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Exhibition: Fossils and 4X4s by London–based artist Catherine Morland, Apr. 29-May 4 2014 @ Kuona Trust

Fossils to 4x4’s
Opening: April 30, 2014
Venue: Kuona Trust

Exhibition Runs Until: May 4, 2014

From Fossils to 4×4’s is an on-going series of work by London–based artist Catherine Morland that references Britain’s colonial past, the symbolic presence of the ‘development’ industry in Nairobi, and the expatriate gaze in contemporary Kenya.

The exhibition consists of an installation of drawings inspired by recent trips to Kenya. Morland’s watercolours evoke a oneric world of shifting morphing elements including prehistoric skulls, tropical foliage, night-lit gardens, security guards, historical figures, neon signage, and city monuments.



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