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Nairobi Forum: Our Collective Security – Writers in Conversation, Jun. 28 2014 @ National Museum

Date: Saturday, 28 June 2014
Venue: Louis Leakey Auditorium, Nairobi National Museum
Time: 5pm – 9pm
Entry: Prior Reservation.
RSVP here

The killings in Mpeketoni on 15 and 16 June are the latest in a series of violent events that are challenging the security of Kenya and the East Africa region more broadly. The words ‘terrorism’, ‘assassinations’, ‘tribal clashes’, ‘violent crime’, ‘domestic violence’ regularly appear in mainstream and social media headlines. Traumatic pictures of the aftermath fill the newspapers and TV screens. Kenya is no stranger to violent conflict, as the 2008 post-election violence attests to, but some analysts see the current resurgence as something new. There is no shortage of views on the causes of the current insecurity. Some blame external threats, religious ideology, identity, resource competition, youth unemployment, marginalisation, political intrigue, corruption and inefficiency of the security services. Others point to a failure of collective responsibility.

In the latest in a series of conversations with well-known writers, Kwani Trust, in partnership with the Rift Valley Institute’s Nairobi Forum, have invited a panel of writers to discuss these pressing matters. The writers include:

NoViolet Bulawayo, Writer
Parselelo Kantai, Writer
Rashid Abdi, Journalist
Billy Kahora, Writer and Kwani? managing editor

This conversation follows a session at 5pm at the same venue titled, Meet the Writers, featuring the three shortlisted writers of the Etisalat Prize for Literature, Africa’s most prestigious literary prize: NoViolet Bulawayo (Zimbabwe), Yewande Omotoso (Nigeria/South Africa) and Karen Jennings (South Africa).

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Kwani? Litfest, Dec. 9-16 2012 @ National Museum


Kwani? Litfest full program

2012 Kwani? Litfest: Conversations with Writers and Artists from The Horn

The fourth edition of our biennial gathering of writers, poets, literary academics and theorists from the continent kicks off between 9th – 16th December, 2012. Titled Conversations With The Horn: Writers, Artists In Exchange, this year’s festival will host Somali poet Hadraawi, Sudanese-English novelist Jamal Mahjoub & Eritrean writer and historian Alemsegad Tefsayi to share their work with writers from other parts of the continent. These include Egyptian writer and activist Nawal El Sadaawi & Nigerian and Ghanaian novelists, Helon Habila and Kojo Laing. They will also be joined by writers from Mozambique, Namibia, and Cameroon.

Following different themes over the years at the Kwani? Litfest, this is the first time that we have invited a combination of different writers from the Horn to be part of a celebration of literature and its role in our lives. Recent developments in the region have created points of convergence that warrant intra-continental literary, artistic and intellectual conversations. To begin with, new writing has emerged in places where little writing at least in Anglophone Africa had been seen in the mainstream and hence Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa are not the only players in a global republic of letters. Some of the most recent exciting contemporary African Literature has come from the so-called countries of the Horn by writers such as Meaza Mengiste, Dinaw Mengestu, Nadifa Mohamed, Abraham Verghese, Abdulrahman Waberi & Sulaiman Addonia. These follow in the rich literary traditions set by Nuruddin Farah, Tayeb Salih and many others.

With Southern Sudan as Africa’s latest nation, the emergence of Ethiopia as a new African economic force, the gradual stabilization of Somalia and the emergence of its resulting Diasporas, new expressions and narratives can challenge the ubiquitous narrative of political crisis. Such narratives, usually driven by outsiders, have been given prominence that mask numerous other layered realities otherwise taking place in the same areas. Writers and cultural commentators from these regions are increasingly becoming prominent in producing new narratives and ideas about their homelands. We hope that this edition of the Litfest provides a platform for the sharing of ideas through lectures, panel discussions and readings. That it can be a site of debate and discussion by writers, academics and literary enthusiasts on how literature, art and culture is related to the layered realities in the countries of the Horn now and in a glorious past.

The very fact that thousands of Sudanese, Ethiopians, Eritreans, and citizens of Somalia through migration and spill-over from conflict in these regions have seeped into Kenya’s national and especially urban psyches tells us that societal relationships have emerged that are complex and fluid. That, in truth, Kenya is as much part of the East African Community as what is known as The Horn of Africa. We recognize the differences, commonalities, and imaginaries between our societies and those of the Horn. We feel that these need to be discussed through the lens of art, literature and culture, and welcome you to the 2012 edition of the Kwani? Litfest.

