Remains, Waste and Metonymy, Oct. 24 2015 @ British Institute in Eastern Africa

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remains, waste and metonymyBy approaching stuff as incomplete and emergent, Remains, Waste and Metonymy offers critical scrutiny to the assumed finality, stability and comfort of ‘objects’, ‘persons’ and ‘landscapes’. Always ‘in the making’ remains and waste often appear like unfinished biographies, stories and narrations that promise but rarely deliver entirely coherent meanings, bounded entities and stable wholes. Evoking presence rather than offering meaning (more metonymic than metaphorical) this indeterminacy is creatively explored to reveal the excessive multiplicities of time, substance and space.

The interventions presented are works-in-progress that explore new avenues of collaboration between artists and scholars around these themes of waste, remains and metonymy.

Featuring performances and pieces by:

Syowia Kyambi
Joost Fontein with Fawaz Elsaid and Mandela Samuel
Sam Derbyshire
Jackie Karuti
John Harries
Neo Sinoxolo Musangi
Annie Pfingst
Connie Smith
Sam Hopkins and Simon Rittmeier
Meshack Oiro

With thanks to National Museums of Kenya; Goethe Institute, Nairobi; Professor Stephanie Newell (Yale University)

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Concert: Druhill Live, Oct. 24 2015 @ Carnivore Grounds Halloween Party, Oct. 31 2015 @ Juniper Kitchen

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