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Performance Workshop by Ato Malinda, Jan. 21-25 2014 @ Kuona Trust

Workshop by Ato
You are invited to take part in a 5 day performance workshop instructed by artist and performer, Ato Malinda.

The workshop will explore the history of performance art as it is known today by the global art world. This will include the performances of early Futurism, Dada and Surrealism, Bauhaus and performance since 1968. We will also discuss questions such as ‘what is performance?’ and ‘what is performativity?’

Dates: January 21-25, 2013
Venue: Kuona Trust
Time: 9.30 am -1.00 pm
Charges: Ksh 500 per day (Inclusive lunch& materials)
RSVP on 0721262326/0733742752

No previous knowledge of performance art is required


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Book launch: Contact Zones Nairobi, Jan. 12 2012 @ Goethe Institut

Date: January 12, 2011
Venue: Goethe Institut
Time: 6pm
Entrance: Free

In Kenya and internationally, there are very few publications from East Africa in certain areas such as art catalogues and artists’ books as well as academic publishing. Only very few Kenyan artists have had a catalogue of their work, and only few Kenyan intellectuals working in the Humanities have had their major work published locally or, more likely, internationally. To fill this gap, Goethe Institut, together with their partner Native Intelligence, are starting their own book series. The series is dedicated to the protagonists of the East African artistic, activist and intellectual scenes. It focuses on Art and the Humanities – though not limited to these only. They will exclusively publish material that is not taken up by other publishers.

After having launched the first volume of the book series, dedicated to the group of female writers around AMKA, in June 2011, they are now launching three new books by the artists Peterson Kamwathi, Sam Hopkins and Ato Malinda.

The artists will be present at the book launch.

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Exhibit: A Black Man’s View, A White Man’s Taboo, until Feb 12 2010 @ Goethe-Institut

“A Black Man’s View, A White Man’s Taboo”

Kota Otieno, Dennis Muraguri, Cyrus Nganga and Kepha Mosoti .
Curated by Ato Malinda

Opening January 21st, 6:00pm – 10:00pm at the Goethe Institut Nairobi

Is tribalism in Kenya the guise for the real cause of inequalities in our nation – racism? Are we fighting each other because we cannot fight “the other”? How has our history of segregation and violence really affected the psychologies of today? These are the questions four black Kenyan artists are asking themselves as their identity is continually challenged in their daily interactions by people of other races, in their Homeland. Swept under the carpet, but still around; how do we paint our society lighter shades of grey?
-Ato Malinda

“Perhaps this passionate research and this anger are kept up or at least directed by the secret hope of discovery beyond the misery of today, beyond self-contempt, resignation and abjuration, some very beautiful and splendid era whose existence rehabilitates us both in regard to ourselves and in regard to others.” -Frantz Fanon

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