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Thriller/Comedy: Fatal Attraction, Sept. 20-22 2013 @ Kenya National Theatre

fatal attraction
Festival of Creative Arts is back with FATAL ATTRACTION, hilarious thriller comedy @ Kenya National Theatre.

Dates: September 20-22, 2013
Venue: Kenya National Theatre
Time: Friday 20 Sept. @ 6 & 8pm, Sat 21 Sept. @ 3 & 6pm, Sun 22 Sept. @ 3 & 6pm
Tickets: Kshs 500

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Play: Will You Still Love her in the Morning… Sept. 5-8 2013 @ Alliance

will you still love her in the morning poster

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Comedy Show: Birthday Suite, Aug. 16-18 2013 @ Kenya National Theatre

new birthday suite
From Friday 16 to 18 August 2013 at Kenya National Theatre, Nairobi, FCA- Festival of Creative Arts proudly presents Birthday Suite;

Dates: August 16-18, 2013
Venue: Kenya National Theatre
Tickets: Kshs 500
Hotlines: 020-2025811/ 0726 524 124

Show times:Friday 16th at 6 & 8 pm, Saturday 17th at 3, 6 & 8 pm and Sunday 18th August at 3 & 6 pm.

Take two adjoining hotel suites, add two couples, both on extremely nervous blind dates, contrive that they each somehow meet the wrong partner, and complicate matters with an excitable room waitress whose mission in life is to encourage romance wherever it might spark, and you have the recipe for an evening of chaotic entanglements and unlikely liaisons which constantly teeters on the edge of disaster.

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Comedy: Dirty Sexy Money, Mar. 1-2 2013 @ Kenya National Theatre

Dirty sexy money

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Comedy: Wrath of a Woman Scorned, Mar 10-11 2012 @ National Theatre

The Festival of Creative Arts
brings you the riotous comedy “WRATH OF A WOMAN SCORNED”!!

“A secret threatens to tear apart a family as interfering neighbours
create humorous misunderstandings and chaos. Will the comic chaos
settle down long enough for the truth to emerge in this delightfully
funny comedy?”

Showing at the Kenya National Theatre on Saturday 10th March at 3, 6
and 8pm and on Sunday 11th March at 3 and 6pm. Tickets are available
for only 500 bob at Assanand Music Shop on Moi Avenue next to Jazz
Bar, Kenya National Theatre and Alliance Francaise. Call 0726-524-124,
0728-130-134, 0734524124 or 020-202-58-11 WRATH OF A WOMAN SCORNED!!

A Festival of Creative Arts production directed by Mbeki Mwalimu,
starring Derrick Amunga, Juma Williams, Martin Githinji, Nice
Githinji, Jackie Mungai, Veronica Waceke, Produced by Abuto Eliud

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Play: Over My Dead Body, Feb 3-5 2012 @ Alliance Francaise

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Play: No Dinner for Sinners, Sept. 30-Oct. 2 2011 @ Alliance

Dates: September 30-October 2, 2011
Venue: Alliance
Time: Weekdays 6.30pm and Weekends 3 & 6.30pm
Tickets: Adults Kshs 500, Students Kshs 400 and Advance Kshs 400 online tickets
Contacts: 0726 524 124, 0728 130 134 or 0734 524 124

A string of hilarious mis-communications unravel as Jim trades lies and wives almost as quickly as Bill is trading shares.

For more information: Festival of creatives arts blog and respond to their Facebook event

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Play: It’s Now or Never, Mar 19-20 2011 @ Alliance

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Play: It’s now or never, Mar 4-6 2011 @ Alliance Francaise

An Original Comedy by Festival of Creative Arts

@ Alliance Francaise 4th-6th March 2011
Friday 4th @ 6:30 & 8pm; Sat 5th and Sun 6th @ 3, 6 & 8pm
Tickets at 500/= adults (and Advance at 400/= for tickets purchased before 1st March). Ticket hotlines are 020-2025811, 0726-524124 (mpesa), 0734-524124, 0733-993654 (zap). Tickets available at HEN-TAGE Music Plaza (First floor 8to8 Shopping Mall) on Moi Avenue, Alliance Francaise next to View Park Towers. Email:

Kate (Mbeki Mwalimu) is the tough and domineering wife of Tim Tembo (Juma William) who is constantly humiliated and ridiculed by Kate’s family. Tim is a frustrated man but cannot leave because Kate and her family sustain him financially. Indeed, Kate has recently convinced her dad to give Tim a job at his law firm and club membership at her dad’s prestigious Country Club. Kate thus keeps a close watch on his every movement, from his workplace where she gets details of his comings and goings to the Club where he is required to socialise with club members who are known to her.

