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Exhibition: Kenyan Pop ‘n’ Roll, Until Mar. 17 2017 @ Alliance Française

Dates: Until March 17, 2017
Venue: Alliance Française

Participating Artists: Joseph Bertiers, Michael Soi (Godown Arts Centre), Dennis Muraguri, Lionel Garang, Wycliffe Opondo, Aron Boruya, Alex Njoroge, Anthony Maina (Kuona Trust), Kerosh, Richard Kuria, Solo, Joan Otieno, Blaine, Cephas, Msale (Railway Museum and Dust Depo) and Nduta Kariuki.

A visual language derived from local aesthetics and geographies.


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Exhibition: New Works & New Media by Dennis Muraguri, Jun. 29 – Jul. 23 2016 @ Circle Art Gallery

Dennis Muraguri at Circle Art
Opening: June 29, 2016
Venue: Circle Art Gallery
Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Runs Until: July 23, 2016
Entry: Free

Muraguri has been working as an artist for 13 years and is mostly recognized for his body of work inspired by ‘matatu’ (Kenyan minibuses and vans that are the main mode of public transport). In this work, Muraguri explores urban culture of contemporary Nairobi. In his sculptures Muraguri works with recycled wood and metal to create a representation of the industrialization in Kenya.

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Exhibition: Matatu Games by Dennis Muraguri, Jun. 18 – Jul. 2 2014 @ Kuona Trust

This exhibition is part of the ongoing Matatu project which centres on the urban matatu culture. The first phase of this exhibition was a public art project done in the streets of Nairobi earlier this year. It presents street art as a significant art form that is as valuable and powerful as any other.

Dennis Muraguri takes a particular focus on touts, popularly referred to as ‘makangas’. He brings to light the audacious stunts (matatu games) that the touts are famous for.
The artists uses different medium to showcase this unique sub culture whose influence on our society is irrefutable.

The exhibition opens Wednesday, 18th June at 6pm.
Venue: Kuona Trust

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Group Exhibition: Paradigm by Cyrus Kabiru, Dennis Muraguri & Sidney Mang’ong’o, Jul. 10-18 2013 @ Village Market

Save the date for ‘Paradigm’ a group exhibition by Cyrus Kabiru,Dennis Muraguri and Sidney Mang’ong’o at the Village market from July 10-18, 2013.

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Matatu Project in Movement by Dennis Muraguri & Nishio Workshop Nairobi, Dec. 7-15 2012 @ Le Rustique Restaurant

Opening Date: December 8, 2012
Venue: Le Rustique Restaurant
Time: 4-6 pm

Exhibition Dates: December 7-15, 2012

The transport industry and culture of Nairobi, especially Public Service Vehicles such as matatus, buses and human transporters, is very unique and gives interesting inspiration not only sociologically and economically but also aesthetically.

In this exhibition, Kenyan artist Dennis Muraguri has created new wood cuts inspired by matatus while Nishio Workshop Nairobi, an arts initiative unit consisting of Yoshinari Nishio, Sakiko Nishio and David Wagude in collaboration with Jua Kali artisans will show, as part of their new public art project “Bebabebag”, unique-shaped bags made from the very same materials used for seat covers in matatu, reflecting various shapes of loads human transporters carry on the streets everyday.

For more information visit: Nashio Workshop Nairobi website

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Private Art Show: Sculptures and Sculptors, Dec. 1-2 2012 @ the Little Art Gallery

The Little Art Gallery presents a private art show … a weekend of art with friends;

Dates: December 1-2, 2012
Venue: Mechtild and Will’s residence, (St Michaels Rd, off Waiyaki Way – Opp. Safaricom Hse.
Time: 11am – 6 pm
RSVP: William 0722 457 111, e-mail – or Mechtild 0737 184 451, e-mail – mechtild@xs4all.n

A selection of fine sculptors including Bertiers, Morris Foit, Irene Wanjiru, Harrison Mburu, Omosh Kindeh, Anthony Wanjau, Peter Walala, Ken Mwingi, Dickens Otieno, Michael Soi, Kepha Musoti and Dennis Muraguri.

On Sunday 2nd, enjoy a glass of wine and the artists’ company as you contemplate their artworks. A few paintings will also be on show.

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Exhibit: A Black Man’s View, A White Man’s Taboo, until Feb 12 2010 @ Goethe-Institut

“A Black Man’s View, A White Man’s Taboo”

Kota Otieno, Dennis Muraguri, Cyrus Nganga and Kepha Mosoti .
Curated by Ato Malinda

Opening January 21st, 6:00pm – 10:00pm at the Goethe Institut Nairobi

Is tribalism in Kenya the guise for the real cause of inequalities in our nation – racism? Are we fighting each other because we cannot fight “the other”? How has our history of segregation and violence really affected the psychologies of today? These are the questions four black Kenyan artists are asking themselves as their identity is continually challenged in their daily interactions by people of other races, in their Homeland. Swept under the carpet, but still around; how do we paint our society lighter shades of grey?
-Ato Malinda

“Perhaps this passionate research and this anger are kept up or at least directed by the secret hope of discovery beyond the misery of today, beyond self-contempt, resignation and abjuration, some very beautiful and splendid era whose existence rehabilitates us both in regard to ourselves and in regard to others.” -Frantz Fanon

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