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Kwani? Digital: Content Meets Tech, Aug. 25 2012 @iHub

Date: August 25, 2012
Venue: iHub
Time: 11am to 1pm.
Entry: Free

Content- Juliani, Gado, and Billy Kahora Meets Tech- ICT Board, Digital Divide Data (DDD) and Jimmy Gitonga.

Three months ago, Kwani Trust commissioned Digital Divide Data (DDD) to digitise some of its content as part of a pilot to see what possibilities lie in the content Kwani? has produced since its founding in 2003, and how new online and digital technologies could be utilised. This new Kwani? ebook platform is the first step in developing structures and networks through which Kwani?’s content can be disseminated to earn our published writers a much wider readership, and increase the scope of the Trusts reach and income.

We have been keenly following recent developments in the sector. From our observations, we feel that technology is driving many societal changes in the ways different players in the content-technology chain create, disseminate, receive, consume and perceive content and information. Content providers in the arts, culture and public media, like Kwani Trust and Buni Media, are entering these spaces with renewed energy. Online technologies like social media now take up huge market sectors in the consumption of content.

Our experience with the Kwani? ebook platforms has posed four distinct challenges.

- Though research in both content creation and online technologies is being commissioned and carried out, there is still a lot of work to be done on how the two sectors might complement each other optimally. In the build-up to launching the Kwani? ebook platform, we found little comprehensive local research on basic conceptual questions. How can the content and technology sectors work to facilitate research that is mutually beneficial?

- High quality content in arts, culture and public media is a specialised sector that is mostly donor-funded while most of the exciting work being done on online and mobile platforms is commercially driven. Collaboration between the two sectors requires significant paradigm shifts for both. How can non-profit content providers rethink their institutional models to take up the commercial opportunities that the new technologies promise?
– Traditional content providers have created loyal audiences and markets from offline products. New technologies promise new audiences, markets and possibilities. How can the two sectors work together to take advantage of these layered existing outlets?

- Traditional content providers have created legal frameworks for their institutional requirements over a period of time. New legal and contractual challenges have emerged with online and mobile content provision possibilities. How can the two sectors work together to ensure a stable legal framework for optimal collaboration?

Kwani Trust will hold an event in which content providers in the arts, culture and public media sector and online, mobile and new technology sector can discuss the issues outlined above.

For more information:

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Kwani? Open Mic – Memorial Edition, Aug 7 2012 @ Club Soundd

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Kwani? Open Mic with Binyavanga Wainaina + more, Jun 5 2012 @ Club Soundd

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Kwani? Open Mic, May 8 2012 @ Club Soundd

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[Change of Venue!] Kwani? Open Mic Reloaded, Feb 7 2012 @ Insomnia Club


Kwani? Open Mic Reloaded February 2012

Featured Poet: Benson Kimani (Winner 2011 Kwani? Open Mic Slam)
Featured Artist: Anto and Paragasha Band

For more information on both artists, check out Kwani?’s website

MC: Cindy Ogana
Date: 7th February 2012
Time: 7 -9 pm
New Venue: Insomnia Club (Eternity City), 3rd floor of the T-MALL (Off Langata Road-Mbagathi way roundabout)
Entry: 200 Ksh

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Kwani? Open Mic Reload, Dec 6 2011@ Club Soundd

Kwani? Open Mic Reloaded December 2011 – Poetry Slam
– Winner walks away with a cash prize of ksh10,000
– Runners Up walk away with a Kwani? Gift Pack

Featured Artist:  Davis Ntare (TPF Winner 2010)

MC: Cindy Ogana.
Date: 6th December 2011.
Time: 7 -9 pm.
Venue: Club Soundd.
Entry: 200 Ksh.

For more information:

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Kwani? Open Mic – Reloaded, Nov 1 2011 @ Club Soundd

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Kwani? Open Mic Reloaded, Oct 4 2011 @ Club Soundd

Featuring: Ogutu Muraya

MC: Cindy Ogana.
Date: 4th October 2011.
Time: 7 -9 pm.
Venue: Club Soundd.
Entry: 200 Ksh.

