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Screening: Africa Metropolis Films in Nairobi! Jul. 18-20 2014 @ Goethe Institut, the Nest & Pawa 254 Hub Respectively

Africa Metropolis

African Metropolis Films Comes To Nairobi!
African Metropolis, a compilation of six short films from six African cities, will be screened for the first time in Nairobi.

The films from Abidjan, Cairo, Dakar, Johannesburg, Lagos and Nairobi tell urban tales about life in African metropolises. Over 50 percent of the continent’s total population now lives in cities, and vital urban cultures are forming and transforming – fast, and with growing complexity. In African cinema, the shift is towards urban stories, with less focus on the traditional, rural Africa that dominated in the past.

The event will be held in different venues including Goethe Institut, The Nest and Pawa254.

The Pawa254’s rooftop will take place on Sunday, 20th of July, completing the whole event with supporting happenings like live graffiti, spoken word performances, music performances and a visual urban photography exhibition.

Entrance: Free

Find more info here

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Spoken Word/Poetry: Words Galore – Host Tear Drops, Jul. 13 2014 @ Pawa 254 Hub

Words Galore
Date: July 13, 2014
Venue: Pawa254 Hub
Time: 2-6 pm
Tickets: KES 250 at the Door and KES 150 Advance
You can get tickets via M-PESA on 0720785173

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Concert + Release of New Songs by Sarabi Band – the Kings of the Arena, Jul. 4 2014 @ Alliance Francaise

Event poster

On July 4, 2014 Sarabi, Kenya’s favorite local afro-fusion band will be reclaiming the Alliance Francaise arena for a full evening dedicated to uplifting and inspiring music that aims to shed a light on current social issues. Tickets are 500ksh in advance and 800ksh at the door.

SARABI was formed in 2005 and has in the recent years proved to be one of the most promising Afro Fusion bands in Kenya. The group is made up of 8 young men hailing from the Eastlands Slums of Nairobi. All the members started playing music at an early age and have over the years worked together to create one of the most solid bands in the Kenyan music scene. Their music, made up of heavy traditional Kenyan rhythms, Benga and a blend of Western sounds has proved to be the missing link in the Afro-fusion genre of music.

Sarabi, described as “Kenya’s most sought after artists”- Vibe Weekly, have recently performed to critical acclaim at festivals and concerts including: Blankets and Wine, African Liberation Day, Doadoa Arts Market- Uganda and Nairobi Live.

On July 4, 2012 Sarabi will be performing hit songs including ‘Fuata Sheria’ featuring Juliani and for the first time – will be playing unreleased upcoming songs of peace inspired by Kenya’s current political climate. Also at the event will be Sarabi’s all new merchandise line and the band will be revealing a brand new look.

Tickets are available at the Alliance Francaise. Advance: 500KSH. At the door: 800KSH.

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Screening & Discussion: Défense d’afficher – 8 Artists 8 Cities 8 Directors, Jul. 3 2014 @ Pawa 254 Hub

Screening 8 cities
Date: July 3, 2014
Venue: Pawa 254 Hub
Time: 5.30-8 pm

Défense d’Afficher – Trailer from la maison du directeur on Vimeo.

With Eva Munyiri & Bankslave

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Event: The Best Mobile Film Award 2014 – Nairobi in Motion, Apr. 11 2014 @ Pawa 254 Hub


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Screening/Film Forum: The Last Safari by Matt Goldman, Mar. 19 2014 @ Pawa 254 Hub

the last safari
Date: March 19, 2014
Venue: Pawa 254 Hub
Time: 5.30-7.30 pm
Entry: Free

Find more info here

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Screening & Discussion: From Here to Timbuktu – Turkana Episode, Mar. 5 2014 @ Pawa 254 Hub

Pawa Forum
The third edition of Pawa 254 film forum will feature the critically acclaimed From Here to Timbuktu Turkana episode.

Date: Wednesday March 5, 2014
Venue: Pawa 254 Hub
Time: 5.30pm to 7.30pm
Entry: RSVP here

Kenyans are excited by the discovery of oil in Turkana, the cradle of mankind, because of oil’s potential to accelerate economic growth in the country. But not everyone is as enthusiastic about the oil discovery. The biggest, unresolved issue in the country of Turkana is water, which has led to some of the world’s first climate wars.

