Outer Space & Inner Dreams – A hands on activity, Feb 24 2013 @ Paa Ya Paa Arts Centre

February 22, 2013 at 5:30 am Leave a comment

Sunday, February 24, 2013 – 
2:30pm at Paa Ya Paa Arts Centre

In the open air, under the bamboo on the Love Garden compound. Paa Ya Paa Lane, Ridgeways Road
Off Kiambu Road, Nairobi, Kenya East Africa

Create with artists and scientists and science lovers in a hands-on workshop, using recycled objects and
natural materials. 5 minute poster presentations invited on a science topic of your choice. Can bring ready made
artworks, inventions, etc or create on the spot. Call 0733 270 109 for more details.
Please RSVP.

Anyone know where we can find old bicycle gears? Old metals, motors from cell phones that are broken and irreparable that we
can recycle, old broken radios, resistors, capacitors, electrodes, wires, recycled boxes and containers. Please, if you plan to attend
this event come with your recycled objects so we can turn them into something you dream of.

If you need information let us know; If you can’t remember how to make a circuit. If you can’t remember how to make a galvanic cell we can
work with you. Artists, we can turn chromatograms into some art. We can make electronic sculptures. We can extract liquids from plants
to explore basic properties like acidity and basicity. Let’s make a rocket sculpture and try to let it take off using basic science. Let’s put
our heads together. Let you imaginations run wild.  What do you want on 24th? It is all up to you. What do you think or feel when you look up into the sky? What dreams or ideas do you have here on earth?


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