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Spoken Wor:l:ds: Lyrical Exchange between Nairobi & Berlin, Nov. 9-15 2013 @ Various Venues

Spoken Worlds
10th Nov: Street Poetry 3:00pm Aga khan walk (Free )
11th Nov: SPOKEN WOR:L:DS Goethe-Institut Nairobi 2:00pm (free)
12th Nov: Spoken Wor:l:ds (Kwani) 7:30 pm Imax (Free)
13th Nov: Spoken Wor:l:ds (Goethe) 4:00 to 6:00 pm (Free)
15th Nov: Spoken Worl:l:ds (Live & Loud) Tree house (free) plus there is transport from town


SPOKEN WOR:L:DS – lyrical performance between Nairobi and Berlin – is an international literature exchange project between artists from both cities, focusing on contemporary performance poetry.

It takes up impulses of Poetry, Spoken Word, Slam Poetry and Rap, which are art forms that mix literature, music, dance, and visual arts. Eight artists from Berlin, including Josefine Berkholz, Diamondog, Erko, Christian Filips, Josh, LMNZ, Madog, Sabine Scho will meet the following artists from Nairobi: Checkmate, L-Ness, Ogutu Muraya, Wanjiku Mwaurah, Namatsi, Sitawa Namwalie, Octopizzo, and Poetic B.

The project takes place in Nairobi November , 9th – 15th 2013 and in 5th – 12th April 2014 in Berlin.

Find more info here:

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[Postponed] Film Screening: High Tech Soul – The Creation of Techno Music, Sept. 26 2013 @ Goethe

In light of the tragic events which occurred over the weekend and the subsequent declaration of 3 days of national mourning this event has been postponed to a future date to be communicated by the organisers.

Date: 26th September 2013
Venue: Goethe-Institut, Auditorium
Time: 6.30 pm
Admission: free

More info here

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Ten Cities Concert & Warehouse Party, Apr. 27 2013 @ Marshalls Service Workshop, Loita Street CBD


Goethe-Institut Nairobi will transform Marshalls Service Workshop into a concert and party location for just one single night – don’t miss that unique event!

In Concert: Just A Band & Camp Mulla (Nairobi, Kenya), Batida & Octa Push (Lisbon, Portugal), Oren Gerlitz (Berlin, Germany) and many more…

Warm-Up and Aftershow-DJs from Johannesburg (South Africa) and Naples (Italy) – Visuals – BBoys – Great Drinks – Good People

TEN CITIES teams up about 50 DJs, producers and musicians from Berlin, Bristol, Johannesburg, Cairo, Kiev, Lagos, Lisbon, Luanda, Nairobi and Naples, enabling them to produce music together and exchange their knowledge about the club scenes in their home countries.

The project started off in Luanda in November 2012. After production phases in Lagos and Johannesburg in 2013, Nairobi is the fourth stage. Renowned electronic music producers Octa Push and Batida, both from Lisbon/Portugal, as well as Berlin based musician, producer and Jahcoozi member Oren Gerlitz are coming to Nairobi. They will record new tracks with Just A Band, Camp Mulla and many more.

The highlight of the project phase in Nairobi is a grand show with all participating artists. In matters of the venue we’ve got inspired by a common practice of early underground electronic music scenes which set up parties in abandoned warehouses. Based on that we will transform a garage into a concert venue, adding this exceptional warehouse character. This is going to be an extraordinary experience so make sure you do not miss it!

Tickets: 300/= KSh

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Concert: Mathewmatix House of Jazz Christmas Edition Concert, Dec. 18 2012 @ Goethe Institut

Chrismas Concert at GI
Date: Tuesday, December 18 2012
Venue: Goethe-Institut Auditorium
Time: 6.30 pm
Entrance fee: Kshs 200

Mathewmatix House of Jazz is a unique event that features live performances by independent music artists. By providing a platform as well as offering opportunities for the advancement of independent music, it also presents an exceptional intimate acoustic and interactive atmosphere.