Check for details

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Kwani? Open Mic, Sep 6 2011 @ Club Soundd

Featured Poet; Larry Liza
Featured Musician; Dempsy

Larry Liza is a 28 year-old Kenyan known for his profound and deep poetry esp. in Socio-Eco-Political realm, under his ministry, PETALS OF POETRY. Described as the greatest ‘South of Sahara, North of Limpopo, Larry Liza has touched tens of thousands of lives with performances across churches, weddings, NGO, etc. functions across the nation and beyond, and is probably best known for his poem TOYOTA.

Larry is a regular writer of comments and letters in Kenyan dailies.

Larry has represented Kenya beyond the waters through his work on Flamingoes and Kenya’s Dandora Damp Site, and is keen on working with the society in achieving the MDG’s esp. through Green Energy.

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Kwani? Open Mic, Aug 2 2011 @ Club Soundd

Kwani Trust is inviting you to Kwani? Open Mic on Tuesday 2nd August 2011 7pm at Club Soundd, Hamilton House Kaunda Street.

Featured Poet will be Jemedari
Featured Artist will be Masanduku Junior.

Jemedari is an artist who has been described as a child of two worlds, delving in both hip hop and written poetry. Having laid stakes in both categories, he strives to raise the bar in terms of performance, content and impact. His alias being the ‘general,’ he molds and morphs his act to best suit the audience and ambiance of any event, be it a hardcore hip hop environment or a high end function. Jemedari’s music is enjoyed by Kenyans young and old, with conscious, relevant lyrics that incorporate the context of his times.

His end game is to start a mentorship program through which talented youth with no avenue to make their talent work for them can be guided by those who have already carved a niche for themselves in the entertainment industry.

He has graced several stages, including Slam Africa, Flowetree, Wamathai Poetry nights, and Discovery Poetry with Sitawa.

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Kwani? Open Mic feat. Monaja & Valentine Ziki, Jul 5 2011 @ Club Soundd

MC: Cindy Ogana.
Date: 5th July 2011.
Time: 7 -9 pm.
Venue: Club Soundd.
Entry: 100 Ksh.

Monaja has gone from living abroad to adjusting to Nairobi life then readjusting to the countryside. He cites culture shock as a significant influence on his unorthodox musical style. “I think I’ve picked up a lot from the places I’ve grown up in, that’s why my music is very content-oriented and twisted.”
He grew up in Langata where his love for music blossomed, playing the piano while listening to musical greats like Dabrat, Shaggy, Fugees, Nas, Bone thugs ‘n’ harmony and Lost Boyz. Locally, he listened to Eric Wainaina, Shades ‘o’ Black and Poxi Presha.
He claims K-south Flava as his greatest musical influence.
He began performing in 2004 and went on to doing free shows at Florida 2000 and Club Skiliza in 2005, in Nairobi.
Monaja also hosts Nairobi’s Finest” every last Friday of the month at Dass restaurant.
Listen to his music on
Facebook fanpage – Monaja
twitter as @Monajamonj

Valentine Ziki
Valentine ZIKI is an actress, poet and musician.
Ziki has worked with some of Kenya’s most prolific directors and musicians; notably Eric Wainaina under the Rainmaker Company, George Mungai of the Phoenix Theater, Keith Pearson of Theater Company, Sterling Quality and more.
She has also been featured in MNET’s series ‘Changes’ and NTV’s ‘Guy Center’ and has composed music for jingles and stage plays.
Valentine Ziki represents a dynamic crop of emerging artistes in Kenya’s vibrant music scene. Her voice and style has a sultry and mellow touch, reminiscent of jazz and African artistes that have influenced her over the years. She is currently experimenting with different styles, creating a genre of music which she describes as Nu-soul.
She brings her music and poetry to life in a lively stage act around Nairobi’s entertainment hub, popularly known as SANAA FUSION. Hers is a mellow and soulful sound. She sings about love, life and the human condition & tells her story in Swahili, English and in her native Kikuyu.
Her first single “Nenda” has already received favorable reviews and she is set to release her debut album later this year.

Booking agent: Mambo Artssy: 254 725 816 126

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Kwani? Open Mic, Jun 7 2011 @ Club Soundd

Message: Kwani Trust is inviting you to Kwani? Open Mic on Tuesday 7th June 2011 7pm at Club Soundd, Hamilton House Kaunda Street Entry ksh 100/- only.

