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Exhibition: Colour, Shapes, Form & Figures, Until May 3 2016 @ Village Market Rooftop Parking

Color, shapes, form and figures
Dates: Until May 3, 2016
Venue: Village Market Rooftop Parking
Time: 8.30 am – 7 pm

Exhibiting Artists: John Ndungu and Alex Wainaina


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Art Exhibit: Junk Sculptures by Alex Wainaina, Jan 5-18 2013 @ Banana Hill Art Gallery

How to turn rubbish into art? Alex Wainaina uses metal rubbish, old tools and locks and anything else he can lay his hand on to produce stunning, artful replicas of existence around us. The an-organic becomes organic.

Come check out his lion, his rhino, his fish and his eagle, but – last but not least: his bugs.

You can read his biography here, with samples of his junk sculptures here

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Art Exhibits: Recent Sculptures by Alex Wainaina, Aug. 5-Sept. 6 2012 @ Le Rustique Restaurant

Dates: August 5- September 6, 2012
Venue: Le Rustique Restaurant

Alex Wainana is a self taught artist and has been doing sculptures for the last 12yrs. Hooked up in art by Gallery Watatu former manager Ruth Schaffer, she encouraged him when she saw one of his first small metal sculpture. It was his turning point and since then, he has been growing into one of the best junk metal sculptor in the region.

With a touch of humor, Alex manages to blend elements of African culture and environment. Alex uses only recycled material found at junk yards, he breathes life into recycled metal in a most creative way.
His work mostly depicts color earth ranging from animal heads, fishes, insects and sometimes Jesus Christ!

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Sculpture Exhibition: African Mask by Alex Wainaina, until Jan 20 2012 @ Banana Hill

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