Besides, bands and artists from different parts of Nairobi’s diverse Jazz scene will be brought together, hence creating a unique mixture never seen before.

The Christmas edition in December showcases a mixture of rich musical content, staging Ziki, Lulu and Jam Signal from Zimbabwe.
The individual artists will be highlighted, thus giving the audience an opportunity to focus on the individual strengths and skills.

Organised by Mathew Rabala

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Pwani Grooves: Kombo & Afro Simba Band and Alai K, Dec. 14 2012 @ Goethe

pwani grooves
Date: Friday, December 14 2012
Venue: Goethe-Institut Auditorium
Time: 8 pm
Tickets: Kshs 250

The holiday season is just around the corner, which means it’s time to relax and chill out at the coast. In order to put you in the right moodAlai K and Kombo invite you for the Pwani Grooves night!

Pwani Grooves combines the styles of two musicians from the coastal side of Kenya, showcasing the Mijikenda and Swahili styles of music. Alai K and Kombo with his Afrosimba Band will fuse rhythms like Kirumbizi, Mwanzele, Sengenya and Chakacha with modern instruments to bring the melodies of the coast right to the center of the busy and energetic city of Nairobi.

Alai K was raised in a Swahili cultural environment which influenced his current way of singing and musical direction. His songs feature Swahili poetry and storytelling; Ndege Ruka, one of his songs, was recently featured as end title in the movie “Nairobi Half Life”. Kombowas exposed to live music from an early age. Over the years, he learnt to play several instruments, like percussion and guitar, was part of several bands and performed at various festivals in Africa and Europe. Kombo’s first album “Ndivyo Ilivyo” was completed in 2009 and he is right now working on his sophomore album.

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Dance Performance: Breaksession Bboy Battle 2012 Finals, Dec. 11 2012 @ Goethe

Bboy Battle
Date: Tuesday, December 11 2012
Venue: Goethe-Institut Auditorium
Time: 7 pm
Tickets: Advance Kshs 150 for 2 tickets & Gate Kshs 150 per ticket

Breaksession® Bboy Battle is a break-dance event unique in Kenya.

Founded in 2005, the event had its first public edition in July 2011 and very quickly became a success story. It is now officially in its second year and will for the first time feature dancers from all over the country. Created and developed by Joe Nene (a.k.a. Bboy Kay/BreakDjKay) the goal is to spark the Bboy Revolution in Kenya and bring a realization ofBboy/Breaking as one of the elements of Hip-Hop.

Joe Nene, started dancing 18 years ago inspired by the lateMichael Jackson, as well as Usher, Ginuwine, the late Aaliyah, and Missy Eliott. Ever since, he has continuously dreamt of what he has now achieved! An event which would make it possible for Bboysto battle, compare and work with others who have similar skills and want to share them.
He and his crew, The B.B.O.Y Squad will organise this event which aims to have Kenyan breakdance recognised internationally and take it to the next level!

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Screenings: Homages Extra – Keith Oleng, Dec. 7 2012 @ Goethe

homages extra
Date: December 7, 2012
Venue: Goethe-Institut Auditorium
Time: 6 pm
Entry: free

Keith Oleng studied Theatre Arts at the Kakamega High School, Mass Communication at the Central TAFE College in Australia, and specialised in filmmaking at the New York Film Academy.

His nurturing as an artist started while he was in high school. Being a member in the theatre arts club, he became chairman in his final year. It was in this environment that he first learned about directing a production.
Keith founded a communication firm in 2008 while still in Film School in New York. It is called Africa Is A Planet, and deals mainly in Audio-Visual production, Creative Event Organisation and Internet Solutions.

Keith makes works that push the form of media, with a goal of developing an African inspired culture. The major themes of his work are beauty and exploration.

In this retrospective, Keith is going to present his short films, and will launch his latest work Love, Taken to a Mysterious Place.

