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Theatre: Roots of Shame Seeds of Pain, Mar. 5-16 2014 @ Phoenix Players – Professional Centre

Date: March 5-16, 2014
Venue: Professional Centre – Parliament Road
Time: Wed.-Thur. 7 pm, Fri. 7.30 pm and Sat 6 pm
Tickets: Kshs 500

Written by Brian Munene(Original idea by David Opondoe) and Directed by Millicent Ogutu

Rated: +16

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An Evening of Afro Jazz Readers Edition, Nov. 26 2013 @ Phoenix Players

jazzy nov
Ricky Na Marafiki will be at it again this time with An Evening of Afro Jazz Readers Edition. In this edition we celebrate some of the best poets and writers coupled up with some afro jazz tunes by Ricky na Marafiki.

Some of the guys to expect are Jemedari Muziki, Prisca Ojwang and Sitawa Wafula. Come and sample good music and poems.

All this for only 500ksh at the Phoenix Players from 6-9 pm on Tuesday the 26th of November

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Theatre & Performances: Back Lash, Aug. 9-24 2013 @ Phoenix Players – Parliament Road

Phoenix Players Present Back Lash directed by EUGENE OYOO

Opening: August 9, 2013
Venue: Phoenix Players
Tickets: Ksh. 500
Tickets: 020 2225506 or 0705589722

Runs until August 24, 2013

Set in the 80’s this brilliantly plotted African play shows a family struggle with secrets after losing a son and his family in a horrid car accident, mother and father turns to mould their last son to take his late brothers place in building the family business and family name. How mother is blinded with pride and power to draw evry1 around her into her world of lies and revenge. This play shows the stigma of aids in an orthodox way. Directed by Eugene and put together by a brilliant performance (PG. 16yrs).

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Play: Kidnap Game, Until Jun. 22 2013 @ Professional Centre – Parliament Road

the Kidnap Game
Phoenix Players Present Kidnap Game
Directed by Likarion Wainaina

Dates: Until June 22, 2013
Venue: Phoenix Players, Professional Centre – Parliament Road
Tickets: Kshs 500

Paul Kendon is a highly successful businessman, international arms dealer, and head of a large corporation. His world is turned upside-down, however, when he receives a telephone call from a man claiming to have kidnapped his daughter, Sarah…

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Play: Hotel Flolinda, May 17-Jun. 1 2013 @ Phoenix Players

Flolinda Hotel
Phoenix Players Present Hotel Flolinda. Directed by Nick Njache

Opens on: May 17, 2013
Venue: Phoenix Players, Professional Centre

Runs until: June 1, 2013
Tickets: Kshs 500 & Students Kshs 300

George and Seraphine run a hotel in a small rural town. Seraphine is fed up with the drudgery of her daily life, and feels that George doesn’t appreciate her. George seeks Solace with his mistress, Yvette, but she too is becoming disgruntled, living in a leaky apartment and longing for a comfortable housewife’s existence. Aramis, Georges friend suggests the women swap lives for a while, Seraphine goes to live in Yvette’s apartment and Yvette joins George in the running of the hotel.
Unfortunately for George, Yvette is not quite the homemaker that Seraphine was, soon he is pining for his capable and efficient wife. George’s Aunt Marie turns up and mistakes Yvette for Seraphine ,whom she has never met. Eventually Seraphine returns home and she and Yvette agree that they were both better off where they were. Maybe it’s George who is the real root of their problems. George agrees to go away for a while, but the question remains of who should take his place….

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Play: Wanawake wa Heri wa Winsa, Until May 4 2013 @ Phoenix Players

Wanawake wa Heri
Phoenix Players Present WANAWAKE WA HERI WA WINSA by The Theatre Company

Dates: Until May 4, 2013
Venue: Phoenix Players, the professional Centre
Tickets: Ksh. 500 Students Ksh 300

The Theatre Company presents this extraordinary award winning performance. The play is set in Kiambu County in the plush environs of Windsor, Falstaff makes his love and desires know not to one but two married women in identical letters. Upon comparison Mrs. Ford and Mrs. Page plot their revenge on Falstaff for being so bold and assuming. The revenge plan unveils itself with almost catastrophic but hilarious consequences. Inhabitants of this small town are all part of the unfolding comical events that surround Falstaff’s amorous adventures.