Ekal a Turkana warrior living in Todonyang, on the border of the Kenya and Ethiopia, carries a gun wherever he goes, as his community is constantly fighting over water and grazing lands with the Daasnach tribe from Ethiopia. Access to clean water is also a pressing concern for residents living near the oil sites in Nakuklas.
With increasing climate change, as a result of our reliance on oil to drive industry, water could soon become the new oil in terms of importance and conflict

Find more info here

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Fatuma’s Voice: Poetic Justice, Jan. 24 2014 @ Pawa 254 Hub

poetic justice

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New Single/Social Conscious Music: Fuata Sheria by Sarabi Band feat Juliani

Fuata Sheria
Fuata Sheria is a great new single by Sarabi Band featuring Juliani which addresses the dysfunctional state of Kenya politics and of the failure of citizens to take responsibility.

Kenya at 50 Music!

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Pawa Salon XXII on Investigative Journalism with Argwings Odera, Nov. 14 2013 @ Pawa 254 Hub

Pawa Talk
Date: November 14, 2013
Venue: Pawa 254 Hub
Time: 5-7 pm
Entry: Free

Argwings Odera runs the investigative blog It is in this blog you will find some great insights into the Westgate Mall tragedy.

Find more info here

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Fatuma’s Voice: ‘Parliamentary Puppetry’, Oct. 18 2013 @ Pawa 254 Hub

Fatumas Voice
Join Fatuma’s Voice on an evening of togetherness, heated debates, laughter, deep poetry and soothing music.

Date: October 18, 2013
Venue: Pawa 254 Hub
Time: 4-7 pm
Tickets: Kshs 100

Does the African Union represent the African people or is it there to serve the egoistic lot that runs African governments? I bet no African country was forced into signing the Rome Statute. Why is it that they are now fighting as a unit to get out of it when things have become hot? Is African democracy real or is it still a fantasy? Do the people have a say in making such decisions as their countries being part of the ICC or is it simply a closed room presidents’ affair?

After an emotive session on relationships, this Friday we embark on discussions around the AU verdict that President Uhuru Kenyatta shouldn’t go to the ICC and how African leaders want to escape punishment for crimes against humanity. That, plus what we understand on our political rights as Africans, and how nepotism, injustice, sexism and classism have shaped our politics and cultural lives.

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Fatuma’s Voice: Who is Watching Who? Oct. 4 2013 @ Pawa 254 Hub

Fatumas Voice
Date: October 4, 2013
Venue: Pawa254 Hub
Time: 4-7 pm
Entry: Kshs 100

Poetry from: Hînga Mwonjoria, Poppa Stev-o (ex- convict), KITUI THE POET, Tela Abala, Oduor Jagero-Koa (African bull), Poet Tear Drops, Mollow Dickens (Gun shot survivor), Brian Otieno (Black man in white teeth), among others.

This week on Fatuma’s Voice
Do crime rates reduce as a result of the government fitting in cctv cameras around town? Are the people who man them competent enough so that the mwananchi could experience their effectiveness? Or are these simply moves to blind people that something is being done about insecurity?

How would you rate our police on a scale of 1-10? Who watches over their actions since they watch over ours? What is the law? Who is the law??

‘Who watches over who?’ is the question we are asking ourselves this Friday on #FatumasVoice. If you have nothing to say, then come listen to what others have to say. A lasting solution could pop up in your mind, for after we speak, we act. It’s the only way we can make a difference, by walking the talk.

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Poetry/Spoken Word: Fatuma’s Voice, Every Friday @ Pawa 254 Hub

Fatumas Voice
Dates: Every Friday
Venue: PAWA 254, Africa Alliance of YMCA Building, State House Crescent
Time: 4-7 pm
Tickets: KShs 100
Contacts: 0722 535 035


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Premier: Tough Bond Film, Aug. 6 2013 @ Pawa 254 Hub

Tough Bond
Date: August 6, 2013
Venue: Pawa254 Hub
Time: from 5.30 pm
Entry: Free



For more info

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Pawa Salon: How to cover Elections by Boniface Mwangi, Feb. 21 2013 @ Pawa254 Hub

how to cover elections
Join Pawa Boniface Mwangi for a Master talk, on “How to Cover Elections” on Thursday, 21st February 2013, 5-7pm at Pawa Hub.