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Sauti Academy’s End Term Concert: Encore! Dec. 8 2012 @ Goethe

Encore poster
Penya Africa presents: Encore! Sauti Academy’s end term concert
Another concert – Another song – Another story to be told…

Date: Saturday, December 8 2012
Venue: Goethe-Institut Auditorium
Time: 7 pm
Tickets: Advance Kshs 200 & Gate Kshs 300

A combination of talent, prowess and life-teachings brings together the Sauti Academy 1st and 2nd term students to present themselves and their talents on stage. This is what they were born to do. With the promise that this is not just a concert, everybody is invited to be part of a musical journey.
Ladies and gentlemen: Encore! Join and participate in this journey, you may never know where it will take you. The night’s performers want to leave the audience unanimously asking for an Encore!

Sauti Academy, Penya Africa’s artist development program is known for encouraging artists to be authentic – a freedom that allows the students to bloom in their respective distinct styles and perspectives as well as a dedication to their art. Every single artist is encouraged, motivated, educated and challenged and given additionally tools to make these dreams turn into reality.

For more information visit:

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Multi-Style Dance Performance: One, Dec. 1 2012 @ Goethe

Date: Saturday, December 1, 2012
Venue: Goethe-Institut Auditorium
Time: 7 pm
Entrance: Free

Ghetto Exposed dance students perform in ONE different dance pieces in various styles like Jazz, Contemporary, Afro-Fusion, Hip-Hop, Show Dance, and Tap. You can expect a musical and theatrical dance performance that embodies the typical ups and downs a young Nairobian goes through. The show includes “dropped”, a choreography by Anne Suurendonk (NL).

The dancers include Merica Wasonga, Henry Kabii, Melvin Magina, David Kinuthia, Cynthia Atieno, Alexis Madafu, Victor Mishael, Naomi Mwongeli, Andrew Wambua, Moses Ng’ang’a, and Francis Muturi. The choreography was done by Mike Wamaya, Willys Kwach, Anne Suurendonk, Marieke van der Ven, and Caroline Slot.

Ghetto Exposed trains disadvantaged youth from developing countries who have an artistic talent to become professionals. They currently run a dance and a photography training program for talented and motivated youth from different slums of Nairobi.

For more information visit:

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Pre-Listening Party/DJ Set: Sorry For the Delay by @JustaBand, Oct. 20 2012 @ Goethe

Just a Band will release their third studio album Sorry For The Delay on October 27, 2012 at KICC. Join them in a pre-launch listening party at Goethe Institut on;

Date: October 20, 2012
Venue: Goethe Institut
Time: 8pm
Entry: Free

Listen to their first single from their new album: Probably For Lovers

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Book launch: African Re-creation of Western Impressions, Sept. 27 2012 @ Goethe Institut

For more information visit Goethe website

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Panel Discussion: ITHUMBA – Ntando Cele on performances in public space, Jul. 23 2012 @ Goethe

ITHUMBA is the title of a performance and the embodiment of the spirit of Mary Muthoni Nyanjiru, who was killed in a protest in 1922. Nyanjiru challenged her people and the British government to release Harry Thuku.

In Ithumba Ntando Cele is collaborating with Mumbi Kaigwa in looking at how protests have risen in the past. And if women today had to protest, what would be the trigger? Would they leave their high heels behind? What would that dance be? “My interest is in the act of gathering, chanting slogans and finally the act of shaming the onlookers by pulling up their dresses and revealing their private parts, which is still considered a curse present day” says Ntando.

The artist’s motivation, work progress and her experience of performing art in public spaces both in Africa and Europe, will be explored during the panel on July 23rd, at 6 pm. The performance is planned for July 27th in front of the Kuona Trust compound.

The panel is organized by Goethe-Institut Kenya in collaboration with Kuona Trust.

For more information: Facebook event page

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Yunasi in Concert, Jul. 27 2012 @ Goethe

Date: July 27, 2012
Venue: Goethe-Institut Auditorium
Time: 8 pm
Tickets: Kshs 250 [call for additional details +254 20 2224640]

In 2004, Yunasi developed a unique East African music style called Sesube which is a combination of Sega, Isukuti, and Benga. It takes sounds and inspirations, cultural styles and languages from local Kenyan communities, and fuses those sounds with a European component. This is achieved by playing a variety of instruments, both traditional and modern.

