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Exhibit: Clear Obsidian, Nov 17-Dec 14 2010 @ RaMoMa

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PechaKucha IV, Oct 28 2010 @ RaMoMa

Uncover unexpected talent, stories and ideas.

PechaKucha Night was devised in Tokyo in February 2003 as an event for young designers to meet, network, and show their work in public. It is today held in over 320 cities, around the world.
The Nairobi chapter is all about celebrating creativity, and taking it to the next level.

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Exhibit: Kenyan Rangoli, Sep 20-25 2010 @ RaMoMa

You are invited to the exhibition “Kenyan Rangoli” part of the Samosa 2010 festival at RaMoMA from Monday 20th till Friday 25th September 2010
The exhibition is open from 9:30am – 4:30pm. Rangoli is a popular art form in India. It is a sand painting decoration using finely ground white and coloured powders spread out on the floors of houses and courtyards. The original purpose was to drive away demons and bring in light. Sharp linear patterns are hand-drawn mainly by women and girls.

Eight artists were invited to do a Rangoli using local materials such as sand, coloured sawdust, gravel, marble chips, broken mirrors, bottle tops, plastic pellets and the like as part of the  Samosa 2010 festival whose theme is ‘Different is Exciting’. The artists mix and match these diverse media to present a harmonious design. You and the public are also invited to take part by creating your own patterns at the public Rangoli section (see notes below)

Individual Artist Exhibition
In the ValDor Gallery is the Individual Artist Exhibition featuring some of the most prominent, cutting edge and exciting artists in Kenya. They include El Tayeb Dawelbait, James Mbuthia, John Kamicha, Patrick Mukabi, Maryanne Muthoni, Atifa Kassam, Khilna Shah and Nihari Shah

Also in the ValDor Gallery is a Kids Rangoli made by a group of young children from Braeburn School. These talented boys and girls were part of the SAMOSA Kids programme in SAMOSA Festival 2008, where they first tried their hands at Rangoli. Here, they have worked on a group Rangoli, using the unusual materials available.

Public Rangoli
Next to the sculpture garden is the start of a Public Rangoli. We want to invite you and members of the public to contribute to our ever growing, dynamic Rangoli. Once you have seen the artist’s interpretation of Kenyan Rangoli, the same materials are provided and you can join in – how big can we get it?. At the end of every day, the picture of the Rangoli will be uploaded to the SAMOSA Facebook Group, so we can see how it changes over time. Just like the theme of SAMOSA 2010 “Different is Exciting” – we pose the question, by adding diversity to a traditional art form, is it’s beauty diminished or enhanced? By approaching Rangoli from various cultural viewpoints, we can create something infinitely more beautiful?

Kids Rangoli
Also in the ValDor Gallery is a Kids Rangoli made by a group of young children from Braeburn School. These talented boys and girls were part of the SAMOSA Kids programme in SAMOSA Festival 2008, where they first tried their hands at Rangoli. Here, they have worked on a group Rangoli, using the unusual materials available.

About the artists

El Tayeb Dawelbait – Considered one of the most talented Sudanese artists based in Nairobi. He has been widely exhibited locally and internationally. He believes that shifting from one medium to another and working with different tools opens up creativity.

James Mbuthia – Intensely creative artist. Passionate about bringing art to children, and serves as the Workshops Co-ordinator for RaMoMA Kids wing. He also is the curator of the sculpture garden in RaMoMA.

John Kamicha – John was raised in an atmosphere of art, and is widely experimental. He has recently done a series of work using Khangas, to try and bring the act of painting closer to his own culture and experience.

Patrick Mukabi – Patrick is one of Kenya’s most seasoned and celebrated oil and acrylic painter. He believes visual art is dynamic, interactive and should connect with people as part of their everyday lives. He is a resident at the GoDown centre.

Maryanne Muthoni – Maryanne is a full time artist based at Kuona Trust Studios She is both painter and print maker. She believes that colours play a special role in her art; it helps her express herself and bring out personality within the daily struggles of life. You may remember her Kanga Lion from the Born Free Foundation Lions.

Atifa Kassam – Atifa is both urban geographer and artist. She enjoys experimenting with different textures and techniques to form new media. Her great interest is how cultural identities are shaped and formed through art. She is a young entrant to Nairobi’s vibrant art scene.