The couple has been married for more than 3 years now but do not have children yet, a matter that is causing Kate’s nosy mother, Maria (Shiko Mburu), sleepless nights.

Kate continuously harasses Susan (Veronica Waceke), their housegirl, who must bear the brunt of Kate’s wrath. Tim is also not spared and is a target of her frequent outbursts. In spite of her tough persona, Kate ends up entangled in an illicit relationship with Willie (Derrick Amunga), an old flame of hers. For solace, Tim resorts to a steamy love affair with Susan. It is his way of way of getting back at Kate. Kate’s alcoholic friend Julie (Nice Githinji) comes into the picture to complicate matters in a marriage already on the verge of collapse.

It’s Now or Never! is a refreshing comedy written in 2011 by Festival of Creative Arts. The comedy is very relevant to our society today portraying a family bedevilled by unavoidable problems. Life issues such as relationships and infidelity are mirrored on stage in a subtle and humorous rendition.  The play is an insight into societal problems of profound cultural and socioeconomic ramifications.

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Theatre: It’s Now or Never! Mar. 4-6 2011 @ Alliance

Festival for Creative Arts
Present an original comedy
It’s Now or Never

Dates: March 4-6, 2011
Venue: Alliance Française
Time: Friday 6:30 & 8pm; Saturday and Sunday 3, 6 & 8pm
Tickets: Kshs 500
Advance tickets: Kshs 400 purchased by 1st March
Ticket hotlines: 020-2025811, 0726-524124 (M-Pesa), 0733-993654 (zap).
Tickets available at HEN-TAGE Music Plaza (First floor 8 to 8 Shopping Mall) on Moi Avenue and Alliance Française

It’s Now or Never! is a refreshing comedy written in 2011 by Festival of Creative Arts. The comedy is relevant to our society today portraying a family bedeviled by unavoidable problems. Life issues such as relationships and infidelity are mirrored on stage in a subtle and humorous rendition.
The play is an insight into societal problems of profound cultural and socioeconomic ramifications.

As a good wife, a lot can happen between your husband and your house girl under your own roof and watchful eye! In IT’S NOW OR NEVER, the house girl has her way with the man of the house. In deed she hopes to get him to leave the wife!

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Play: I want your wife!, Feb 4 – 14 2010 @ Alliance

Festival of Creative Arts brings you hottest comedy – I WANT YOUR WIFE…! @ Alliance Francaise from 4th to 14th Feb. Special offer: tickets are only 300/= if bought by 31st January. From 1st Feb @ 500/= Adults and 300/= students. Dont miss out, rush for your ticket today from Sarit Centre Info desk, westlands, Alliance Francaise reception and Assanand’s Music Shop on Moi Avenue.

The shows open on Thursday 4 February till Sunday 14: weekdays at 6:30pm while weekend shows will be at 3 and 6 30 pm.
Box office hotlines: landline-020-202-5811/cell:0726-524-124/ 0728130134

I want your Wife! is set in a middle-class household occupied by seemingly happy well-to-do couple Sheila and Andrew. Both have been
naughty, however. Both blissfully unaware of their alcohol-clouded indiscretions of the previous week. Andrew gets sloshed at his office
do and tries it on with a secretary, while Sheila gets friendly with a younger man after getting pickled at a party. This play is a mishmash
of utter confusion set on a Sunday afternoon where one would expect a stress free day. Two unexpected guests arrive to break the ‘happy’
couple’s reverie, throwing their entire relationship into question.
What follows is utter confusion. A series of humorous misunderstandings and mistaken identities follows as the couples try
to hide their possible infidelities through a string of lies.

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