Since the formation of the group, they have performed at festivals like Sauti za Busara, Bluesfest and Festhorn and played shows in Kenya, France, Germany, Belgium, Mayotte, Djibouti, Tanzania, Australia, Thailand and London. Furthermore, Yunasi won the 2004 Kisima Award for Best Afro-Fusion Band in Kenya, scooped the prize at the prestigious US International Songwriting Contest in 2006, and achieved the 2nd place in the World of Music Awards (WOMA) 2008.

On this evening, Yunasi will present some of their latest songs that will be featured on their upcoming album, both in an acoustic and a more energetic set.

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Screenings: Sinema Hot Sun Showcase, Jul. 14 2012 @ Goethe

Date: July 14, 2012
Venue: Goethe-Institut Auditorium
Time: 4 pm
Entry: free

The Sinema Hot Sun Showcaseoffers an opportunity for film lovers to interact with creative youth from Kibera showing what they do best. The screening programme comprises award-winning “Kibera Kid”, “Mututho”, “One plus One”, “Choices”, “Majukuma2, among others. Kibera TV will present its documentaries based on slum innovation and environment management. A demonstration of how to record audio for film will be held, making this event a unique showcase of Hot Sun’s activities.

Hot Sun Foundation is a charitable trust registered June 2007 in Nairobi, working with youth in slums since 2000 in Filmmaking and training. Hot Sun Productions provides quality media services at reasonable rates. Kibera Film School offers innovative, hands on video training in creative story telling. The school trains youth in scriptwriting, camera work, editing, directing and producing. Kibera TV, the African inspirational TV is an online channel that is a voice for everyone in the Kibera community and beyond.

For more information

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Conference: Popular Expression in the Silicon Savanna – Perspectives on the Digitization of Art and Life in Kenya, Jul. 10 2012 @ Goethe

While it remains to be seen whether the digital revolution will bring Kenyas ‘Vision 2030′ to fruition, digital technologies are clearly transforming the landscape of Kenyan popular culture. In Kenya today, popular music is being produced on computers and consumed on mobile phones; fiction is being published, read, and commented upon in blogs; poetry is being podcast; religious and political slogans are circulating on Twitter.

This conference brings together Kenyan and non-Kenyan scholars, intellectuals, and cultural practitioners for lively presentations and discussions on the ways in which digital technologies are transforming the production, consumption, reception, monetization, and politicization of popular expression in Kenya – all with a view toward developing a better understanding of Kenyan society in the digital age.

Organised by Prof. Mbugua wa-Mungai (Kenyatta University) and Dr. Andrew J. Eisenberg (University of Oxford), with support from the Goethe-Institut Kenya and the ‘Music, Digitisation, Mediation’ Research Programme at the University of Oxford, UK

Date: July 10, 2012
Venue: Goethe Institut Auditorium
Time: 10am-4pm
Entry: Free

For more info & programme check G.I. facebook event page

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Book Launch: Rethinking Eastern African Literary and Intellectual Landscapes, Jul 3 2012 @ Goethe-Institut

Maendeleo House
Loita/Monrovia Street

* WHEN: Tuesday 3rd July 2012 – 6 PM


Rethinking Eastern African Literary and Intellectual Landscapes
An Anthology edited by Prof. James Ogude, Dr. Grace A. Musila and Dr. Dina Ligaga

This book brings together diverse voices, genres and intellectual trajectories in an attempt to reflect on the state of production of, and engagement with, Eastern African literary cultures. The book re-visits established intellectual debates and canonical texts, while simultaneously offering a forceful engagement with popular arts and performance; particularly the manner in which genres such as drama, music and new media offer important insights into everyday life in the region. At the core of these essays is Eastern Africa s engagement with the legacy of colonial modernity, which remains a major influence on the region’s artists. The book also speaks to rich and complex sources of Eastern African cultures and how these continue to be negotiated through multiple currents, both local and transnational.