Khilna Shah and Nihari Shah – Both dynamic and talented young ladies at Oshwal Academy, Khilna and Nihari have been doing traditional Rangolis since they were very young. They have done the traditional Rangoli pieces at the exhibition. They were both involved with the Mega Rangoli at the Jain Temple which was crafted by more than 10 ladies, with over 500 shades of colours and 4,442 man hours to complete! Khilna won the first Rangoli competition that she ever entered! Nihari hopes to train as a dentist, and believes the dexterity learned from Rangoli will come in handy.

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Artist Talk on “NotAboutKarenBlixen”, Jul 16 2010 @ RaMoMa

As part of the continuing exhibitions NotAboutKarenBlixen, RaMoMa is hosting an Artist Talk on 16th July  –  6 p.m. featuring:
Miriam Syowia Kyambi (Kenya)
Søren Assenholt (Denmark)

RaMoMa is on 2nd Parklands Avenue
Tel +254 20 3748612/8

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Exhibit: NotAboutKarenBlixen, Jul 4 – 18 2010 @ RaMoMa

RaMoMa invites you to the Opening of the Exhibition NotAboutKarenBlixen on SUNDAY 4th July  at 2 p.m. at RaMoMA Museum,

Performance- Gillion Grantsaan- 3 p.m.

Curators – Brooke Minto( US) and  Michelle Eistrup (Dk)
Organizer- Anders Juhl(Dk), Michelle Eistrup (Dk) and Brooke Minto( US)

Also Upcoming:

Artist Talk at RaMoMA  on 16th July at 6 p.m.
Miriam Syowia Kyambi  (Kenya) + Søren Assenholt (Denmark)

NAKB is a long-term collaborative project between 3 Kenyan artists, and 3 Danish artists and a German artist working in various mediums, sound, video, performance and installation. For the participating artists; the NotAboutKarenBlixen project offers the unique opportunity to create works of art, which incorporate impulses from Denmark/Germany and Kenya. Gillion Granstaan (Denmark), Ato Malinda (Kenya), Michelle Eistrup (Denmark) and James Muriuki (Kenya) have been working together, in pairs to explore Karen Blixen´s legacy and its significance in a post-colonial context, while in residence in Copenhagen (February 2010) and Nairobi, Mombasa, Diani (June/July 2010).

Through visual language and experimental literature Gillion Grantsaan and Ato Malinda explore, research and question the risky lifestyles on Kenya’s coastline. With these empirical results, they are attempting to create a persona, a protagonist who navigates his/her way in search of greener pastures.

Through MEMORIES, connections looped, borders, hedges, pathways, habitiat intertwined, these artists explore these spaces. Artists James Muriuki and Michelle Eistrup investigate through photography the relations of spaces built up from the outer to the inner and the distance and the in betweens. They are interested in the notion of land, division and the borders open and hidden that distinguish the parameters of openings and closures.

SEPTEMBER 2010- My World Images
Karen Blixen Museum + Odd Fellow Palace (Denmark)

Collaborative Artists – Ato Malinda (Kenya) +Gillion Grantsaan (Denmark), James Muriuki (Kenya) + Michelle Eistrup(Denmark), Miriam Syowia Kyambi (Kenya) + Søren Assenholt(Denmark), and Stefan Saffer(Germany)

RaMoMA         Not About Karen Blixen                                  04.07-07-18.07.2010
2nd Parklands Avenue  Sarit Centre 00606  Nairobi Kenya    Tel +254 20 3748612/8

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Art Market, Jun 26 2010 @ RaMoMa

This Saturday, 26th June, RaMoMA is holding the monthly art sale on 2nd Parklands Avenue.
Each last Saturday of the month, visitors to the expanded museum and exhibition space can view and purchase works of art directly from the artists themselves for no more than Ksh10,000 per piece. The market is open 10.00 am-4.00 pm.

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Life Drawing Workshop, Jun 15 2010 @ RaMoMa

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Art Market, May 29 2010 @ RaMoMa

This Saturday, 29th May, RaMoMA is holding the monthly art sale on 2nd Parklands Avenue.
Each last Saturday of the month, visitors to the expanded museum and exhibition space can view and purchase works of art directly from the artists themselves for no more than Ksh10,000 per piece. The market is open 10.00 am-4.00 pm.