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Play: Meetings, Feb. 15 – Mar. 2 2013 @ Phoenix Players – the Professional Centre

Phoenix Players, The Professional Centre presents a new and original play by one of our most illustrious and extraordinary alumni, actor and writer John Sibi-Okumu.

This new exciting play starts next week Friday 15th February and runs till 2nd March. George Mungai directs an amazing cast of Phoenix Players in bringing this production to life.

Faoulata, under the guise of interviewing her grandmother for a book on the families of political dissenters is, in fact, searching for her own roots. She already knows that the father whom she has never seen since she was a little girl went into exile and formed a union abroad with a woman other than her own mother. There is expectation in the air: Her father Augustus, ‘Gus’ to all, is returning to be in Kenya in time to witness momentous elections. Some excitement and tension are also foreseeable; Some sensitive encounters will be in order. Over a series of ‘Meetings’ what will be resolved, and what will not…

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Phoenix Players Presents: In the Eye of a Stranger, until Feb 9 2013 @ Professional Centre


“In the eyes of a stranger” runs until 9th feb 2013. Tickets only Ksh. 500. Students Ksh. 200.

Sold Out: 6pm show on 9th Feb


The enigmatic center of the play is Pinon, a hermit who 18 years ago locked himself away in his seaside house after possibly cutting his wife into small pieces and permanently scarring the face of Gratia, a local prostitute. Now he sits at the edge of the sea cliff, observing the would-be suicides who come to this lonely spot.
They include Sebastian, a nervous young man with a heart condition who has just been jilted, and Daniel, who is suffering from questions over his sexuality and abandonment by his parents when he was a child. The third visitor is Vera, a runaway bride who comes to see Pinon out of curiosity after hearing his story from a hotel porter.
Bauer explores variations on his title theme. Sebastian asks Pinon to move into the light so he can see his eyes. Vera wonders to an unseen companion how she must appear in their eyes. The porter begs Vera to let him watch her change her clothes. Along the way Bauer weaves the characters’ lives together, in “La Ronde” fashion, shaping ever-changing onstage and offstage duets. In this complex intertwining, Pinon lives in a house he won from the porter in a card game; the porter relates Pinon’s history to Vera; Sebastian wants Vera; Daniel wants Sebastian; Pinon wants to be Daniel’s substitute father figure.

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Concert: Kenyan Boys Choir, Dec 21-22 2012 @ Professional Centre / Phoenix Players


From 21st to 22nd December the Phoenix Players are hosting The Kenya Boys Choir celebrate Christmas  with a selection of both festive and original performances as we wind up for the year.

The Kenyan Boys Choir consists of 25 school boys, aged between 13 and 24, from various Kenyan backgrounds and tribes, brought together by
the urge to sing and nature their talent. The choir is directed by its visionary Founder and Artistic director Joseph Muyale Inzai. The choir
gained widespread recognition and international media coverage in early 2009 after performing at Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremony in
Washington, D.C. On their way back to Nairobi they were intercepted by Universal Music Group representatives waiting for them at Heathrow
Airport in London and were signed in the departure lounge to Decca Records as they waited for their connecting flight.

The choir was started in 1998 in order to help boys from underprivileged backgrounds raise money to pay for their school fees.
Primarily performing traditional Maasai and Samburu chants, the choir also embrace contemporary African and European classical pieces.

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Theatre Rerun: Tilting Ground, until Dec 8 2012 @ Phoenix Players


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Theatre: Tilting Ground, Nov. 16-Dec. 1 2012 @ Phoenix Players, Professional Centre

Phoenix Players Present Tilting Ground directed by Likarion Wainaina

Opening: November 16, 2012
Venue: Phoenix Players, Professional Centre
Tickets: Ksh. 650. Student tickets Ksh. 200

Runs: Until December 1, 2012.

