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Music, Poetry and Art extravaganza: Tomorrow is Me, Jul. 26 2014 @ the Hilton Hotel Nairobi


On July 26th 2014, come be part of an enthralling music, poetry, and art extravaganza at the Hilton Nairobi’s Amboseli ballroom.
The event dubbed “TOMORROW IS ME” is brought to you courtesy of, the B.O.G.O.F. events in collaboration with the Hilton Nairobi.

The event will run from 3 pm to 7 pm. Charges for the event will be KES. 1,000 at the door, KES. 500 for students (with proof of ID) and KES. 800 for advance tickets’ available on JamboPay.

The host at “TOMORROW IS ME” will be the vivacious radio personality Cindy Ogana.

She will guide you through a line-up that includes the musical talents of the sensual Lele Ngoma, the soulful music of Jarel the artist and the sensational entertaining songs of The Opening Act.

The event will feature performance poets too. Michael Onsando will give a reading form his anthology “Something Quite Unlike Myself”. Tear Drops, one of Nairobi top poets who performs in Sheng, will enthral the audience with his heartfelt and thought provoking recitals and the genteel Veon Ngugi will provoke your thoughts with her prowess and mastery of spoken word.

The visual arts will be deftly represented by Denet, Nduta, Mel Ogana and Siege. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, join us at “TOMORROW IS ME” and witness pictures that bring to mind endless prose and poetry.

This promises to be a treat for the lovers of art and culture, with sensual delights for the eyes and ears. If you are looking for entertainment that will scratch beneath the surface, to pull your heart’s strings and tingle your mind’s core, The B.O.G.O.F. at the Hilton is an event you should plan to attend.

“TOMORROW IS ME” is a call to each of us to recognize that our future is in our own hands. If we want change we should go out and do it ourselves.


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Charity Event: Hilton Tower Race 2014, Jun. 6 2014 @ Hilton – Nairobi

hilton tower race
Date: June 6, 2014
Venue: Hilton, Nairobi
Time: 2 pm
Registration: Kshs 1500 individuals & Kshs 15000 for corporate team

Proceeds to benefit the rural vision children’s rehabilitation home in Soweto Slums in Nairobi Embakasi Division

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Charity: Hilton Tower Race, May 31 2013 @ Hilton Nairobi

The Hilton Tower Race
Participate in this dynamic, one of a kind race this Madaraka day eve! Scale up 300 fleet of stairs and discover the iconic Hilton Nairobi tower like you never have before!! Whats more..its all for a great cause to help the Rural Vision children’s home located in the Soweto slum area.

Contact Info: +254 (20) 2790160

The race which originated from the Hilton Park Lane in London (UK) will be run on the same day with our Hilton partner properties in the UK and the UAE – the Hilton Park Lane and the Hilton Jumeirah respectively.

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Performance: Being Only Great Of Finesse (BOGOF) Where Truth Lies, Jul. 30 2011@ Hilton

Date: July 30, 2011
Venue: Hilton Nairobi
Location: Mama Ngina Street
Time: 3-7pm
Tickets: Kshs 200

Theme: Where Truth Lies
Performances by: Rappers, Poets, Live Bands and Sketch Artists

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