‘The anthology presents brilliantly written, erudite, and incredibly rich discussions of the various facets of contemporary East African literary cultures. The greatest strength of the collection lies in the fact that each writer places the materials under analysis in the context of a long tradition of African literary production, academic debates, and postcolonial scholarship. The essays are not only a thrill to read, but they will also be of great value to scholars of African and postcolonial literatures across the globe seeking to appreciate the shifts and continuities in the region’s culture of writing.’

Evan Mwangi – Assistant Professor of English, Northwestern University, USA.

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FilmAid Film Festival, Jun 21 2012 @ Goethe-Institut

FilmAid Film Festival on Thursday, 21st June 2012

Screening 1 – 4pm: Two short refugee films and feature film Welcome to Shelbyville
Screening 2 – 7pm: Two short refugee films and feature film Africa United

Goethe-Institute Auditorium
No. 3, Monrovia Street
Maendeleo House, Nairobi
Free Entry

For more information on FilmAid:

FilmAid has been screening films in Kenya’s refugee camps since 2001, and producing local content in Kakuma and Dadaab for almost as long. Through a filmmaker training program FilmAid provides young refugees with the resources to tell their own stories in their own voices.

The FilmAid Film Festival showcases films produced in the Kakuma and Dadaab refugee camps by refugee filmmakers. These short documentaries and dramas offer a powerful insight into life in the camps, which are collectively home to well over half a million individuals.

In 2012 the FilmAid Film Festival screens local and international films in Kakuma, Dadaab and Nairobi, bringing the world of cinema to the refugee community, and refugee stories to a wider Kenyan audience. Founded in 1999 during the Balkan crisis by award-winning producer Caroline Baron (Capote, Monsoon Wedding), FilmAid uses the power of film and media to transcend language and literacy, bringing life-saving information, psychological relief and much-needed hope to refugees and other communities in need around the globe.

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Weekly Lecture Series: Kenya at Fifty, every Wednesday until July 11 2012 @ Goethe

Every Wednesday at the Goethe-Institut Auditorium – at 6pm
Entrance: Free

This series of 12 weekly lectures, convened by Professor Karega Munene and organised in cooperation with the Ford Foundation, takes stock of Kenya’s cultural, social, economic, political and intellectual growth in relation to governance and treatment of human rights since independence in 1963. During this period Kenya has had three presidents – the late Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel arap Moi, and currently H.E. Mwai Kibaki – whose styles of leadership have impacted on the lives of Kenyans differently, thus providing us with invaluable lessons that require documentation if they are to serve the country as she faces the future.

The lectures will cover Socio-Economic and Political History of Kenya; Heritage and Social Memory; Education and Management of the State; National Health: Curative and Preventive Approaches; The Economy: Formal and Informal Sectors; Education and Knowledge Economy; English, Kiswahili and Sheng Languages; Literature, Music and Dance; Culture and Religion; The Family as Microcosm of Kenyan Identity; and Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Management.

Browse the up-to-date programme of the lectures on the Goethe Institute’s website

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Experimental Music: Hauschka in Concert, Apr. 13 2012 @ Goethe

Date: April 13, 2012
Venue: Goethe-Institut Auditorium
Time: 6.30 pm
Entrance: Free

In order to strengthen the music production between both the Kenyan and German music scene, the Düsseldorf-based pianist and composer Volker Bertelmann aka Hauschka has been in Nairobi. Accompanied by Sven Kacirek, they have cooperated with several Kenyan musicians and recorded songs together for two weeks.

On this occasion, Hauschka will perform a concert and present his composed music which is based on the so-called “prepared piano”. To explore and influence the outcome of his music, Bertelmann modifies parts of the instrument, attaching various objects to the strings such as gaffa tape, kitchen foil, felt wedges, bottle tops, ping pong balls, guitar string, thus creating a new and experimental sound.

