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Party: The Dutch King’s Day, Apr. 25 2014 @ Ebony Lounge

king's day

The Dutch King’s Day Party at Ebony Lounge on 25th April 2014 from 7:00pm

The Dutch King’s Day is a day where everybody is infected with ‘orange fever’. Ebony Lounge together with our friends within the local Nairobi Dutch community, cordially invite you to the ultimate celebration of Dutch King’s day in Nairobi.

Join our orange colored crowd as we dance the night away and award prizes to the best orange costume of the evening in honor of the King!


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Presentation: by Design Artist Anne Feenstra, Nov. 20 2012 @ Kuona Trust

Past exhibition poster showing Anne Feenstra’s work

Date: November 20, 2012
Venue: Kuona Trust Gallery
Time: 2 pm
Entry: Free

About the Photographer
Anne Feenstra is a Dutch architect living and working in Kabul, Afghanistan. He is the owner of AFIR Architects and also works as a design artist who features the use of thepakul in Afganistan

The pakul is a soft, round-topped men’s hat, typically of wool and found in a variety of earthycolours. It resembles a bag with a round, flat bottom. The wearer rolls up the sides nearly to the top, forming a thick band, which then rests on the head like a beret or cap. In Afghanistan thepakul is particularly popular in the mountainous areas of Badakshan, Nuristan, Panjsher and Konar.

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