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Art Exhibition: 11 in one day, until Jun 30 2012 @ Le Rustique

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Art Exhibit: KANGAERU by Yoshinari Nishio & Nishio Workshop Nairobi, May 4-27 2012 @ Le Rustique

Opening Reception in the presence of the artist

4th(Fri), May, 2012. From 6:00pm to 9:00pm.

Dates: From 4th(Fri) to 27th(Sun), May, 2012
Venue: Le Rustique Restaurant, General Mathenge Drive, Westlands, Nairobi

Solo exhibition by contemporary artist Yoshinari Nishio and his artists collective, Nishio Workshop Nairobi.
The exhibition will feature a series of new works titled KANGAERU that were produced through clipping and re-composing different patterns of Kanga during a workshop that took place in Korogocho (Nairobi).

The patterns in different colors were set free from traditional arrangements and rules, thus seeking a new type of order and story by hands of the artist, or by hands of participants of the workshop.

Later on a street intervention was publicly held on Langata road(Nairobi) with street vendors referring to the catwalk of a fashion show.

The documenting photos -taken by James Muriuki – of this performance will be exhibited as well.

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Art exhibit: Work on Paper, Apr. 6 – May 2 2012 @ Le Rustique


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Exhibit: Shabu Mwangi, until May 26 2011 @ Le Rustique

Lawrence Mwangi [Shabu] is a 25-year-old Kenyan artist living in Mukuru slum. He is one of the founders of the Wajukuu art project that provides Art classes to children in low incomes areas. Deeply rooted in his community, Shabu has always worked as an activist and artist, he also collaborates with the organization Art2Be working with marginalized groups using artistic and therapeutic methods to fight stigma and discrimination.
This is his first solo show. Deeply personal and at the same time very much influenced by the figure of Edward Munch in The Cry, Shabu Mwangi gives us a tale of the inside, a broken silence where the faces and  the bodies do not need any narrative interpretation. The obscurity of these paintings proceeds from a personal experience and from fundamental emotions. Like an incessant path between strength, weakness and pain, these works put us in the place of the artist and the viewer, a constant reminder that our existence is very fragile.

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Elaine Kehew’s exhibition, Jan 23 – Feb 24 2011 @ Le Rustique

Elaine Kehew- The Sugar Canes (Sweet Ruminations). Opening January 23 at Le Rustique. 1-4 pm

In this most recent body of work, the artist has explored the possibilities of the sugar cane from classical nature-morte to contemporary grids of linoleum stamping. Elaine was initially drawn to the canes for their formal properties: the cylindrical shape and the way the sun illuminated their segmented forms. Further observation, however, revealed a spectrum of color from crimson to chartreuse and a rich ochre in the afternoon light. The cane ends, when chopped, are circles that swirl into spirals and reveal another mystery.

Elaine Kehew lives in Nairobi with her husband and daughter. Born in upstate NY, she received a bachelors degree from the University of New York at Geneseo and studied painting at the Corcoran School in Washington DC, and with CM Dupre at the Art League in Alexandria, VA. She has exhibited several times in the USA. This is her first exhibition in Nairobi.

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Exhibit: 3 Faces of Uganda, until Jan 18 2011 @ Le Rustique

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Dance Forum Performance, Nov 12 2010 @ Le Rustique

Featuring “Jua Kali” by Tuchangamke Group and “Voices of Another” by Jokajok.

Tickets: 500ksh

For more information on the performances and the groups performing, click on the brochure of the event to see it in full size.

Visit Dance Forum Nairobi’s website

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Art Exhibit: Beatrice Wanjiku, Oct 8-Nov 10 2010 @ Le Rustique

Beatrice Wanjiku at Le Rustique:8th Oct-10th Nov
“This series of new paintings is a reflection, not of any individual in particular, but about humanity, the inner being and ultimately our intimate existence.It is a collection of thoughts and ideas concerning our immortality”.

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Exhibit: Moses Nyawanda, Jul 24-Sep 7 2010 @ Le Rustique

Art Nairobi and Le Rustique are happy to show Moses Nyawanda ‘s first solo exhibition in Nairobi for more than 7 years. Born in Bondo, Nyanza district, Moses stopped painting for more than 7 years and begun again in 2009. Most of his paintings are done on canvas and his subjects are the people of Kenya : “I paint those I interact with and currently I am interested in painting political subject since they portray the Kenyan fast growing culture greed”. Most of his male characters depict the vile political subjects ( he gives them animal faces to avoid a too obvious confrontational approach to his subject ) while his women and children depict the warm social subjects, both being contemporary.

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Art Exhibit: Larissa Hoofs, until Jun 9 2010 @ Le Rustique

Find out more about Larissa Hoofs on her website

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Exhibit: El Tayeb, Apr 9 – May 2 2010 @ Le Rustique

Opening Friday 9th of April 6-9pm

El Tayeb was born in 1965, he studied at the University of Khartoum where he specialized in art and textiles design and settled in Nairobi in 1997. He is considered by many as the most talented Sudanese artist based in Nairobi. In this new exhibition, recurrent themes of his work- the cycle of life and death, nudity, symbols of the Nubian civilization- will be shown on various media such as paper, textile and canvas.
This new body of work is a celebration of color and the development of a very personal internal imagery.

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Exhibit: Xavier Verhoest, Mar 12 – 31 @ Le Rustique

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Art Exhibit: Omosh Kindeh & Wilson Mwangi, Feb 11 – Mar 3 2010 @ Le Rustique

Omosh Kindeh is 29 years old. He lives in Nairobi and works as a sculptor and painter
His source of inspiration purely comes from the society, his habitat and Nairobi, depicting human variations, their nature and behaviors. He particularly like the sense of aesthetics that comes from particular buildings, their lines and angles which are very often broken by the curves of human bodies in an attempt to express the thin line between our habitat and our identity .

Wilson Mwangi was born in Nairobi in 1976 and attended Muhoro Sec School for the Deaf (NYERI)
His sense of composition made of clear cut lines combined with contrasted colors make each of Wilson’s painting look like a jigsaw puzzle where the imbrications of animals, landscapes, symbols play a special role to make each work coherent despite the number of elements.

Next exhibition will show Xavier Verhoest’s recent works with an opening on Friday the 5th of March.

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Art Exhibit: Timothy Brooke, until Feb 10 2010 @ Le Rustique

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Exhibit: Kathrin Racz, Nov 17 – Dec 9 2009 @ Le Rustique


Kathrin Racz is a Swiss artist who is on a two month art residency at Kuona Trust in Nairobi.
Her work grabs the viewer’s attention directly, they can be seen as mirror images depicting the human condition. Her innermost need is to creatively transform life impression and social processes into art: “My first impression of Nairobi was the one of a lively city. Huge billboard, traffic jam, men walking through the lines of slowly moving cars and huge walls with barbed wire or electrical wire on top. I tried hard to have a concept before coming. Impossible! So I decided that my main concept is I don’t have one. Just to get influenced by the daily life, my own perception and all those visual impressions!”

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New Exhibit: Fred Abuga, Omosh Kinde, Charles Ngatia, Wilson Mwangi, Feb 27th – Mar 26th 2009 @ Le Rustique

Opening Friday February 27th from 6pm to 9pm

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