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Pamoja Dance Group presents “Three Phases”, May 29 2010 @ RaMoMa

Pamoja Dance Group invites you to yet another new performance, a new creation “Three phases This performance revolves around the life of one of it’s lead dancers Dalmas. Together with other dancers from the group, Dalmas will narrate the story of his life, from when he was involved in a road accident at a tender age of four, which led to the lose of his left leg, to now being a prolific dancer and a national swimming champion with 10 gold medals to his name. Dalmas is currently training for the Paralympics Commonwealth games in India (2010) and the London Olympic Games in (2012).

Dalmas will be performing to raise money for his college fees. He is a Journalism and Mass communication student at the Nairobi Institute of Business Studies (NIBS). He has since completed his first semester and passed his exam very well with a grade B. He hopes to raise enough money to enable him complete his course and maybe in future use his acquired knowledge, he hopes to become an art critic since he works at RaMoMA and has familiarized himself with different styles of art as well as artist’s.

Dalmas will also give a 15 minutes motivational speech and he is urging people with physically challenged Children, relatives or friends to bring them to the show because, he believes that after the performance, it could be their turning point if at all they have had negative perception/attitude towards themselves. Come and lets all make this change together..

There will be a special contribution desk at the entrance after the performance for those who will want to make any further contributions towards the fundraising. Further contributions will be greatly appreciated.

For more info/Advance ticket booking, you can contact

Dalmas: Cell – 0736 726 808

RaMoMA: Land-line – 3748612/8 or

Morya Earnshaw : Cell – 0723 527 207

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Art Exhibit: 5km, May 19 – Jun 13 2010 @ RaMoMa

At RaMoMA, 2nd Parklands Avenue

Five artists; Douglas Musyoki, John Ngugi, Robinson Kimanthi, Sam Kimemia & Kevin Kariuki, have for the past five years, been developing their works away from the collective studios where they initially worked from.

They identify with a common approach to art having various discussions from time to time on their activities and experiencies.
This will be their first joint exhibition in the time period they have been away from the limelight.

The exhibition continues to 13th June 2010.
For further information, please call Tel +254 20 3748612/8 or email

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Exhibit: Little & Large, Apr 30 – May 16 2010 @ RaMoMa

Little & Large is an exibition starting on Friday 30th April at RaMoMA.
Different artists were invited to create small works most of which are canvases (30cm X 30cm) that will be sold at RaMoMA for kshs 10,000 each. Alongside the little works are larger works by the same artists available at a discount. This presents an opportunity to many art lovers to acquire renowned artists at a very inexpensive price and to support RaMoMa at the same time.

Come early (exhibition starts on the morning of 30th April) to access a wider selection of works and support a worthy course for the arts. The exhibition runs through to 16th of May. Please note that RaMoMA will be closed on the 1st May for the Labour day holiday and on the 17th & 18th May for monthly stock and inventory purposes. Any inconveniences are highly regretted.

RaMoMA – Museum of Modern Art – 2nd Parklands Avenue open daily 9.30am – 4.30pm. Saturdays open till 6pm, closed on public holidays.
RaMoMa @ Upper Hill is open Monday – Saturday 9.30am – 4.30pm closed on Sunday & public holidays., tel: 3748612/8 • 0724256136

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Art Market, Mar 27 2010 @ RaMoMa

The Rahimtulla Museum of Modern Art is holding a monthly sale of Kenyan art at affordable prices at its premises in the Parklands area of Nairobi. On the last Saturday of the month visitors to the expanded museum and exhibition space can view and purchase works of art directly from the artists themselves for no more than Ksh10,000 per piece. The market is open 10.00 am-4.00 pm.
RaMoMa, 2nd Parklands Avenue

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New Exhibit: Collectors & Collections, Mar 17 – Apr 28 2010 @ RaMoMa

The group exhibitions opening on 17th March shows work chosen from some Kenyan artist that are greatly accomplished and growing as part of both private and corporate collections. These artists exhibit an immediate and recognizable style that is both ‘unique and authentic’. Their works invite passion, enthusiasm and commitment – critical attributes that engulf Collectors.

The exhibitions containing paintings and sculpture are split into two visually descriptive groupings: Firstly, more ‘representational’ or ‘figurative’, although this terms does not necessarily mean painting figures but donates work that is more recognizable as and representational of real people or objects or scenery and secondly “abstract” in form, colour and line – compositions that are non representational, non-figurative and independent of visual reference. They are works that depart from the accurate representation of a landscape, still life or figure.