Nancy is recently widowed and lives in a luxurious beach house. When her son, Jack, arrives after a year-long disappearance she is overjoyed to see him but perturbed by his mysterious lifestyle. Fuelled by alcohol, Jack’s emotional turmoil begins to disrupt Nancy’s peace of mind and to fracture her new relationship with the sensitive Charles. Then Jack discovers that Nancy is financially supporting Charles. One of the men has to go…

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Phoenix Players presents: My Brilliant Divorce, Oct 26 – Nov 10 2012 @ Professional Centre


Tickets only Ksh. 650. Student nights Every Thursday: Buy 1 ticket @ Ksh. 400 and get 1 Free.

Phoenix Players Present:
My Brilliant Divorce, directed by Geraldine Aron

A hilarious and insightful exploration of what life can be like for a 40-something, suddenly single woman. Angela’s husband has a mid-life crisis and a mid-European fling, Angela is left with the dog. Emotionally bereft and with self-confidence at an all time low, Angela slowly and at times painfully re-builds her life.

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Theatre: Side Effects, Oct. 5-20 2012 @ Professional Centre – Parliament Rd

Phoenix Players Present Side Effects
Directed by Andrew Muthure

Opening Date: October 5, 2012
Tickets: Kshs 650

Dates: October 6-20, 2012

Frank cook, having being taken ill with a rare complaint, has been booked into a private nursing home by his wife June for a week’s respite. Whilst there, he encounters the reverend Paul Latimer who is recovering from a heart transplant and whose odd behavior is beginning to alarm his wife, Sarah.
The young attractive Tracey might provide the answer. She is convinced that the vicar’s new heart belonged to her recently deceased lover Melvin, a fairground “wall of death” rider. Could it be that Paul has taken on Melvin’s personality traits as well as his heart? That again. perhaps he’s just suffering from the side of his medication? Frank, ever the cantankerous septic, is delighted by vicar’s fall from grace, while June does her best to rein in his detective work.

Student nights are every Thursday. Buy 1 ticket at Kshs 400 and get 1 Free

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Play: Happy Birthday, Sep 14-29 2012 @Phoenix Players

Happy Birthday, directed by George Mungai, opens on 14th of Sep and runs until 29th Sep 2012. Tickets only Ksh. 650. Student nights Every Thursday. Buy 1 ticket @ Ksh. 400 and get 1 Free.

Bernard has foolishly asked his mistress, Brigit, to his home on her birthday despite the fact his wife Jacqueline is present. He has also invited his oldest friend, Robert and asks him to pretend Brigit is his mistress
Robert refuses as he is having an affair with Jacqueline, but Bernard cunningly involves him anyway. By chance, a temporary maid engaged for the evening arrives when Jacqueline and Bernard are out and her name is also Brigit

Robert mistakes her for Bernard’s girl friend. Frantic complications in which identities, plots and counter plots and bedrooms are exchanged with ever increasing confusion transpire until an unexpected ending makes everyone happy including the maid who has acquired a mink coat and lots of money

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Theatre & Performances: If I were You, Aug. 24-Sept. 8 2012 @ Phoenix Players

Phoenix Players Present If I Were You
Directed by Caroline Odongo

Opening Date: Aug. 24, 2012
Time: 7pm

Dates: August 25-September 8, 2012
Tickets: Ksh. 650.
Student nights Every Thursday. Buy 1 ticket @Ksh. 400 and get 1 Free.

The Rodales seem like an ordinary family, but beneath the surface things are beginning to crack. Jill and Mal have lost the spark in their marriage, their son Sam resents his father and their daughter Chrissie has recently become a mum and is dealing with marriage issues of her own. And while they share advice on how others should live their lives, nobody is really taking it on board – Until Mal and Jill see things from a dramatically different perspective, that is.

Waking up one morning finding that they have switched personas, Mal in Jill’s body and Jill in Mal’s, they must continue life “as normal” as their other half. Jill faces the challenge of working with their son-in-law, Dean, as the store manager of a homewares shop, while Mal has suddenly become a housewife, learning more about his children – and finding out the secrets they already know about him!

Will seeing things from the other side make matters even worse, or is this what they need in order to save their family?

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Theater & Performances: Three Fold Cord, Jul. 6-21 2012 @ Phoenix Players

Phoenix Players Present 3 Fold Cord.
Directed by Millicent Ogutu

Dates: Runs until 21st July 2012.

