatre – UKUMBI MDOGO

What Happens At Dusk Poster
WHAT HAPPENS AT DUSK – Written & Directed by Kigondu Martin

Date / Time: FRI 8th July at 7pm & SAT 9th July at 6pm
Venue: Kenya National Theatre – UKUMBI MDOGO
Charges: Advance 1000/- At The Door 1200/-
Cast: Kena Muigai, Mildred Sakina and Bilal Wanjau

Guest performances by: Apa Ghemma (A musical duo from the coast) & Poetry by Laura Ekumbo.

Jimmy (Bilal Wanjau) is back from Kamiti prison and has to live at his son’s place – looking to start afresh and mend their relationship. Junior (Kena Muigai) doesn’t really like his father and the fact that the girl Junior’s dating (Patricia played by Mildred Sakina) might have some disturbing connection to his father’s past is a ticking time bomb. All this is set on the backdrop of – by chance (or not) key political assassinations / extra judicial killings connected to Jimmy’s past as a cop. What happens at dusk? What happens before the night unmasks their truths? Where will the guns point?
A thrilling drama written and directed by Kigondu Martin.

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