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Exhibition: The Stranger in Me by Dickson Kaloki, Jan. 16 – Feb. 4 2014 @ Que Pasa – Karen

the Stranger in Me
Dickson Kaloki presents: The Stranger in Me

Dickson Kaloki is one of Kenya’s most exciting emerging artists. Kaloki hit the art scene in 2011 with his celebrated slum-series. He now continues to explore slum structures, but his latest works go beyond the classic mabati and timber houses, narrow corridors, and ubiquitous Kanaro River to explore the interaction between individuals in the slums, their environments, and the city of Nairobi.

The Stranger in Me combines these new mediums, themes and styles, showing Kaloki’s depth as an artist.

From January 16th through February 4th, Que Pasa is displaying a selection of Kaloki’s new pieces.

Join the opening night, Thursday January 16th, for Canapés and Conversations with the artist starting at 7pm.

Que Pasa is located in the Karen Shopping Center

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Exhibition: by Kathy Katuti’s, Until Sep. 28 2013 @ Que Pasa – Karen

Kathy Karuti at Que Pasa
Date: Until September 28, 2013
Venue: Que Pasa

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Party: Celebrate Indian Independence Day with Alisha Popat, Aug. 17 2013 @ Que Pasa

Alisha Popat at Que Pasa
Date: August 17, 2013
Venue: Que Pasa
Time: 8 pm

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A cappella Night with Kayamba African Musik, Aug. 9 2013 @ Que Pasa

Date: August 9, 2013
Venue: Que Pasa
Time: from 9 pm

Experience an amazing a cappella night with the amazing boy group Kayamba African Musik

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Art exhibition: When You Hear Hoofbeats… by Elaine Kehew, Jun. 6 – Jul. 2 2013 @ Que Pasa


I am fascinated by the form and musculature of polo ponies: the angles and bends of their legs, the negative spaces created by horses standing and at a full gallop, and hooves on the ground and in the air. In this body of work, I continue my exploration of the horse using silhouettes, muted background colors, and the play of light on the body. These all combine to create this new body of work, which has never been exhibited before. In fact, I am not sure that the paint is dry!
To read more about the exhibit, follow my blog.

The exhibition by Elaine Kehew will run from June 6 through July 2, and will feature 10 paintings of horses and 13 woodcut prints.

The opening party will be on Thursday, June 6 (6 -9 pm) at Que Pasa Bar and Bistro in Karen.

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Concert: Maia Von Lekow Valentine Special, Feb. 14 2013 @ Que Pasa

Valentines at Que Pasa
Date: February 14, 2013
Venue: Que Pasa
Time: from 8.30 pm

Performances by Maia Von Lekow and Band

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Live Music: The Real Itching Deal, Nov. 24 2012 @ Que Pasa

Event Facebook page

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Concert: Maia von Lekow, Nov. 10 2012 @ ¿Que Pasa?

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Concert: Eddie Grey Live, Aug. 25 2012 @ Que Pasa Karen

Greyhouse music proudly presents THE ENSEMBLE at Que Pasa Karen.

Date: August 25, 2012
Venue: Que Pasa Karen
Time: 8.30pm
Entry: Free

Eddie & the Ensemble will perform new pieces as well as the well loved compositions from his earlier records.
The night will be graced by the engaging sound of Songbird June Gachui among other guest appearances.

For reservations, call 0728 272 902

Eddie is not bound by the conventional wisdom of the music world, on this night he will also be introducing Thomas Menzer, Michael Olatunji and John Uledi.

For more information visit the event page on Facebook

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Neo-Soul & Afro-Fusion: Atemi Oyungu at Que Pasa, Jul. 12 2012 @ Que Pasa

For more information check the Facebook event page

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Concert: Maia Von Lekow & band, Jun 23 2012 @ Que Pasa, Karen

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The Beathogs Band, May. 19 2012 @ Que Pasa

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Mardi Gras Party, Feb 25 2012 @ Que Pasa

Mardi Gras party happening on 25th Feb at Q-PASA, Karen from 9:00pm.
Free beads, masks n cocktails

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Concert: Maia von Lekov, Dec. 10 2011 @ Que Passa

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Exhibit: Pop Art Safari, May 17 – Jun 13 2011 @ Que Pasa?

QUE PASA? Bar & Bistro hosts  an exclusive selection of works by Argentinean artist Miriam Rubino de Rinck.

The collector’s edition of Pop Art Safari is a unique opportunity to browse and acquire some of the most popular series of Modern African paintings by this well-established Nairobi resident. With over 15 years of experience in the international art world and numerous successful exhibitions in Nairobi, Miriam’s works are not to be  missed.

Each edition of POP ART SAFARI presents us with a unique critical look at African representations of Self. Through a deceptively simple, almost naive appearance, Pop Art Safari unravels complex ideas about identity, and (de, re)colonization processes.

Opening on Tuesday, May 17th, 2011 at 7 PM. The show will run through June 13th, 2011.

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