Tickets: Ksh. 650. Student nights Every Thursday. Buy 1 ticket @ Ksh. 400 and get 1 Free.

Marcus Pennington appears to have it all: a beautiful actress wife, Victoria, two loving daughters and a successful career as a respected senior lawyer. But behind the façade he is leading a triple life, romancing two other women: Dexie, a prostitute, and Millicent, the widow of his best friend, now his PA. In a series of highly engaging monologues, Victoria Dexie and Millicent tell Marcus’ story from three very different perspectives.

Preoccupied and detached, Victoria is seemingly oblivious to his indiscretions – and guilty of her own, but regards him with fond indulgence. Shy, Self deprecating Millicent can’t help but be taken in by the promise of romance and passion that was lacking in her marriage. Dexie hopes that Marcus will provide a route out of poverty – all the more necessary after she gives birth to his illegitimate son.

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Theatre and Performances: Right You Are ( if You Think You Are), May 4-19, 2012 @ Phoenix Players

Phoenix Players & The Italian Institute of Culture present;
Right You Are( if You Think You Are). A situational comedy by Luigi Pirandello directed by Millicent Ogutu

Opening Night: May 4, 2012
Time: 7pm
Venue: Phoenix Players, Professional Centre

Dates: May 5-19, 2012
Times: Wed-Fri 7pm, Sat 6pm and Sat 19 (3 & 6pm)
Tickets: Kshs. 650.
Student nights: Every Thursday. Buy 1 ticket @ Ksh. 400 and get 1 Free.

A government official is deployed to a small town where everyone knows everything about everybody! He has, in tow, a wife and his mother-in-law. Peculiarly he houses both women separately and nobody gets to see his wife who is permanently ensconced in a fifth floor apartment. The tongues begin to wag as Pirandello plays on the fickleness of the human being when faced with a situation they do not understand!

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Theatre & Performances: A Raisin in the Sun, Apr. 13-28 2012 @ Professional Centre-Parliament Road

Phoenix Players & USA Embassy Present: A Raisin in the Sun

A drama By Lorraine Hansberry directed by GEORGE MUNGAI

Opens on the 13th of April (Sold Out) and runs until 28th April 2012.
Venue: Professional Centre-Parliament Rd
Tickets: Ksh. 650
NB: Student nights Every Thursday. Buy 1 ticket @ Ksh. 400 and get 1 Free.

A family of very humble abode loses their father. The life insurance money comes in and the widow seeks to put down a deposit for a house in a swanky neighborhood to fulfill her late husband’s wishes. Her son has business ideas; her daughter wants to go to college. They move into their new home- only to be confronted by the ugly reality that they do not belong there….

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Theatre & Performances: Why Not Stay For Breakfast? Mar. 23-Apr. 7 2012 @ Phoenix Players

Phoenix Players present a comedy by Cooney / G Stone and directed by Likarion Wainaina

Opening Date: Friday, March 23 2012
Dates: March 24-April 7, 2012
Venue: Phoenix Players, Professional Centre
Tickets: Ksh. 650 [Student nights Every Thursday. Buy 1 ticket @ Ksh. 400 and get 1 Free]

A 45 year old civil servant lives a reclusive, quiet life-everything planned to a ‘T’. The tranquil ambience is shattered by the sudden arrival of a complete stranger- a teenage girl who is pregnant and apparently ‘homeless’.
The generational gap is quite a challenge as he attempts to understand this wayward, hype teenager.

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Theatre/Play: Respect, Jan. 20-Feb. 4 2012 @ Phoenix Players

Phoenix Players Present Respect by Lutz Hubner
Directed by Millicent Ogutu

Opening Date: January 20, 2012
Venue: Phoenix Players, Professional Centre
Runs until: February 4, 2012
Tickets: Kshs 650.
Student nights Every Thursday buy 1 ticket at Ksh. 400 and get 1 Free

Four teenagers take a day trip to Cologne. By the end of the night, their world has been turned upside down. One is dead, two are in police custody, and the fourth is recovering from stab wounds!

