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West African Dance Class/Workout, Apr. 29 2017 @ Alliance Française

Date: April 29, 2017
Venue: Alliance Française
Time: 4 pm
Cost: Kes 1,000/-

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Ciné-café: Ethnographic Films — contrasting Jean Rouch’s pioneering work with Dennis Machio’s ethno-documentary, Apr. 26 2017 @ Alliance Francaise

Date: Wednesday,April 26, 2017
Venue: Alliance Française Terrace
Time: 7.00pm
Free Entry

Ethnographic Films: Past and Present Approaches – contrasting Jean Rouch’s pioneering work with Dennis Machio’s ethno-documentary

‘Screening of the anthropological classic ‘The Mad Masters’ (Les Maïtres Fous) by Jean Rouch and the ethno-documentary ‘Lukumbe’ by the Kenyan filmmaker Dennis Machio. By juxtaposing two ethnographic films, one from the mid-20th century and another from this decade, Chloé Josse Durand, researcher in social sciene and Deputy Director at the French Institute for Research in Africa, together with Dennis Machio, documenatary film maker and graduate of the Mohamed Amin Foundation Film School, will discuss the contrasting approaches to visual anthropology in two very different eras.

‘The Mad Masters’ is a controversial yet most widely celebrated work by the French filmmaker and anthropologist, Jean Rouch. The film documents the Ghanaian Hauka cult, whose members convened to enter a trance-like state and become possessed of the spirits of their colonial officials – the true ‘mad masters’ of the film’s title.

‘Lukembe’ (Knife) documents the traditional rite of passage from childhood to adulthood in the Bukusu community. The Bukusu is one of the sub-tribes of the Luhya community. The Bukusu’s circumcise their boys between the ages of 12 -16 in August every after 2 years.

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Showcase Wednesday/Sendoff Concert for Makadem, Apr. 19 2017 @ Alliance Française

Date: April 19, 2017
Venue: Alliance Française
Time: 7.00pm
Free Entry

With Makadem – this will also be a sendoff concert for Makadem who is embarking on a solo Nyatiti Tour of Europe.

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Concert: Showcase Wednesday featuring Lulu, Apr. 19 2017 @ Alliance Française

Date: April 19, 2017
Venue: Alliance Française
Time: 7.00pm
Free Entry

Singer Said Abdalla alias Lulu is a professional percussionist, rhythmic guitarist and lead singer. Born in Mombasa, Lulu’s interest in music was sparked by the sounds of East African taarab orchestras and chakacha bands as his mother performed with one of Mombasa’s leading taarab band.

Lulu’s music is a diverse fusion of different African and Caribbean musical styles. Lulu performed as an actor/singer in the popular Kenyan musical ‘Luanda Magere’. He has performed in Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Taiwan and Malawi and spent a whole year performing in China in 2015. He will be joined on stage by guitarist Michel Ongaro and percussionist Anthony Kimani.

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Showcase Wednesday w/ the Red Acapella, Mar. 22 2017 @ Alliance Française

Date: March 22, 2017
Venue: Alliance Française
Time: from 7 pm
Entry: Free

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Exhibition: Kenyan Pop ‘n’ Roll, Until Mar. 17 2017 @ Alliance Française

Dates: Until March 17, 2017
Venue: Alliance Française

Participating Artists: Joseph Bertiers, Michael Soi (Godown Arts Centre), Dennis Muraguri, Lionel Garang, Wycliffe Opondo, Aron Boruya, Alex Njoroge, Anthony Maina (Kuona Trust), Kerosh, Richard Kuria, Solo, Joan Otieno, Blaine, Cephas, Msale (Railway Museum and Dust Depo) and Nduta Kariuki.

A visual language derived from local aesthetics and geographies.

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Riverwood Awards: Unveiling of Nominees 2017, Feb. 22 2017 @ Alliance Française

Date: February 22, 2017
Venue: Alliance Française
Time: 11 am

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