The exhibition includes work already in the Collection of RaMoMA and in the Collections of individual artists.

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Monthly Art Market, Feb 27 2010 @ RaMoMa

The Rahimtulla Museum of Modern Art is holding a monthly sale of Kenyan art at affordable prices at its premises in the Parklands area of Nairobi. On the last Saturday of the month visitors to the expanded museum and exhibition space can view and purchase works of art directly from the artists themselves for no more than Ksh10,000 per piece. The market is open 10.00 am-4.00 pm.
RaMoMa, 2nd Parklands Avenue

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Art Exhibit: Michael Soi, Anders Grum and “inmates”, until Mar 4 2010 @ RaMoMa

Michael Soi has been a keen spectator of contemporary social, economic, and political trends. He has immersed himself into material that is bombarding most of our information channels and puts in his interpretation of the situation. Most of what he is commenting on is corruption in many levels that is stuck in our society. One of his canvases with the writing “the metamorphosis of a Kenyan politician” portrays characters in transition, which has become very predictable to any Kenyan with a sound mind. He uses cats and pigs as metaphors to represent greed and gluttony respectively. He started using imagery of cats and pigs on children’s works (the more reason he is using heavy presence of pure solid colours) and has evolved to comment on adult behaviour.

This exhibition by a Danish architect Anders Grum, is an exploration of the photographic recordings in Kenya in the 1970’s. It is a small peek into what some photographers based in Kenya, at different times, found interesting to record. This “peek” will extend into what photographers (or people who take or have taken pictures regularly) of different spectra are doing today. Between 1969 and 1974 Anders Grum participated in ethnographic and social anthropology expeditions to Ukambani, Pokot and to the Boni at the Kenya coast. Later he joined the musicologist, Dr. Paul Kavyu during several visits to music and dance events in Ukambani. Between 1974 and 1975, he lived and moved for seven months with the Rendille nomadic camel pastoralists in the semi-dessert of Marsabit district, together with his wife Mette and children, conducting a study of their nomadic life, habitation and migration. The Rendille accepted photography after an initial period of reluctance, a medium that obviously became an important tool of recording aspects of daily and ceremonial life.

Remand prisoners often are behind bars for many years, waiting to appear in court. These inmates are not allowed to work, lending their hands and minds almost idle. Running art workshops for capital offenders was borne of this by the officer in Charge of Nairobi Remand and Allocation Prison which were organized and run by Faraja Trust from December 2008, for three afternoons a week.
The workshops were conceived to impart basics in drawing and painting, and at the same time contributing to the process of healing and rehabilitation. The topics that the art students dealt with always had to do with themselves and their current situation. Questions like: “What do I possess?” / “What do I define as my home?” / “Who am I? How am I?” / “Why am I here?” have been raised, transformed into artwork and thereafter been discussed in small groups. In June, 25 of the inmates took part in an international contest for prisoners held in Vienna, whereby two of them were awarded. Towards the end of the year, the inmates started painting the partitions of the school blocks and the prison wall at the gate yard. As a highlight of the one-year lasting art course, an Art Gala was organized – a unique exhibition behind bars, linked with the graduation of art students. The exhibition here at RaMoMA is a selection of some of the works that are deeply indicative of the ideas of the inmates and express varied creative ideas with brilliant execution. Rebekka Schraner, an artist and art educator, curated this exhibition.

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New Exhibits: Peter Ngugi, Timothy Brooke, Dennis Muraguri, Kepha Mosoti, Curys Kabiru, Dec 2 2009 – Jan 4 2010 @ RaMoMa

RaMoMA Museum of Modern Art
invites you to the opening of the following exhibitions on 2nd December 2009 from 6pm

ValDor Gallery – Peter Ngugi
A self taught independent artist based in Thika, Peter Ngugi has found a loyal following of keen art collectors who are fascinated by his portrayal of animals. Having passed through a series of emaciated and then obese creatures he is currently experimenting further with densities of light and form. Ngugi says “I work mainly in oil colours. My work is figurative with clear-cut and vividly coloured figures. I am currently experimenting with transparency and colour. Images in the foreground do not hide the images they overlap in the background, rather they just change colour depending on the colour of the image they overlap. My animal figures defy the rules of proportionality, colour, light and shade. My canvases bear thin lines running through the paint in random spiral patterns. My work is largely experimental and changes from time to time.”