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Theatre/Play: Shirley Valentine, Jan 11-15 2012 @ Phoenix Players

Phoenix Players Present Shirley Valentine

Opening Date: Jan 11, 2012
Venue: Phoenix Players, Professional Centre
Tickets: Kshs 650

Dates: January 11-15, 2012
Tickets: Ksh. 650. (Student nights Every Thursday. Buy 1 ticket @ Ksh. 400 and get 1 Free)
Telephone contacts: +254 20 221 2661 or 222 5506 and +254 729 913 425

Inside Mrs Joe Bradshaw – 42 year-old mother of two grown children – is the former shirley valentine longing to get out. Her hope and self confidence badly shattered by school,marriage and life,she is reduced to talking to the kitchen wall whilst preparing her husband’s evening meal – to be on the table as he opens the front door every night. As she sips a glass of wine she dreams of drinking in a country where the grape is grown. Her feminist friend offers her a holiday in Greece and,with great trepidation and a lot of forward planning,Shirley seizes the opportunity and goes,to encounter a totally different lifestyle. Shirley,breaking out of the mould cast for her by society,is brilliantly shown with humour,warm sympathy and human insight by the author of EDUCATING RITA and BLOOD BROTHERS.

This play is directed by Millicent Ogutu

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Theatre: Pirates of Nairobi Dam (The Musical), Nov. 25-Dec. 18 2011 @ Phoenix Players-Professional Centre

Phoenix Players Present: Pirates of Nairobi Dam adapted from Gilbert & Sullivan, directed by George Mungai, musical direction by Kaz

Opening: November 25, 2011
Dates: November 25-December 18, 2011
Tickets: Ksh. 500 (Book Online:
Student nights: Every Thursday. Buy 1 ticket @ Ksh. 300 and get 1 Free.
Telephone Contacts: +254 20 221 2661 or 222 5506, Cellphone: +254 729 913 425

Last performed on the Phoenix Stage in 1988, PIRATES is one of the better-known works from the indomitable pair of Gilbert and Sullivan.
It tells the story of a band of pirates [in this case Nairobi ones!] on their usual ‘prowl of pillage’. One of their own- Frederick- has come to the end of his ‘contract’ as a Pirate- having mistakenly been apprenticed to them by his Nanny- Ruth- who, being from a region where ‘L’ and ‘R’ are one and the same- took ‘PILOT’ to mean ‘PIRATE’ and thus sealed Fredrick’s fate as a young lad.
The Pirates want Fred to take Ruth with him…his only knowledge of a woman is indeed Ruth- who tells him she’s as good as it gets. Only for them to stumble onto a bevy of maidens frolicking at the shores of the Dam.
They are daughters to a widowed retired Major General. On realizing the Pirates are bent on making brides of his daughters, he spins a woeful tale of him being an orphan- a story which melts the hardened hearts of the rogue pirates, and they let him go.
Fred, meanwhile, is informed of a small hitch to his being released from the pirates, and has to return to their ranks. He spills the beans regarding the General’s story and they return to revenge for being duped. A bunch of lazy policemen is on their trail…

This is a family show- light story, melodious music, great talent!

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Concert: House of Jazz, Oct. 25 2011 @ Phoenix Players

Date: October 25, 2011
Venue: Phoenix Players
Time: 6.30pm
Tickets: Kshs 200

Performances from: Patrick Nakaya & Ibada East Band and Karama

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Theatre/Drama: The House of Bernarda Alba, Oct. 14-29 2011 @ Phoenix Theatres Professional Centre

Phoenix Players and The Embassy Of Spain Present:
The House Of Bernarda Alba
A Drama Of Women by Federico Garcia Lorca and directed By Millicent Ogutu

Opening: Friday, October 14 2011
Venue: Phoenix Theatres, Professional Centre
Tickets: Kshs 500

Dates: October 15- 29, 2011
Venue: Phoenix Theatres, Professional Centre
Tickets: Kshs 500 Student nights Every Thursday. Buy 1 ticket @ Ksh. 300 and get 1 Free. Only those with school ID’S are eligible for the offer.
Online booking:
Contacts: Telephone: +254 20 221 2661 or 222 5506 Cellphone: +254 729 913 425, Email: and Web:


