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EU Film Festival Highlights, Until May 27 2018 @ Various Venues in Nairobi

Dates: Until May 27, 2018
Venues: Various
Time: from 2 pm Daily (Workshops start from 10 am)
Entry: Free

Download Eff 2018_Festival Highlights (pdf)


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European Film Festival at the National Museum of Kenya, May 11-13 2018 @ the National Museum of Kenya

Dates: May 11-13, 2018
Venue: the National Museum of Kenya, Louis Leakey Auditorium
Time: from 10 am daily
Entry: Free

Friday 11 May
10:00 Workshops (Kenya Scriptwriter’s Guild)
15:00 The Best of All Worlds (A. Goinginger, 2017, 103mins, Austria)
17:00 I am not a Witch (Rungano Nyoni, 2017, 93mins, UK)
19:00 A Girl, the Mother and the Demons (S. Osten, 2016, 93mins, Sweden)
20:15 Q&A

Saturday 12 May
10:00 Workshops (Kenya Scriptwriter’s Guild)
15:00 Great Grandad’s Tall Tales (T.M. Rostboll/L. Glob, 2016, 10mins, Denmark)
15:45 Obaba (Montxo Armendariz, 2005, 112mins, Spain)
17:45 Ma Vie de Courgette (C. Barras, 2016, 66mins, Switzerland)
19:00 Love Likes Coincidences (O. F. Sarok, 2011, 118mins, Turkey)

Sunday 13 May
10:00 Workshops (Kenya Scriptwriter’s Guild)
15:00 Sputnik (Markus Dietrich, 2013, 130mins, Germany)
17:30 Anniversary (Dan Chisu, 2017, 86mins, Romania)
19:00 Kati Kati (Mbithi Masya, 2016, 75mins, Germany/Kenya)

Download the EFF 2018 Programme (PDF)

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EU Film Festival/Europe Day Screening: Europe at Sea Documentary by Annalisa Piras, May 9 2018 @ Goethe-Institut Auditorium

EU’s chief diplomat, Federica Mogherini | Photo: Courtesy.

Date: Wed, 09 May 2018
Venue: Goethe-Institut Auditorium
Time: 6.45 pm
Admission: free

On the 9 May, the European Union celebrates Europe Day. This year’s European Film Festival screenings on the 9 May are also looking at giving an insight into both the EU’s foreign policy and how globalisation impacts European countries more broadly.

The highlight of the evening will be the screening of a recent documentary by Annalisa Piras ‘Europe at Sea’ at 6:45 PM. Piras followed the EU’s chief diplomat, Federica Mogherini for two years, documenting her quest to implement a new foreign policy agenda: the EU Global Strategy.

Download the EFF 2018 Programme (pdf)

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EU Film Festival: Virtual Reality Showcase in Partnership with Black Rhino VR, May 7 2018 @ Mettā Nairobi

Date: May 7, 2018
Venue: Mettā Nairobi
Time: 7 pm
Entry: Free

In partnership with Black Rhino VR.

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Screening: Honouring Celebrated Haitian Director, Raoul Peck, Apr. 17, 23 & 30 2018 @ Alliance Française

Dates: April 17, 23, and 23, 2018
Venue: Alliance Française Auditorium
Time: 6 pm
Entry: Free

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Screening and Concert: Omutibo – In Search of the Last Luhya Dry Guitar Players in Kenya, Apr. 13 2018 @ Alliance Française

Date: April 13, 2018
Venue: Alliance Française
Time: 7 pm

The documentary, which plunges into the beginnings of Kenyan music and honors the last Luhyas guitar players, allows to learn about their historical and cultural journey.

The protagonists of the documentary will also offer a concert to the participants.

Find more information, here

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Music x Culi ‘N’ Art x Fashion x Films x Installations: Africa Nouveau Festival – Afro Bubble Gum, Feb. 2-4 2018 @ Ngong Racecourse Waterfront

Dates: February 2-4, 2018 (2 days, 2 nights)
Venue: Ngong Racecourse Waterfront
Tickets* : Festival Pass KES 3,500/- and Daily Pass KES 1,800/-

Music Performances: Kwesta – South Africa, Muthoni Drummer Queen – Kenya, Blinky Bill – Kenya, Makadem – Kenya, Suraj – Kenya, Cortega – Switzerland/Senegal et al

* NairobiNow and African Nouveau Festival have partnered up to offer limited festival pass tickets for KES 2,500/-. When buying your tickets (here) use ‘NairobiNow‘ – one word – promo code and get yourself a festival pass for a bargain!

Africa Nouveau Festival – Afro Bubble Gum

Music x Culi ‘N’ Art x Fashion x Films x Installations X Food x Fashion Market x Live Lookbook x VR x Film stage.

For more information, visit –

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