Dodhia Gallery – Drawings and Water colours by Timothy Brooke
The Mombasa studies relate to the theme Old Town. The naval guns were salvaged from HMS Pegasus and SMS Königsberg, both sunk at anchor in the 1914-18 war off Zanzibar the former and the latter in the Rufiji Delta. Their field carriages were manufactured in the railway workshops and they are shown without breech blocks. The life studies and portraits are demonstrations during recent classes. All the mountain watercolours are painted inside my Landrover at sunrise. The New England tall trees, Granite and water are from exhibitions with Gleason Fine Arts, Portland, Maine.

Rahimtulla Gallery – Dennis Muraguri, Kepha Mosoti, Cyrus Kabiru
Dennis Muraguri, Kepha Mosoti and Cyrus Kabiru share a studio in the Kuona Trust Art Centre. As much as one may find similarity in technique and materials used, their thought approach is as varied as it could be. Dennis Muraguri delves into music as a channel that he has most freedom with yet he finds himself unable to develop it as we know it; he ends up creating these artworks that are a symbol of “the music” while the theme of that music is vaguely illustrated in the overall imagery of the work. Kepha Mosoti on the other hand is creating some sort of caricature of people that are known to him or interesting structural forms of people that he comes across. He is excited at facial structures of men and the feminine lower torso through to the thighs whose form he is visually exploring. Cyrus Kabiru’s most identifiable art is that of spectacles; an art that came out of frustration of not financially affording sun glasses as a young boy. He has later revisited the process except now as an artistic exploration that has received huge acclaim from audiences.

The exhibitions close on 4th January 2010
RaMoMA is open 7 days a week, 9:30am – 4:30pm Open on Saturdays til 6pm, closed on public holidays
2nd Parklands Avenue PO Box 1040 Sarit Centre 00606 Nairobi Kenya Tel +254 20 3748612/8

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Exhibits: Charles Ngatia, Larisa Sjoerds, First Portraits, Nov 4 – 26 2009 @ RaMoMa


ValDor Gallery – Charles Ngatia
Charles Ngatia was taken in at the “Shangilia Mtoto wa Africa” centre in his mid teenage years. It was while there that he created art that was to be in the public domain; painting backdrops and stage sets for the centre’s performances. He however got his first for direction to be an artist, after joining Kuona Trust. Here, he was able to attend some workshops and to gain access to a studio space for his art.
One thing that captures attention in his work is the brave mix of colours that he utilizes besides the variety of material. Blue is a standard colour and forms the base over which he introduces strong, contrasting yellow and red. This, for him, is the only way to liven the environments that he is depicting in his work – ghettos, the very spaces he gets his ideas and inspirations from. He likes looking at this environment from different perspectives both visually and mentally. It is not only the ghettos that are his subject. He also experiments with collages and sculptures from found objects. The only thing that he buys is his paints and occasionally a canvas but would rather collect material on which to paint or put together as a sculptural composition.
He hopes with this exhibition, people will be able to relate to his thoughts and illustrations of his world.

Dodhia Gallery – Larisa Sjoerds
Larisa Sjoerds is a full time artist since 1996. She graduated from the Amsterdam Free Art Academy and holds a certificate of the Amsterdam School of Fine Art in Education. In 2004, a year before moving to Kenya, she started working on her “brain cell” series ( almost 40 works so far) in which she has found a theme: exploring the variety of shapes of neurons and the function and dysfunction of the human brain together with a combination of techniques that keeps inspiring her. This show at the Dodhia Gallery in RaMoMA will be her first solo show.

Rahimtulla Gallery – First Portraits
First Portraits is a quick look and exhibition of portraits primarily from artists working in the GoDown and Kuona Trust art studios in Nairobi together with a few others. It is a quick engagement with an art form that a lot of the less initiated people associate artists with. There’s numerous ways in which artists choose to represent people and other subjects besides the very traditional depiction of a person’s head and shoulders as a portrait. This is the first exhibition of a series looking into portraits and the art of visual portrayal.