“I covered the post-election violence at a great personal risk and sacrifice, though l escaped all that mayhem physical unharmed, am sill nursing the psychological violence inflicted by witnessing the violence.”Boniface Mwangi

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Photography Workshop with Sam Ouma, Nov. 28-30 2012 @Pawa254 Hub

Pawa 254 invites you to a Photography workshop from 28th- 30th November 2012, from 0930-1330 HRS at Pawa 254 hub in Nairobi.

Day One
Introduction to photography
History of Photography and history of film
Film vs. Digital
Types of Photography
How to identify your talent in photography
Basic understanding of cameras
Types of cameras

Day Two
Techniques and rules of photography
Picture framing and composition
Exposures and shutter speed
Camera Settings (shutter priority, aperture priority, manual, and auto settings)
Digital photography
Camera maintenance

Day Three
How to market your work

PS: Come with your camera.

If you are interested in attending the event, kindly send an e-mail to with your name and an expression of interest.
The workshop is free.

There are LIMITED slots available thus get your application in as soon as possible

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Training: Citizen Journalism Training Workshop, Nov. 14-16 2012 @Pawa254 Hub

Pawa254 invites you to a citizen Journalism training workshop from 14th-16th November 2012 from 0900hrs-1300hrs at PAWA254 hub in Nairobi.

Day One will give participants an overview of the Journalism Code, Day Two will cover fundamental ethical topics in detail and Day Three will cover in detail all aspects of professional reporting under the title of Accuracy and Fairness.
At the end of this training, participants are expected to write or record stories that deeply observe all tenets of professionalism in journalism.

If you are interested in attending the event, kindly send an e-mail to: with your name and an expression of interest before 1500hrs on Monday November 12, 2012. The training is free.

There are LIMITED slots available thus get your application in as soon as possible.

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Creatives Garage, Oct 19 2012 @ Pawa Hub

The Portfolio Review is on 19th October 2012 from 5pm at PAWA Hub (

This is October’s line-up for the event:
Fashion designer: Manciny Migwi
Producer: Daisy Busolo of wholesome Entertainment
Actor: Gerald Lingiri (
Digital Artist: Feysal Nair
Farmer: Lydia Wahito of tunda (

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Creatives Garage: Portfolio Review, Sept. 21 2012 @Pawa254 Hub

Date: September 21, 2012
Venue: Pawa254 Hub
Time: 4.30pm
Entry: Free

This month’s lineup consist of Kiplagat Leting – Chef in modern cuisine, Zawadi Nyongó – Yoga master, Jozie an architect by day and a bass guitarist by night, Andrew Wambua – Afrology Band, and Raya a Poet.

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Pawa Salon with Jinna Mutune, Sept. 6 2012 @Pawa254 Hub

Date: September 6, 2012
Venue: Pawa254 Hub
Time: 4.30-7pm
Entry: Free

Jinna Mutune is a native of Kenya Africa. She is a multi-cultural film-maker who has directed and produced short films, music videos and theatrical plays both in America and Africa.
A young, energetic rising star, whose academic background includes a Degree from the world renowned and heavily accredited South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance [AFDA, Cape Town, South Africa] and a course in Film Studies from the Houston Community College in Texas, USA.