Featured Poet will be Sitawa Wafula
Featured Artists will be . Tamasha Beats

Sitawa is a Feather Awards Kenya nominee, 2010, an Actuarial Science drop-out and poetess who writes, performs and hosts poetry forums and workshops in Nairobi. She started writing in 2003 after a rape ordeal and began open mic performances in Nov 2008 when she was fired from her last job after getting a seizure attack and falling on a client. Being a rape-survivor, most of her pieces centre round the girl-child and socio-political issues and is involved in advocacy work, leading a sanitary-towel campaign in partnership with Sanibank Consortium for girls from disadvantaged backgrounds. She is also an Ambassador for Mental Health in Kenya under BasicNeeds UK in Kenya given her own illness. She also blogs for Southern Sudan’s widows and orphans charity, Hope Ofiriha and loves eating and reading during her free time.
Check out her blog for more about this wonderful poet.

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Kwani? Open Mic, May 3 2011 @ Club Soundd

Kwani Trust is inviting you to Kwani? Open Mic on Tuesday 3rd  May 2011 7pm at Club Soundd, Hamilton House Kaunda Street Entry ksh 100/- only.
Featured Poet will be Number 8
Featured Artist will be Masanduku Junior.

He just completed his degree at Kenyatta University studying BA (Business Studies and Economics). He began reciting poetry in high school (The Lenana School) in form 1 and represented the school in the national music festivals from form 1 through form 4. He was the best in Nairobi in form 3 (2001).

Dan began to write his own poetry in 2006. Actually, his first poem is dated 12th July 2006. He’s not the “academic” or classical poet who is bound to number of stanzas, lines per stanza, use of Queen’s English or coastal Swahili, etc. he writes as he would speak on the street. His style is heavily biased towards hiphop.

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Kwani? Open Mic, April 5 2011 @ Club Soundd

Date: April 5, 2011
Venue: Club Soundd
Time: 7-9pm
Tickets: Kshs 100

Performances: Maia von Lekow (Musician) and Moraa (poet)

MC: Cindy Ogana

Respond to facebook event

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Kwani? Litfest, Dec 12-17 2010

The 2010 edition of the Festival comprises of lectures, conversations, panels, readings and workshops that explore the practical aspects of African writing and literary life between successive literary generations. These conversations will also extend to recapturing what is considered a literary temporal black hole – the 80s and 90s when writing seemed to have dried in the continent, and a fledgling present.

Browse the full programme of the festival on Kwani?’s website

You can now buy tickets for the ticketed events ( evening events)  online via credit card, mpesa and zap. These events include a gala dinner celebrating Ngugi Wa Thiong’o, an Open Mic special with Cornelius Eady, Stephen Partington, Ngwatilo Mawiyoo and others, and a launch of Kwani? 06. You can also pay for the 5 workshops offered by the Litfest.


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Kwani? Litfest 2010, Dec. 4-10 2010

The 2010 edition of Kwani? Literature Festival comprises of lectures, conversations, panels, readings and workshops that explore the practical aspects of African writing and literary life between successive literary generations. These conversations will also extend to recapturing what is considered a literary temporal black hole – the 80s and 90s when writing seemed to have dried in the continent, and a fledgling present.

Festival Programme to follow shortly -Check  Kwani? website for details!

Ps: Once the program is out NairobiNow will publish it.

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Kwani? Open Mic, Oct 5 2010 @ Club Soundd

This month featuring poetry by Ndungi Githuku and music by Juma Tutu

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Kwani? Open Mic, Aug 3 2010 @ Club Soundd

Kwani Open Mic Reloaded  this Tuesday 3rd August at Club Soundd from 7 pm. Karibuni for sizzling poetry and spoken word recitals! The guest musician this month is Dela. She will be performing songs from her debut album ‘Paukwa’. Entry.. 100bob.

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Kwani? Open Mic feat. Kennet B, May 4 2010 @ Club Sound

Kwani Trust is inviting you to Kwani? Open Mic on Tuesday 4TH  May 2010 7pm at Club Soundd, Hamilton House Kaunda Street Entry ksh 100/- only.

Featured Poet will be Kennet B

Born Odongo Kennedy Leakey at the shores of Lake Victoria,Kennet B wrote and recorded his first poetry piece in 2003 at Chuqua Records in Kisumu where he was also mentored to become a sound producer.