The concert is an occasion to listen to fascinating experimental music from one of the most interesting contemporary composers.

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Exhibition/Installation: In Memoriam, Mar. 3-Apr. 6 2012 @ Goethe

Opening date: March 3, 2012
Venue: Goethe Institut
Time: 7pm

Exhibition Dates: March 5-April 6, 2012 (Mon.-Fri.)
Time: 1-6pm
Entry: Free

One of the most notable figures in the recent history of Art in Kenya is Mbuthia Maina. Maina joined Kuona Trust’s Art studios at the National museum in 1997 and has recently been an instrumental member of the artist led collective Masaai Mbili.

He was one of the artists that started working in the 90’s in a conceptual way using different art media including video art. His background of anthropology and sociology informs his conceptual methods. His works are often illustrations of his journeys and experiences-inclusive of political histories.

Mbuthia Maina has been one of the few Kenyans exhibited at a major art event in the global art scene: Liverpool Biennale 2002.
This exhibition provides a deep insight and pays tribute to Mbuthia Maina’s work

This exhibition is curated by 3collect

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Reading and Discussion: Amka Space Literature Forum, Feb. 25 2012 @ Goethe

Date: February 25, 2012
Venue: Goethe-Institut Library
Time: 10am – 1pm
Entrance: Free

The Literature Forum brings together upcoming women writers and literary critics to share and discuss stories, poems and current literary trends with the aim of enhancing their creativity. The forum provides a space to listen to the voices of established and budding female writers – voices of women with a passion for literary adventure.

The first product of the Literature Forum is out and available in bookstores in Nairobi: Fresh Paint – Literary Vignettes by Kenyan Women. The volume comprises a selection of poems and short stories presented at the Forum over the last 3 years.

AMKA and the Goethe-Institut organize the monthly readings in the library of the Goethe-Institut every last Saturday of the month.

Participation in the forum is open to both men and women and interested participants may send their poems and short stories to

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Literature Reading: The Blind Side of the Heart, Feb. 23 2012 @ Goethe

Date: February 23, 2012
Venue: Goethe-Institut Library
Time: 6 – 8 pm
Entrance: Free
For more info check their Facebook event page

The public reading series “Stories Spoken” is dedicated to introducing contemporary German literature in English translation to the Kenyan audience.

Amid the chaos of civilians fleeing west in a provincial German railway station in 1945, Helene has brought her seven-year-old son with her. Having survived with him through the horrors and deprivations of the war years, she abandons him at the station platform and never returns.

This is a tale of hope, loneliness and love; of a life lived in terrible times; the story of a family, an era, and a fascinating woman.

Excerpts from the novel will be read in English and German by Ngwatilo Mawiyoo and Susan Nadolny respectively.

A discourse shall ensue thereafter about the readings.

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Dance Performance: INBODA Nairo-Bach, Feb. 25-26 2012 @ Goethe

Dates: February 25-26, 2012
Venue: Goethe Institut
Time: Sat. 6pm & Sun 3pm
Entry: Free

The German dance company UnterwegsTheater, in co-operation with Goethe-Institut Nairobi, supported by the Ministry of science and art research in Baden-spice, starts the project INBODA (international body- and dancework) – Nairo-Bach.

Dancers from UnterwegsTheater will work with professional dancers from the contemporary dance scene of Nairobi, combining their dance-styles with classical music from Johann Sebastian Bach among others.

The dance work will be enriched by the imagery of the internationally acclaimed video artist Lillevan (co-founder of Rechenzentrum). The idea of this production is to break the borders of space and concepts, to surprise and challenge the audience as well as the performers.

The dance workshop will culminate in two dance performances.