After the death of her second husband, Bernarda Alba, a dominating woman, imposes a period of mourning on her household to last all of eight years! This has, apparently, been tradition in her family. Bernarda exerts an almost fanatically protective will over her daughters. She is preoccupied with ideas of honour and custom, in particular relating to the role of women in society, and is too proud to see the truth about her own five daughters aged between 21 and 40, whom she has shielded and controlled to an excessive degree and prohibited from any form of contact or relationship with all things male! The mourning period further isolates the daughters from the world around them, and tension mounts within the household.
Passion, anger, sibling rivalry and extreme jealousy haunts the characters in The House of Bernarda Alba…

For more info: Nick creations

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Play: Minister karibu, Oct. 28-30, 2011 @ Michael Joseph Center

Phoenix Players present Minister karibu by John Sibi-Okumu.

Opening Date: October 28, 2011
Venue: The Michael Joseph Center
Time: 7pm
Tickets: Kshs 1000
Online Booking:

Dates: October 29-30, 2011
October 29, 2011 @ 7:00pm [Kshs 1.000/-]
October 30, 2011 @ 4:00pm [Adults Kes 800/- Children Under 14 Kes 400/-]

Contacts: Telephone: +254 20 221 2661 or 222 5506 Cell phone: +254 729 913 425, Email: and Web:

In the run-up to the next general elections, the Opposition Parties’ Conference is the talk of the country. It is horse-trading time- and a motley collection of incumbent legislators, each with their own agenda- are bent on cobbling together a semblance of unity to secure their seats- and of course the hefty perks!
Key to this conference is Winston Churchill Matumbato- so called ‘Kingmaker’- who is supposedly a venerable political animal.

The meeting is being held at the Walevis’ Authentic African Hotelunder management of the proprietor- Mama Toto. The proceedings are followed keenly by her general factotum- Solo. The press are attracted to the conference like moths to a candle. The local press is represented by Pitbul Nteria, and the international angle is covered by Don Brother. However, it transpires that everything is not as it seems to everybody. This production sees the return to the Phoenix Stage of Ng’ang’a Kirumburu and Mwangi, and features David Opondoe [Propose Me!], Yriimo Mwaura [Duets], Bruce Makau [Romeo & Juliet] and Kevin Amwoma [Smile Orange], among others- including some fresh talent

For more info: nickcreations

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Theatre: Wanjiku’s Dilemma, Sept. 23-Oct. 8 2011 @ Professional Centre

Phoenix Players present Wanjiku’s Dilemma (Opening this Friday) by Oby Obyerodhyambo another Kenyan original .
Oby is certainly not a stranger to the Kenyan Theatre scene, and this is his second play to be presented on the Phoenix Stage.

Opening: September 23, 2011
Time: 7pm
Venue: Professional Centre (The Phoenix Players)

Dates: September 24-October 8, 2011
Time: Wednesday-Friday 7pm, Saturday 3rd & 17th 7pm and Sunday 4th & 11th 3 & 6pm
Tickets: Kshs 500 (Student nights Every Thursday. Buy 1 ticket @ Ksh. 300 and get 1 Free. Only those with school ID’S are eligible for the offer)

Two young lawyers- TUNU and RICKO are running their own practice. TUNU has a habit of picking Pauper’s Briefs- especially those of the ‘down-trodden’ and uses her mother ALICE- a retired legal brain- as a bouncing wall for her cases. She picks up one such case- of a woman who has killed her husband and his lover in what appears, on the surface, as a fit of anger. Questions start to fly- with public opinion at variance with the suspect’s defense lawyers, the case starts to split the staff in the office as well. Tunu is convinced WANJIKU did no wrong. The Police have a very different view. So does her own mother and legal partner. This drama plays on the social attitudes, societal expectations of what a marriage should be. The conflicts – past and present – that re-wire our opinions and either clear or cloud our judgements.

The play is directed by GEORGE MUNGAI. WANJIKU’S DILEMMA is part of the on-going program to produce original Kenyan works by Phoenix Theatre, and we welcome this second script by Oby Obyerodhiambo, following THE STRIPED LEOPARD which was produced at Phoenix in 2002.