Jinna’s idealist spirit means that she is future focused with an eye on achieving her potential. This is why 10years down the road, Leo has gone from an idea to a dream to a reality. Her temperament allows her to promote personal growth and to push herself beyond limits where most others would give up. A go-getter by nature she is the primary driver as well as creative mind behind Leo. You can find more about the movie here:

Watch the Trailer

For more info:

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Event: Creatives Garage Portfolio Review, Aug. 24 2012 @Pawa254 Hub

Date: August 24, 2012
Venue: Pawa254 Hub
Time: 5-7pm
Entry: Free

Creatives sharing their work
Corrine Muthoni – High profile hairstylist
Lilian Okado – Founder & CEO of Say Cheese Writers, an internet inbound marketing agency
Ziki O. – Afro-centric fashion designer
Christine Gitau- Craftpreneur and teacher in art and craft entrepreneurship
Baritone Kangwana aka Barry – Tattoo artist

For more info. visit:

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Forum: Beyond the Music feat Juliani & Ian Kamau, Aug. 8 2012 @Pawa254 Hub

Date: August 8, 2012
Venue: Pawa254 Hub
Time: 4.30-7pm
Entry: Free

Beyond the Music is a special forum where musicians get to share their work and life in and outside music. Its all about inspiritation and intimacy. It is all about meeting the musician and how they engage their passion. The inaugural instalation will feature Juliani and Canadian hip hop sensation Ian Kamau.

For more information visit the event Facebook page

Watch Juliani’s documentary

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Pawa Salon: Filmmaker & Photographer Shravan Vidyarthi, May 31 2012 @ Pawa254 Hub

Date: May 31, 2012
Venue: Pawa 254 Hub
Time: 4.30pm

About Shravan Vidyarthi
Shravan Vidyarthi is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and photographer based in New York City, and his native Nairobi, Kenya.

His films have appeared on PBS Television, and at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, and at MOMA and The Metropolitan Museum in New York. His photography work has focused on Somali refugees in Northern Kenya, and humanitarian initiatives in The Republic of Congo. He has been a guest lecturer at Vassar College, NYU and Barnard College and a Teaching assistant at Harlem Children’s Zone.

Shravan will also showcasing his award winning film “African Lens – The Story of Priya Ramrakha” Priya was one of Kenya’s first photojournalists, and one of the first Africans to shoot for Life, once America’s most famous picture magazine and was killed at the age of 33 in Biafra Nigeria.

For more info visit Pawa254 Facebook page

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Pawa Salon: Photographer Jerry Riley, May 17 2012 @ Pawa254 Hub

Date: May 17, 2012
Venue: Pawa254 Hub
Time: 4.30-7pm
Entrance: Free

Professional photographer, Jerry Riley will be giving the Master talk.

Jerry Riley is a Canadian freelance photographer based in Nairobi, Kenya and has worked in Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. In North America he has worked extensively in the Canadian Arctic, exploring the interaction of photography with other art forms in the Inuit and art communities of Cape Dorset.

His work includes fine art photography, landscape, portraiture, urban and architectural/built environment photography, photo-montage and photo-collage. While in East Africa, he has contributed to Adam, TN, the Nation Media Group, The Africa Report, Farafina (Nigeria), Kwani, Storymoja, Wajibu and Awaaz.

Current corporate clients include AMREF, IRIN and other Nairobi-based international organizations. He travels whenever possible, and is currently director of the GenerationKenya project which profiles post-1963 Kenyans of achievement.
He regularly exhibits in North America and Europe and recently celebrated the launch of the first East African exhibition of his fine art photography in Nairobi.

For more info: Facebook event page

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Open: Pawa 254 Hub. This is a space for creatives, journalists and community organizers

About PAWA254
This is Nairobi’s unique new social enterprise and collaborative space for creatives and youth to achieve work of social impact. It opened its doors on January 3, 2012.
This hub aims to house, foster, and catalyze creative and community-driven projects for social change across Kenya. It is the first of its kind in Africa.

PAWA254 derives its name from a combination of “power” in Swahili and 254, Kenya’s country code, as a symbol of national strength and unity.

The new hub aims to facilitate the use of visual and graphic arts, independent and citizen journalism, documentary film and photography, and digital and social media as means of civic expression and social action. To achieve this, the hub facility will bring together established and aspiring photographers, cartoonists, animators, creative designers, video & filmmakers, as well as entrepreneurs and activists, to work, learn, and share in an environment that inspires creativity and innovative efforts to bring about social change.

PS: This is a membership paying facility and more information can be found on their website

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