He also gained music arrangement skills and  mostly worked in underground studios  helping  young artists musically grow up. He moved to Nairobi after hearing of Slam Africa Spoken Word Poetry competitions; he won on his first trial.

The win motivated him to produce a seven-track poetry album “Coming Of Age” of which he wrote the lyrics and was the chief sound producer. Each poem in the album is backed up with sound effects, which are skillfully placed to create the desired suspense to the listener. The authenticity of the album is supported by the fact that “Kitambi ya Sugar daddy” a poem dispelling girl child abuse by married men is receiving good airplay by various local radio stations.

Kennet B has gone an extra mile and produced the first Luo Poetry album,”Twak Galamoro Mokwongo”which has not been officially launched to the public, though a  single from the album has been released to a Kisumu based radio station.

As a performing artist, he has been able to execute his delivery at Kwani? Poetry Nights,Wapi Hip Hop and Spoken Word Festvals,Lafesta in Kisumu, PEN international just to mention a few.
Currently, he is writing the scripts for the “Coming Of Age” album which he expects to be out sometime this year.

Kennet B writes on social issues relating to Church and State. He believes that with the power of the word all is possible even when the pen has run out of ink.

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Launch of new Kwani books, Mar 24 2010 @ Kifaru Gardens

Kwani Trust is pleased to announce the release of 4 new titles; ‘Cock Thief’ by Parselelo Kantai, ‘Tale of Kasaya: Let Us Now Praise A Famous Woman’ by Eva Kasaya with Jackie Lebo, ‘To Be A Man: Kwani? Poetry Competition Anthology’and the re-issue of ‘The Stone Hills Of Maragoli’ by Stanley Gazemba – all to be available in bookshops on April 1st.

A launch of these titles will be held at The Kenya National Museum Kifaru Gardens, # 3 Kanjata Road (Off James Gichuru Road) on Wednesday 24th March 2010 at 7pm. The launch is part of a double header event between Kwani Trust and the Caine Prize For African Writing Workshop 2010. The evening will also include readings by Kenyan and African writers from the Caine Prize workshop.

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Kwani? Open Mic, Mar 2 2010 @ Club Soundd

Kwani Trust is inviting you to Kwani? Open Mic on Tuesday, 2nd March, 2010 at Club Soundd, Hamilton House Kaunda Street

Entry: Ksh 100/- only.
Featured Poet: Ngwatilo Mawiyoo
MC: Cindy Ogana

Ngwatilo will be presenting poems from her new collection: blue mothertongue an urban anthology of growing up in Nairobi.

Open Mic slots are open from 6pm all are welcome to register.

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Kwani? Open Mic, Feb 1 2010 @ Club Soundd

Kwani Trust is inviting you to Kwani? Open Mic on Tuesday, 1st February 2010 at Club Soundd, Hamilton House Kaunda Street
Entry: Ksh 100/- only.
Featured Poet: Eko Dydda
MC: The lovely Cindy Ogana

Eko Dyyda is one of Kenya’s hottest young gospel artists. Growing up in Nairobi’s Mathare and Huruma slums his interest in music started when he was at Eastleigh High School. Eko, once a praise and worship leader at his local church, credits his switch to hip-hop to God:

“[I] once woke up in the middle of the night…to hear [sounds] that sounded like beats ringing in [my] head”
His big break came when he met Holy Dave, with whom he collaborated in his hit single ‘Niko Na Reason’.

Eko is an acronym of his real name (which he insists on keeping hidden). Dydda is opposite of Daddy, a nickname he was given when hewas in Mathare Youth Sporting Academy-MYSA, where he once played football.

Major Appearances And Achievements
• Kirk Franklins Spread The Love Concert at the Carnivore 2009 alongside Holy Dave, Juliani, Rufftone, Astar, Kanjii Mbugua, Esther Wahome, Jemimah Thiong’o.
•The Totally Sold Out Concert, Fifth Edition and Mteja campaign.

Niko Na Reason – Topped the following Charts: The Beat, H2O, Crossover 101, The Stomp, Homeboyz Radio and Power Radio.

