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Seminar: New explorations into South Sudanese museum collections in Europe, Apr. 14 2016 @ BIEA

New explorations into South Sudanese museum collections in Europe
Date: 14 April 2016
Venue: BIEA Seminar Room, Laikipia Road Kileleshwa Nairobi
Time: 11 am

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Art Exhibition By Fawaz El Said, Apr. 13 2016 @ BIEA

unnamed (1)
Date: 13 April 2016
Venue: BIEA Seminar Room, Laikipia Road Kileleshwa
Time: 6:30 pm

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Nairobi Annual Lecture: Sir Cecil Rhodes – the Makwerekwere with Missionary Zeal, Apr. 8 2016 @ BIEA

Sir Cecil Rhodes
Date: 8 April 2016
Time: 6 pm
Venue: BIEA Seminar Room, Laikipia Road Kileleshwa Nairobi
Entry: Free

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Panel Discussion: Development and Aid in Africa, Dec. 14 2015 @ BIEA – Nairobi

Development and Aid In Africa
Date: December 14, 2015
Venue: BIEA, Nairobi
Time: 2 pm
Entry: Free

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Event: Mobility Patterns and the Inception of Herding Economies in Kenya – Insights from Lake Turkana Basin, Dec. 8 2015 @ BIEA

Mobility Patterns
Mobility Patterns and the Inception of Herding Economies in Kenya: Insights from Lake Turkana Basin by Dr. Emmanuel K Ndiema.

Date: December 8, 2015
Venue: BIEA Seminar Room, Laikpia road, Kileleshwa
Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

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State, Economy & Society: Reflections on Constitutions in Africa By Professor Yash Pal Ghai, Nov. 5 2015 @ BIEA

State of the Economy
Date: 5 November 2015
Venue: BIEA Seminar room, Laikipia road, Kileleshwa
Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm

Since the beginning of colonialism in the early 19th century, African states have experienced a large number of constitutions, in both the colonial and post-independence periods. Each constitution has expressed the exigencies and expectations of the moment; some have been imposed, others the decisions of the people. If we regard the primary purpose of a constitution to promote constitutionalism, most constitutions have been failures. Using social science concepts of state, economy and society, Ghai explains the causes of the failure of constitutionalism…

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Rift Valley Forum (former Nairobi Forum) Event: Extractives Development & Violence in Eastern Africa, Oct. 13 2015 @ RVI Office

RVF Oct. 2015
Extractives Development and Violence in Eastern Africa

Date: October 13, 2015
Venue: Seminar Room, Rift Valley Institute Office
Location: Laikipia Road, Kileleshwa
Entry: Prior RSVP ONLY

It is boom time in eastern Africa. In 2016, its economies will be the continent’s fastest growing, as investors pour money into burgeoning oil, gas and minerals industries. In response, regional governments are planning massive networks of roads, rails and pipelines that will span East Africa, the Horn, the Great Lakes, and South Sudan. These will benefit many of the region’s citizens by creating jobs, delivering new services, and opening the region to further development. But these projects will also impact areas that are perennially insecure, where competition for control of natural resources, economic assets, and political power drive recurrent violence. In these areas, there is a risk that these rapid and disruptive developments will aggravate and complicate existing conflicts and create new patterns of violence.

On 13 October 2015, the Rift Valley Institute’s Rift Valley Forum (formerly the Nairobi Forum), the Institute for Development Studies and the Centre for Human Rights and Policy Studies will host a panel discussion to explore how extractive development may affect the dynamics of violence in eastern African and examine policy and legal options to prevent violence. Refreshments will be served after the discussion.

Melba Wasunna
Strathmore Extractives Industries Centre

Mohamed Bakari
University of Dar es Salaam

Ngala Chome
British Institute in Eastern Africa

Eric Ndushabandi
University of St. Louis

Roba Sharamo
George Mason University

Pauline Skaper
International Alert

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