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Play: Wife after death, Aug 12 – 27 2011 @ Professional Centre

Phoenix Players presents:  Wife after death- by Eric Chappell directed by Millicent Ogutu.
(Premiering this Friday 12th August, playing until  Saturday 27th August 2011)

Comedian and national treasure Dave Thursby has died, and on the day of his funeral, friends and colleagues gather beside his coffin to pay their last respects. There’s Harvey (Sam Psenjen), who wrote Dave’s material; VI, Harvey’s wife (Margret Karanja); Kevin (Harry Ebale), Dave’s agent, and Kevin’s wife Jane (Karimi Njagi). Dave’s glamorous young widow Laura (Angela Mwandanda) has arranged a funeral to remember, complete with a horse-drawn hearse and an attendant dog. An unfamiliar woman who has turned up in flamboyant mourning clothes turns out to be Kay(Carol Irungu), Dave’s ex-wife from before he was famous, and a series of revelations about his dubious past and recent philandering end with Kevin throwing a drink into the coffin and all the guests asking themselves if they ever knew the “real” Dave.


Wednesday, Thursday and Friday @ 7p.m, Saturday 13th & 20th @ 6p.m and Saturday27th @ 3 & 6 P.M

Students Night! Every Thursday! Buy one ticket at Ksh 300 and get another free!
(For Students with valid Identification)

To book call box office on 222 55 06 and 0729 913425 Mpesa Accepted.
Email bookings:

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Theatre: Propose Me! Jul. 29-31 2011 @ Michael Joseph Centre

This July at the Michael Joseph Centre, Phoenix present the hilarious Kenyan comedy, Propose Me!

Dates: July 29-31, 2011
Venue: Michael Joseph Centre
Time: 7pm
Tickets: Ksh.1000
Advance Tickets available online at
secure ample parking available.

July 31, 2011
Time: 4pm
Tickets: Ksh.800, Children under 14 Ksh.400

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Play: Minister Karibu, Jul. 22-Aug. 6 2011 @ Phoenix Theatre

Minister Karibu is a comedy by John Sibi-Okumu directed by George Mungai.

Premiers: July 22, 2011
Dates: July 22-August 6, 2011
Venue: Phoenix Theatre
Time: Weekdays 7pm, July 23 & 30 at 6pm and August 6, 2011 at 3 & 6pm
Tickets: Kshs 500
Tickets info: 222 55 06 and 0729 913425 Mpesa Accepted
Email bookings:

Students Night every Thursday where you buy one ticket at Ksh 300 and get another
free! (for Students with valid Identification)

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Play: Fallen Angels, Jul 1-16 2011 @ Phoenix Players


Where: Phoenix Players, The Professional Centre, Parliament Road

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday @ 7p.m, Saturday 2nd & 9th @ 6p.m and Saturday 16th @ 3 & 6 P.M

Tickets ksh.500 for adults, ksh.300 for students (undergraduate and below)

…Students Night! every Thursday! buy one ticket at Ksh 300 and get another
(for Students with valid Identification)

To book call our box office on 222 55 06 and 0729 913425 Mpesa Accepted.

Email bookings:


Julia and Jane have been best friends for life and both happily married for the past five years. But before their marriages, both had brief affairs with Juma- a lady-charmer from the Coast. Now Juma is visiting town and has asked to see them both. Julia and Jane’s husbands are out for a day of golf, and the two ladies nervously await Juma’s call. In the meantime, they quarrel, make up, get high on champagne and quarrel again. Juma arrives- very very late; the husbands turn up unexpectedly! This thread of action is flipped over by Jasmin- Julia’s new house-help- who seems to know a bit of everything about everything- a veritable ‘show-off’ and busybody!

Julia and Jane are played by ROSEMARY KINYABE and NJOKI KAGWANJA- who both make their debut on the Phoenix Stage. Fred [Julia’s husband] is played by WILFRED OLWENYA while Jane’s husband- Willy, is played by CARTER KAVUTI- staging a comeback to Phoenix. Jasmin is played by ESTHER NEEMA [last seen in Local Murder] while ANDREW MUTHURE makes an appearance as Ringo Juma!

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