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Arterial Network Kenya Catchup on Grants & Funds in the Creative Industry, Jun. 7 2014 @ Kuona Trust

ANK Grants and june 4
Grants and Funds – Accessing alternative opportunities

While the creative industry is only just getting together and interacting across sectors a key cross-cutting challenge is project financing. Aside from personal savings and mainstream channels, creative setups in Kenya also opt for donor/development support and capacity building.

This month’s Catchup being held on Saturday 7th June, is at Kuona Trust Art Centre, off Dennis Pritt Rd, and is from 2pm-5pm and explores alternative growth opportunities for creative entrepreneurs.

Join us and our panel with Hivos, Ford Foundation, Keroche Foundation and others in sharing in these learnings this Saturday afternoon

For more info check us our Arterial Network Kenya FB page or tweet @ArterialKe


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Arterial Network Kenya Catchup at Storyoja Hay Festival, Sept. 21 2013 @ National Museum

TheCatchUp Sept2013
Join Arterial Network Kenya Catchup this Saturday at The StoryMoja Hay Festival, National Museums of Kenya | Date: 21st September 2013, Location: ‘The Kids area’ | Time: 4pm

This Month’s Topic: Making a living as a writer/artist: Opportunities, Revenue Streams and Future Planning

The September Catch-up brings a lot of insight from established writers and publishers at this year’s Storymoja Hay festival. Africa has long had the reputation of being a continent of non-readers. Though this is changing what are the underlying difficulties that make many still not have a reading culture in Kenya?

Panelists taking us through this conversation includes John Mwazemba, a writer, has worked extensively with publishing houses and regularly writes for the Nation. Oby Obyerodhyambo, a thespian, scriptwriter and has a master’s degree in Literature from the University of Nairobi, Faith Koli is a producer by profession who has consulted for several TV programs such as Mali, Agenda Kenya, Tazama 1,2,3,4, Biko Zulu (blogger) and Teddy Muthusi, an independent Creative Consultant, (advertising)

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