Participants: Adam Lukas, Kebaya Moturi, Joe Nene, Mani Obeya, Kefa Oiro, Juliette Omondi, Stavros Apostolatos, Florian Bücking, Ini Dill, Bernhard Fauser, Felix Felixine, Jai Gonzales

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Concert/CD-Launch: Afree-Kah 2012 by Mcee Kah, Feb. 17 2012 @ Goethe

Date: February 17, 2012
Venue: Goethe-Institut Auditorium
Time: 8 pm
Entrance: Free

Passionate about music from his teens, Mcee Kah has emerged to be one of the best-known rap-artists in the East African Hip-Hop scene.

In 2001, Mcee Kah launched his solo career and started working on his debut album. Later on he released the single Dandora Love feat. Zakah and Kabee, which took the air waves by storm.

Mcee Kah and his crew Ukoo Flani Mau Mau won the annual Kisima Music Award for the best Hip-Hop Group of the Year in 2005 and 2006.

His socially conscious music encourages love, peace and harmony in the society. After various tours he has been inspired to release his second album AFREE-KAH 2012, a continuation of his first album SUBIRA. Both albums have been inspired by the struggle of the marginalized groups, their strength, their role in the modern world, while capturing their history, current affairs and their vision for the future of humanity.
The new album exhibits the fusion of African instruments in digital Hip-Hop sounds as well as revolutionary Mau Mau songs.

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Screenings: ESoDoc International, Jan. 29, 31 & Feb. 3 2012 @ Goethe

Dates: January 29, 31 and February 3, 2012
Venue: Goethe-Institut

On the occasion of the first residential workshop of ESoDoc International in Africa which will be held in Nairobi from 28th January to 4th February 2012, there will screenings and presentations of outstanding films and projects from Europe, Africa and Asia.

ESoDoc International is a training initiative for documentary filmmakers who work on films with a social impact and who apply innovative techniques and methods of storytelling and distribution.

Participatory Video is one these, a way of telling stories from within, a social tool where ethics meet aesthetics. On Sunday 29th and Tuesday 31st January a selection of award-winning projects realized with this method will be shown.

On Friday 3rd February, new documentary, cross-media or participatory video projects developed at ESoDoc International will be publicly “pitched”.

ESoDoc International is promoted by ZeLIG school for documentary (Italy), in partnership with Formedia (India) and Amref (Italy), with the financial support of the new EU Fund Media Mundus (

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Concert/Album Launch/Muziki wa Kenya: Michel Ongaro – Mazoea, Jan 28 2012 @ Goethe

The release concert of Michel Ongaro’s new album Mazoea will take place on

Date: January 28, 2012
Venue: Goethe-Institut
Time: 6pm
Entry: Free

Michel Ongaro is one of the best known singers and songwriters in Kenya. Ever since he was a young child he had a strong interest in music. Influenced by African rhythms, Jazz as well as Latin and classical music, he gradually became a multi-instrumentalist and started to compose his own music pieces. He produced his first album in collaboration with the German band The Embassadors.

Since then Michel Ongaro never stopped engaging himself in music. GI are proud to announce that the release concert for his new album will be held at the Goethe-Institut Nairobi. The album’s title is Mazoea, which in English means “habit”.
The music is largely acoustic, a fusion of Kenyan rhythms such as chakacha and bengaamong others, creating a unique sound, which you are going to experience at the concert.

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Release Concert “BLNRB – Welcome to the Madhouse”, Dec 10 2011 @ Nairobi Railway Club

Who: DJ Drazen, Just a Band, Ukoo Flani, Kimya, Lon’Jon, Nazizi, Michel
Ongaro, Radi (Nairobi)
Teichmann Brothers, Jahcoozi (Berlin)
Where: Nairobi Railway Club. See map:
Entrance Fee: 200/= KSh

The BLNRB project has caused quite a stir: mind-blowing parties in Nairobi, Berlin and Cologne, the international release and reviews for the album “BLNRB – Welcome to the Madhouse” from all over the world.

Now we are looking forward to its culmination. The BLNRB Release Concert, at the place it all had started: Nairobi! The artists will be reunited, for the last time you will have the chance to experience a night of great performances and incredible beats!