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Kwani? SLS Reading, Dec 15 2009 @ Dass

Summer Literary Seminars (SLS) is happy to be returning to Kenya for the first time since 2006. SLS is a truly unique experience, a one-of-a-kind literary program that has hosted some of the world’s most celebrated and progressive writers. As part of the week-long events, Kwani? will host a reading/performance for SLS Kenya 2009 at Daas Restaurant on 15th December 2009 at 7.30p.m.

Emceed by the fabulous Cindy Ogana the event will include performances and readings by:

* Mike Kwambo
* David Kaiza
* Stanley Gazemba
* Eva Kasaya (reading by Cindy)
* Millicent Muthoni
* Ngwatilo
* Storymoja (performing extracts from ‘Living Memories’ by Al Kags)
* Extracts from the autobiographical works of Njenga Karume & Benjamin Kipkorir

We attended a previous performance of extracts from Al Kags’ book at the Goethe-Institut, and it was brilliant – highly recommended event!

Start time: 7.30pm, Charges: Kshs 200/-

SLS Program Dates: December 13th – 28th 2009

For more info on SLS Kenya click here.

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Kwani Open Mic and Poetry Competition, Dec 1 2009 @ Club Soundd

Kwani Trust invites you to a grand end of the year Open Mic and Poetry Competition.

Date: 1st December 2009.
Venue: Club Soundd, Hamilton House, Kaunda Street.
Time: 7PM to 10PM

The winner will walk away with a cash prize of Ksh. 5000. The 1st runners up Ksh . 3000 and 2nd runners up Ksh. 2000.Poets and members of the audience will have a chance of winning Kwani? Books.

The poetry competition is kindly supported by Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO)

Entry : Kshs 100.

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Kwani? Open Mic, Apr 7th 2009 @ Club Soundd

Kwani Trust is inviting you to Kwani? Open Mic on Tuesday 7th April 2009 7pm at Club Soundd, Hamilton House Kaunda Street Entry ksh 100/- only.
Featured Poet will be Joseph Wambua aka Jemedari.

He was born in the coast and raised in Nairobi, getting exposure to various urban forms of art. He landed a recording deal with Mtu Kawaida and is currently working on an album. Poetically, he started reciting solo verses in primary school and slowly developed into the more mature poetry witnessed at the Kwani Open Mic nights.
His style is laced with alliteration and wordplay, naming it “floetry”- a fusion of freestyle rap and poetry.
He focuses on comical yet artistic wordplay to depict society in its ideal light and shed the shine on the underdog. He describes himself as “overlooked, underrated, sidestepped and backstabbed”, based on his journey through the arts. Poetry to him is life and life is poetry in motion. He is currently polishing up a six track poetry compilation entitled “The Pain”, produced by SpEnt VooDoo.
“What is life, but poetry in motion??” – Julius Caesar.

Open Mic slots are open from 6pm all are welcome to register.

Also get copies of Kwani? 05 part 1 at bookstores and get the best of Kenyan Writing.

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Kwani? 5 part 1 launch, Mar 5th 2009 @ Nu Metro Junction

Look out for Kwani? 5 part 1 launch on 5th March 2009 6.30pm at Nu Metro Junction, Ngong Rd.
Entry free
This is the first part of the double Kwani? 5 – focused on the crisis in Kenya emerged with the 2007 elections.

More information to come on a second party-launch for Kwani on March 8th: this will be a Super Sunday Salon featuring prose and poem readings from Kwani? 5. Among the readers will be writers whose works appear in Kwani 5.They include David Kaiza, Samuel Munene, Neema Ngwatilo and Betty Wamalwa.

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Kwani? Open Mic, Mar 3rd 2009 @ Club Soundd

Kwani Trust is inviting you to Kwani? Open Mic on 3rd March 2009 7pm at Club Soundd, Hamilton House Kaunda Street Entry ksh 100/- only.

Featured Poet will be Patroba a participant of Kwani? Krismas who came in 4th.

Patroba is a 22 year old Nairobi based poet and a college student. He has been writing poems for the past three years, but started poetry perfomce in 2007. He has performed at forums such as Nu metro Poets club at the Junction, Kwani Open Mic at Clubb Soundd, Amplified Tongues at Mai Loan, WaPI amongst other venues. He has also participated in the Kwani Krismas slam and the Slam Africa poetry competitions.

Open Mic slots are open from 6pm all are welcome to register.

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