Hakuna Dawa Tamu//A Bitter Pill by Biko Wesa & Olivia Howland, Mar. 23-30 2019 @ National Museum

March 21, 2019 at 5:45 pm Leave a comment

Dates: March 23-30, 2019
Venue: National Museum of Kenya
Entry: Museum Rates Apply

A visual exploration of indigenous medicines and healers in contemporary Kenya.

Hakuna Dawa Tamu//A Bitter Pill uses images and narratives from healers in contemporary rural Kenya to explore what we consider to be legitimate forms of healing and health seeking behaviour. The exhibition encourages us to think critically about assumed healthcare norms and clinical hegemony in our society. When we confront these images and narratives, we are forced to confront our own assumptions and perceptions of normative decision making. Personal narratives from the healers themselves allow us a window into an often invisible world, where individual actors are criticised and demonised by wider society. We ask that you open your minds to understand the broader, structural level issues at play in health decision making, and think critically about what we perceive to be legitimate and effective medicine in contemporary Kenya.

To read more about the artists follow these links:
Biko Wesa:
Instagram: @bikowesa

Olivia Howland:


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