Get the album BLNRB – Welcome to the Madhouse at Nakumatt, Uchumi, iTunes and local music stores. It contains 18 of the best tracks from the project.

Since it will be the last show of BLNRB we are going to sum up the project with a screening of the BLNRB documentary, produced by Christian Füssenegger. The screening will start right before the concert, at 8.00 pm. Be there to get an exclusive look behind the scenes!

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Worldwide Literature Reading, Nov. 21 2011 @ Goethe

Goethe institut is holding a literature reading on the 200th Death Anniversary of Heinrich von Kleist

Date: November 21, 2011
Venue: Goethe Institut Library
Time: 6-7.30 pm
Readings on: German and English
Entry: Free

The German poet, dramatist, novelist and short story writer Heinrich von Kleist died on the 21st of November 1811. Kleist wrote many fine plays and short stories in the 19th century. He also wrote many letters and books about his life, his ideas on financial and military reforms and his crisis experience.
200 years after his death, two German institutions, the “internationales literaturfestival berlin” (ilb) and the Heinrich-von-Kleist society, have initiated a reading of his works to take place on 21st November in different locations around the world. The Goethe-Institut Nairobi, together with the DAAD and the University of Nairobi’s Literature Department has also organized a reading of a selection of texts by Kleist in German and in English. The texts will be read by Anja Bengelstorff, Anna Mwangi, Dr. Tom Odhiambo and Dr. Georg Verweyen.

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Concert: A Reggae journey through East Africa by Jahcoustix, Jamal & Friends, Nov. 18 2011 @ Goethe

Date: Friday, 18th November 2011
Venue: Goethe-Institut Auditorium
Time: 7pm
Entrance: Free

It all started in Kenya, in 1992, where Dominik Haas found the music that would give his life a clear musical direction. He spent his free time wandering through the downtown streets of Nairobi, where he would get his first contacts with Rastafarians and Reggae music. Inspired by the spiritual background of the Rasta culture, he wrote his first poems and started playing the guitar.

As the son of a diplomat, Dominik led a nomadic life, taking him to Kenya, Mexico, Liberia, New York and Egypt. After having spent 15 years abroad, he returned to Germany in 1998 and dedicated his music to a genre that knows neither skin colours nor ideological limitations. In 1999, he settled in Munich, teamed up with the band Dubious Neighbourhood.

Today, Dominik Haas calls himself Jahcoustix. He is one of Germany’s most consistent Reggae musicians, and is considered to be one of the pioneers who got Reggae off the ground in Germany.

Jahcoustix brings a promising symbiosis of Roots and acoustic Reggae.

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Concert – Muziki wa Kenya: Ma3, Nov 12 2011 @ Goethe-Institut

Muziki wa Kenya presents:  Ma3 @ GOETHE-INSTITUT
Maendeleo House, Monrovia Street, Nairobi
Saturday 12th November 2011 – 6 PM

Ma3 (Maa-Three) is a 6-piece, quirky Afro Pop band from Nairobi that borrows its name from the inescapable public transport mini-vans that dot cities in Kenya and all over Africa.

Ma3 is made up of Kenya’s most in-demand drummer Matthayo, young electric guitar prodigy Kato, Karanja on Bass, Kenya’s only intellectual property lawyer with a prolific music career Karimi on acoustic guitar, the magical Nanjira as the band’s vocalist/front “man” and Tim Rimbui, one of East-Africa’s leading music producers – on the keyboards.

In the two short years that Ma3 has been in existence, the band has headlined two of the biggest festivals to grace Nairobi, i.e. the Spread the Love Festival with Kirk Franklin and Nairobi Kinanda Arts Festival featuring Freshly Ground, Kwani Litfest and Shukas N juice Concert.

Ma3′s sound is that of young, contemporary, urban Africa; mixing soulful English/Swahili lyrics with spell binding guitar riffs built on a solid rhythm section. Ma3′s music is definitely up your alley.

Ingia Ndani ya Ma3! – Get inside the Ma3!

Visit Ma3 ‘s website:
On Facebook:


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