The exhibitions close on 26th November 2009
RaMoMA is open 7 days a week, 9:30am – 4:30pm
closed on public holidays
2nd Parklands Avenue PO Box 1040 Sarit Centre 00606 Nairobi Kenya Tel +254 20 3748612/8

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Movie: Hotel Sorrento, Apr 5th 2009 @ RaMoMa

As part of Carol Dunlop’s film club at RaMoMA, (2nd Parklands Avenue)
Sunday April 5 2009 at 6.30 pm there will be a screening of the movie HOTEL SORRENTO, withCaroline Goodall and Joan Plowright.
Three sisters, who grew up in a small Australian Coastal town, have grown away. The reunion rekindles memories and unspoken feelings, and when trajedy strikes, they discover their lives will never be the same (Australian)

For non members, the ticket is 450 payable at the door last ten minutes before the film

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New exhibitions opening, Mar 11th – Apr 9th 2009 @ RaMoMa

Opening from 6pm on March 11th
• ValDor Gallery – Humanity, Memories, Adaptation and Transitions by Beatrice Njoroge
Beatrice’s work is mostly a psychological look into everyday life and its relative resemblance to people everywhere around the globe. She has lately been working on a series on communication and letter writing in which she incorporates old stamps, newspapers and envelopes. It is an exploration of humanity, memories, adaptation and translations. She says “I felt the nostalgia of things past, of how I wrote letters to my mother, friends and how this has been replaced by emails… the works link a past and present.”
“…I want the audience to react to what they see and feel when they look at the work. I want to engage the audience to react in whichever way, be it by passionately liking the art or hating it. The reaction itself will have achieved the purpose the art work was created for.”

• Dodhia Gallery – this and that by Mary Collis
A house-hold name in Kenya, as a master colorist, Mary Collis has been painting, over the years moving from early figurative works to more abstract works. In this exhibition the paitings draw inspiration from diverse subject matter and include a selection of different works that she has painted over the years.

• Rahimtulla Gallery – Otieno Kota
Otieno Kota is the epitome of determination in an artist. He came to Nairobi from Western Kenya having been convinced by a friend that as an artist, there are enormous possibilities in the big city. Soon, he found his way and together with Otieno Gomba formed Maasai Mbili studio in Kibera. It is this that propelled him to do his first exhibition in a coffee shop before leaving Maasai Mbili and taking up residence at Kuona Trust Studios. Kota’s work first consisted of street signage and murals. This grew over time to the exploration of ideas that is executed in his signature “tin cloth”. He is fully converted, having found art to be a more fulfilling endeavor than football, which he played earlier and continues to take interest in. Art, he says, is like a prison; once he starts joining his tin sheets, he is totally engrossed for the week. Then it is time to actualise the next idea, which often has arisen from the process of working on the earlier piece. He is very proud of the social statements that include his circumstance and individuality, which he translates to pieces of art.

• Ford Room – City Primary School Special Unit
The City Primary School, located in Ngara, is home to a very special group of students – “Special Unit.” The group currently consists children who deal with the challenges of Downs Syndrome, Autism and other neurological problems and the associated stigmas. The art project these children undertake is hosted by Harambee Arts. In addition to painting with the children, founding director, Gloria Simoneaux has created an art club at the City Primary School. The children from the “Special Unit” rotate as the club’s president and understand that they have been put in a leadership role hence the other students view them differently…with respect. They have many lessons to teach, and the mainstream children are now beginning to learn from them.

• Also showing in different gallery spaces is work by Anthony Wanjau
Anthony Wanjau’s sculpting foundations were set by his father, the legendary Samuel Wanjau. He remembers “sculpting” on the mud house wall in the mid 1970’s without understanding what this meant for his future career. It was only in 1992 that his sculpture would make it’s way into Gallery Watatu and immediately found a buyer. In 2002, Wanjau went into full time sculpting after trying his in businesses. He found life in sculpting to be his career once he had interacted with different artists. His works are about “day to day life”.

RaMoMA is open 7 days a week. Tel 3748612/8

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Japanese movie: Kagemusha, MAr 1st 2009 @ RaMoMa

FILM: kagemusha (the shadow worrior)

a kurosawa film with lucas and coppola in conjunction; wonderful scenes of medieval japan. A powerful warlord is dying and they find a double to replace him, with the hope of keeping the kingdom stable. They successfully take a criminal and school him, and fool everyone…. But cannot leave the one thing which would unseat him.

The film will be shown at RaMoMa on 1st march at 6.30 pm, there will be wine to buy, by the glass and bitings.
Membership to the film series is 3000ksh – for 10 films
Extra tickets will be sold at the door, last 10 minutes before the film, if there is space.
Please bring a cushion to ensure your comfort
Contact Carol Dunlop at tel 0733 552 999 to become a member.

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