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Screening: Images De France, Feb. 14-17 2014 @ Alliance Francaise – Wangari Maathai Auditorium

Images De France
The annual French Film Festival showing films from France will take place at Alliance Française de Nairobi from 14th to 17th February 2013.

The Festival will be marking its 10th anniversary with a Valentine Day special screening of the César Awards nominated love story ‘Camille Redouble’ by Noémie Lvovsky and the Première the French documentary ‘Sur le chemin de l’école’ (On the way to school) by Pascal Plisson, partly filmed in Kenya and featuring young Kenyan actors Jackson Saikong and his sister Salomé from Dol Dol.

Images De France was launched in 2004 at the initiative of the Regional Audiovisual Service of the Embassy of France and the Alliance Francaise de Nairobi, the festival aims to promote new film styles and successes in French cinema to a broad and diverse audience.


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Images de Nairobi: A week of French Cinema in Nairobi, Feb. 11-16 2013 @ Alliance & Cinemart

Images De France
Recent and critically acclaimed films at the 10th edition of the ‘Images de France’ Film Festival in Nairobi with daily shows at Alliance Française de Nairobi and the newly opened Cinemart cinema in Kawangware (off Naivasha Road, net to Deliverance Church).
Time: Alliance 7 pm daily & Cinemart 4 pm
Entry: Free

Mon. 11 Feb, 7pm (Alliance Française) & Wed. 13 Feb, 4pm (Cinemart, Kawangware)
THE ARTIST by Michel Hazanavicius, 2011, 1h40, drama, in French with English subtitles – General Exhibition
The story follows the relationship of Georges Valentin (Jean Dujardin), an older silent movie star, and Peppy Miller (Bérénice Béjo), a rising young actress, as silent cinema falls out of fashion and talking films take over.

Tue. 12 Feb, 7pm (Alliance Française) & Thu. 14 Feb, 4pm (Cinemart, Kawangware)
COMME UN CHEF by Daniel Cohen, 2012, 1h24, comedy, in French with English subtitles – General Exhibition
Jacky Bonnot is a talented amateur chef who dreams of owning his own restaurant. Unfortunately his present financial situation makes it highly unlikely that he will ever fulfil his dream. He manages to scrape a living by doing odd jobs which he can just about hold onto, until the day his path crosses that of Alexandre Lagarde, a renowned chef…

Wed. 13 Feb, 7pm (Alliance Française) & Fri. 15 Feb, 4pm (Cinemart, Kawangware)
POLISSE by Maïwenn, 2011, 2h07, drama, in French with English subtitles – 16yrs and above
A gripping police drama based on true accounts from the Parisian Child Protection Unit. The daily grind for the officers of the Child Protection Unit includes taking in offenders, making arrests, interrogations, taking statements but also the sense of solidarity between colleagues during lunch breaks. It is knowing the worst exists and trying to live with it. How do these police officers balance their private lives and the reality they are confronted with every working day?

Thu. 14 Feb, 7pm (Alliance Française) & Tue. 12 Feb, 4pm (Cinemart, Kawangware)
LOUP (The Wolf) by Nicolas Vanier, 2009, 1h42, drama, in French with English subtitles – General Exhibition
Sergei is an Eveny, the nomadic reindeer herders living in the wild mountains of Eastern Siberia. At the age of 16, Sergei is put in charge of his clan’s largest herd. In the Siberian vastness, the wolves remain a perennial threat to the reindeer. Sergei has learnt to hunt the wolves without any qualms, until the day that he encounters a female with a litter of four cubs…

Fri. 15 Feb, 7pm (Alliance Française) & Mon. 11 Feb, 4pm (Cinemart, Kawangware)
UN BONHEUR N’ARRIVE JAMAIS SEUL (Happiness never comes alone) by James Huth, 2012, 1h50, comedy, in French with English subtitles – 16yrs and above
Sacha loves his friends, his piano and partying. At night, he plays in a jazz club and seduces pretty girls. He lives for the moment, looking for pleasure. Charlotte has three kids, two ex-husbands and a thriving professional life. She has no room for a love story. They have nothing in common and shouldn’t be together… but they are made for one another

Sat. 16 Feb, 10am (Alliance Française) & Sat. 16 Feb, 10am (Cinemart, Kawangware)
UNE VIE DE CHAT (A Cat in Paris) by Alain Gagnol, Jean-Loup Felicioli, 2010, 1h10 min, animation, in English – 6yrs and above
Dino is a cat who shares his life between two houses. During the day, he lives with Zoé, the only daughter of Jeanne, a police captain. During the night, he clambers over the roofs of Paris in the company of Nico, a very skillful thief.

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