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Book Launch: Les Murs by Stéphanie, Sept. 16 2015 @ Alliance Française

Les Mars
Date: September 16, 2015
Venue: Alliance Française
Time: 6.30 pm
Free Entry

Journalist and RFI correspondent in Kenya since 2006, Stéphanie launches her short fiction, ‘Les murs’, which is weaved from real-life events. The story of a woman who is struggling to cope with life will resonate with readers like a threatening echo of today’s brutal world.


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IFRA Seminar: 50 Years after Independence – The Nations in East Africa. Revisiting Nation-Building between Particularism & Universalism? Jun. 12-13 2014 @ IFRA/BIEA

Dates: June 12 & 13, 2014
Entry: Prior Reservation [RSVP on]

Academic guest of honour, Prof. Bethwell Ogot, Chancellor of Maseno University: The Kenyan Nation, and the Historiography of Nationalism

Sessions & Time
Session 1: 9.00AM
Return on national construction in East Africa: long-term national building and high culture
Chairman, Prof. H. Mwanzi, Kenyatta University.
– Ephraim Wahome (University of Nairobi), Susan Mwangi (Kenyatta University) & Mildred Ndeda (JOUST): The origins of Kenya and the birth of the independent Kenya.
– Marie-Aude Fouéré (IFRA-Nairobi): Nation-building in Tanzania, political culture, and socialist irredentism.
– Steve Omondi (Pwani University): Languages, “high culture” and the construction of the Nation.
Discussant/Moderator: Christian Thibon (IFRA-Nairobi): The long duration (longue durée) of orphan and plural constructions.

Session 2: 2.00PM
Living together (I): the way from the top, the new challenges – federalism, decentralization and regional integration.
Chairman prof H. Muriuki, UoN
– Felix Kiruthu (Kenyatta University), Francois. Muchoki (CUEA):Federalism, majimbo and Kenyan decentralization-devolution under the nation-state by construction
– Mohammed Bakari (University of Dar es Salaam): Racial identities, citizenship and the politics of nationalism in Zanzibar
– Wanyama Masinde (Catholic University in Eastern Africa):Regional integration as a response policy for the national challenge?
Discussant/Moderator: Etienne Smith (Science Po Paris, France): Revisiting state-building, a comparative approach.

Session 3 (13th June 2014, 9.00AM – 1.00PM)
Living together (2): routes down, negotiating identities – “little homelands”, “small nations” and “moral ethnicity”.
Chairman, Prof V G Simiyu, UoN Jean-François Chanet (Science Po Paris, France): “Little homelands” (petites patries) in France, and the concept of ‘sociability’.
– Justin Willis (Durham University, UK): “Moral ethnicity” to the Kenya, or the construction of a civic and moral sense out of the state?
Discussant/Moderator: Pius Kakai (Kenyatta University), Mutuma Ruteere (CHRIPS).

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Ciné-Concert with the French Duo – The Bridge of Flavours, May 19 2014 @ Alliance

Cine Concert

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Multimedia Exhibition: 7 Billion Others, Nov. 11-Dec. 4 2013 @ Alliance

7 billion others
A GoodPlanet Foundation project based on an initiative by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Dates: November 11 – December 4, 2013
Venue: Alliance Francaise, First Floor Gallery

‘7 billion Others’ is a video portrait of humanity shown through a collection of testimonies that brings together the stories of men and women from around the world. This intercultural project aims to seek out the Other, to listen to what he or she has to tell us, and to share. 6,000 interviews were filmed in 84 countries by about twenty directors who went in search of the Others. Answers to 45 questions touching on issues as diverse as climate change, love, discrimination, health, etc will help us find out what separates us and what unites us.

Come and connect with 7 billion Others.

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French Hip Hop Concert: Gaiden & Yoshi x DJ OldJay, Oct. 11 2013 @ Lycee Denis Diderot (French School)

X Old Jay
Date: October 11, 2013
Venue: French School
Time: 7 pm
Tickets: Adults Kshs 500 & Students Kshs 300

Gaïden et Yoshi are a leading French hip hop combo. Winners of several hip hop competitions (Rap Contenders, End of the Weak, Arena Clash… and Buzz Booster), they are recognized activists of the underground hip hop scene.
The two MCs, accompanied on stage by DJ Old Jay, promise an energetic show with perfect poetic flow and delivery.

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Documentary Screening: Africa(s), History of a Continent, Oct. 7, 14, 21 & 28 2013 @ Alliance

Africa Screening
Africa(s), History of a Continent (Colonialism, War, Independence, Dictatorship, Democracy). A 4-part documentary series, 90 min. each on colonialism, war, independence, dictatorship, democracy.

A Temps Noir production co-written by Elikia M’Bokolo, historian and media commentator, Philippe Sainteny, journalist and former editor-in-chief of Radio France Internationale directed by Alain Ferrari

Dates: October 7, 14, 21 & 28, 2013 – Every Monday in the month of October
Venue: Alliance Francaise Auditorium
Time: 6 pm
Free Entrance

Mon. 7 Oct.: 1885 – 1944: Twilight of the White Man
Mon. 14 Oct.: 1945 – 1964: The African Storm
Mon. 21 Oct.: 1965 – 1989: The Reign of single parties
Mon. 28 Oct.: 1990 – 2010: The Chaotic adventures of Democracy


This acclaimed documentary series ‘Africa(s), History of a Continent’ relives the last hundred years of Africa’s history in the voices of African personalities who in one way or another participated in the continent’s reawakening and its entry into the 21st century.
The series has been constructed from interviews with leading African personalities and from unique and previously unseen archival footage. The documentaries take the viewers back into the past of a forgotten continent, from the upheaval of the colonial era to the great experiments with democracy and African unity, passing through the ferment of independence movements and civil wars, the turmoil of crisis and cultural renewal. History of the continent told from an African point of view.

In the words of the Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe: “Until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter…

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Research Publication: From Theatre Royal to Pop-Up Galleries – Timeline of Art Venues in Nairobi by Olivier Marcel

Maybe one day Nairobi will be laid out with tarred roads, with avenues of flowering trees, flanked by noble spaces and stately squares; a cathedral worthy of faith and country, museums and galleries of art, theatres and public offices. – Dutton Eric in Kenya Mountain, 1929

In Volume XI n° 3 – 2013 of Mambo! [IFRA Publication] Olivier Marcel takes a closer look at art venues in Nairobi from 1910 to present day. Then, he goes ahead to give a visual representation/mapping of art venues vis a viz key political events in Kenya and East Africa.

In his finding Oliver posits that most of the art venues and institutions in Nairobi lack institutional memory.

An astonishing example is the fifty year old Goethe-Institut, which has virtually nothing but testimonies to account for the activity that preceded the arrival of the current director in 2007. Additionally, when a venue shuts down, as did Wahome Mutahi’s popular Citrus Whispers Theatre in Ngara, its memory is only shared orally in small circles of theatre enthusiasts and progressively fades into oblivion.

Marcel also observes that there might be differences of intention between local organizers and their western counter parts. In his opinion western donors will usually partner with art organizers with the sole agenda of putting Nairobi on the Map!

This paper also points out how foreign donors came to settle in the art space. As is always the case foreign donors have an agenda they seek to push and art space in Kenya seems an obvious channel. Marcel makes this clear by pointing out how informal settlements have become attractive for art projects which are usually financed by foreign donors.

Download Mambo 2012 Marcel EN [pdf]

Olivier Marcel is a PhD student in geography who is currently completing his thesis titled “Tracing Art from Nairobi, Geography of Art Mobilities in an East African Metropolis” (Bordeaux 3 University – LAM, UMR 5115).

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