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Art Exhibition: Real Taste by Ismael Kateregga, Sep 1 – 28 2012 @ Banana Hill Art Gallery

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Art Exhibition: Beyond The Bounders – by Salum Kambi, Jul 14 – 27 2012 @ Banana Hill

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Exhibition: “Soko Poa”, Banana Hill Art Studio’s 20th Anniversary, Jun 2-29 2012 @ Banana Hill


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Exhibition: Chuma Pascal’s The Language of African Art, May 19-Jun 1 2012 @ Banana Hill Art Gallery

Chuma Pascal started drawing when he as 5 years old. He go empowered by his parents and friends, participated in many art competitions and won prizes an awards. Later he joined Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts (BIFA). He has exhibited at the National Museum, Village Market and elsewhere in Nairobi.

He imparts art skills to children and the youth at the Bobea Art Centre, which he directs. He is PNMW coordinator in Kenya.

Read more about Chuma Pascal and the Bobea Art Centre in an article by Margaretta Wa Gacheru

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Art Exhibit: African Tales by Paulo Akiiki, May 5-17 2012 @ Banana Hill Art Gallery

Paulo Akiiki is a contemporary African artist-painter, and is widely exhibited both locally and internationally.

Paulo spent most of his youth in his native countryside, a vast area marked by varying bright, dry or lush green plains with dazzling sunlight and spectacular views on huge, shining lakes, light purplish blue skies, hazy hills and dark mountain ranges in the far distance. As a four-year old boy he already started scribbling and drawing on everything he saw.

Later, Paulo pursued Painting, Sculpture and Graphics at the Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts of the prestigious Makerere University Kampala. He successfully, and with honors, emerged with a Bachelors Degree in Industrial and Fine Arts, in 1998.

Soon after his studies, Akiiki became a productive member of the Uganda Artists Association. He registered his own business, the Ujuzi Art Studios, in his country’s capital Kampala, and has since been practicing from there.

This will be his second exhibition in Kenya, always at Banana Hill.

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Exhibit: Chilonga Haji, Apr 7-27 2012 @ Banana Hill Art Gallery

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Exhibit: Art Layout, Mar 10-28 2012 @ Banana Hill Art Gallery

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Exhibit: Prospects of African Life by Thobias Minzi, Feb 18 – Mar 2 2012 @ Banana Hill Art Gallery

For more information about Thobias Minzi and for pictures of his paintings, visit his blog:

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Painting Exhibition: Beauty Contact, Feb 3-16 2012 @ Banana Hill Art Gallery

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Exhibit: Souvenir d’Afrique – by Bezazel Mfashingabo, Jan 21-Feb 3 2012 @ Banana Hill Art Gallery

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Sculpture Exhibition: African Mask by Alex Wainaina, until Jan 20 2012 @ Banana Hill

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Painting Exhibition: Beautiful Slopes, Dec 3 2011 – Jan 6 2012 @ Banana Hill Art Gallery

December 1, 2011 at 3:25 am 2 comments

Paintings Exhibition: Eye Contact, Nov 13 – Dec 3 2011 @ Banana Hill Art Gallery

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Exhibit: Lucki Mutebi’s “Progressions”, Oct 15 – Nov 12 2011 @ Banana Hill

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Exhibit: ‘Rhythm’ by Ismael Kateregga, Oct 1 – 14 2011 @ Banana Hill

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Sculpture Exhibition by Jack Kaluva, Sep 17-29 2011 @ Banana Hill Art Gallery

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Exhibition: Stripped Bare by Kofi Agorsor, Aug 27-Sep 15 2011 @ Banana Hill Art Gallery

Dates: August 27-September 15, 2011
Venue: Banana Hill Art Gallery
Location: Limuru Road, 9 minutes from Village Market
Tel. contacts: 0772 903 358/ 0733 882 660/ 0711 756 911

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Exhibit: A Thousand Hills by Bakunzi Jean Bosco, Aug 6-22 2011 @ Banana Hill Art Gallery

Bakunzi Jean Bosco was born on October 30th, 1985 in Kigali, Rwanda. Although he has been influenced by many visual artists, Bakunzi Jean Bosco is self-taught, creating art professionally since 2005. Bakunzi finds inspiration in the natural world, Rwandan culture, and his everyday surroundings. He has been motivated in his career by the belief that art has the power to heal people physically, mentally, and emotionally.
In March, 2010 Bakunzi founded Rwanda’s leading art center, Uburanga Arts Studio. This studio brings together the most skilled and talented artists from all over the country with the goal of developing Rwanda’s fine art scene.

This is his first exhibition in Kenya.

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Exhibit: “Metamorphosis” by Mark Kassis, Jul 2-15 2011 @ Banana Hill Art Gallery

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Art Exhibition: Soko Poa, Jun 4 – Jul 1 2011 @ Banana Hill

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Exhibition: Like Father Like Son, Apr 30 – May 19 2011 @ Banana Hill Art Gallery

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Exhibit: Jungle Visit, Apr 2-29 2011 @ Banana Hill

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Exhibition: Paulo Akiiki’s Reflections, Mar 12-31 2011 @ Banana Hill Art Gallery

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Art Exhibition: Life and Forms, Feb 26 – Mar 11 2011 @ Banana Hill Art Gallery

read the article by Aarti wa Njoroge |
Aubergine and lime: Sebastian Kiarie at Banana Hill art Gallery

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Exhibition: Neighbourhood Tides, Jan 29 – Feb 11 2011 @ Banana Hill Art Gallery

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Exhibit: Haji Chilonga, Oct 30-Dec 11 2010 @ Banana Hill Gallery

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Exhibit: Philippe Timmerman & Caroline Zagorski, Opening Jul 31 2010 @ Banana Hill

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