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Performance: HERO – Ololosokuan III, Oct. 17 2014 @ Goethe Institut Auditorium

HERO: Ololosokuan III – an exciting collection of Maasai stories

Date: October 17, 2014
Venue: Goethe Institut Auditorium
Admission: Ksh. 500/=
Time: 6.30pm
Duration: 75 minutes

Checkmate Mido interacted with various maasai elders in Ololosokuan, Ngong’ and collected these stories. Together with reknowned story-teller and theatre makerOgutu Muraya and the hip, versatile urban band Yellow Light Machine created the performance HERO: Ololosokuan in 2013 and HERO: Ololosokuan II in 2014 both performed at the Savannah Sunset Resort/Ololosokuan. HERO: Ololosokuan III is a unique and entertaining performance sequel that will make you wonder just how significant a simple thing like a name is.

Featuring Checkmate Mido, Ondiso Loise Madete, Joseph Gichinga, Mo Pearson, Ricky Matthews Githinji and Maich Better

Tickets will be available at the gate.
Ticket reservations can be made through me (Mido) via email ( or 0703603049

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Play: The Gods You’ve Built by Masvingo Drama – Zimbabwean Company, Oct. 20 2014 @ The Theatre Company Studio

Date: Monday 20th October, 2014
Venue: At The Theatre Company Studio,
Location: The Creative Centre, Lwr. Kabete Rd
Time: 5pm
Tickets: 1,000/- Seating limited to 50
Contact 0722 554 372 for reservations

After a successful tour in South Africa, Zimbabwean company Masvingo Drama Circle’s gut-wrenching play, The Gods You’ve Built will be staged in Nairobi on October 20th at 5pm.

Masvingo Drama Circle has just returned from Durban, where the play was performed at the Isigcawu Theatre Festival before making trips to the Pretoria State Theatre and the Market Theatre in Johannesburg.

Written by Tawanda Kanengoni and directed by Leeroy Gono, The Gods You’ve Built is set over the period of one night in an abandoned toilet.

Three people — Brian, Rudo and Pamhidzai — converge in a tragic and tumultuous turn of events that leaves two of them dead and one changed forever.


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Launch of Heroes for Peace + Performance of Kimbia by the Theatre Company, Oct. 20 2014 @ August 7th Memorial Park

The Theatre Company of Kenya and August 7th Memorial Trust invite you for the Launch of Heroes for Peace with renowned Kenyan Athletes. The day will be highlighted by a gripping performance of our Fire by Ten Touring show 2013/2014 Kimbia; five short plays based on the thrills, temptations, desires and fears of Kenyan Athletes

SHOW DATE: Monday, 20th, October, 2014
VENUE: August 7th Memorial Park
TIME: 10:00am( Show starts at 12noon)
Cost of Tickets: Kes 200 for kids and 500 for adults
For tickets please contact Liz Enane on 0728848137 or Annbel 0722 323 302

Synopsis of Kimbia:
The world knows Kenya as a running nation. Since its inception in the 1950’s, athletics has grown into a nationalist sport- a symbol of national unity and pride. Kenyan runners are loved and admired worldwide. However, little is known about them as people and what they go through to achieve such great heights. In order to tell the story of the athletes, The Theatre Company of Kenya has developed, in close consultation with the actual runners, a brand new performance called ‘Kimbia’, which literally means, “run”. ‘Kimbia’ is an exciting, innovative and collaborative theatrical show about the life and times of Kenyan athletes.

The five plays that make up ‘Kimbia’ are:
1. The Race by Cajetan Boy,
2. When the Door Opens by Joseph Murungu,
3. Just a Man by Edward Nthiga,
4. Doping by Ogutu Muraya,
5. Usiguskong (which means ‘Don’t Look Back’) by Joseph Gichinga.

Directed by Liz Enane and Mido Dembede. Original music composed and arranged by the cast and directors. Movement and dance choreography by Joseph Gichinga.

All actors are, just like the runners, Kenyan talent, professionally trained at facilities of The Theatre Company around the country.

For a short preview have a look at the following link:

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Play: Revenge, Oct. 18-20 2014 @ Alliance Française Auditorium

REVENGE: Tragedy as wife competes with sister-in-law for husband’s love and affection!
Hilarious Murder Mystery Thriller

Dates and time: Sat 18, Sun 19 and Mon 20 at 3, 6 & 8 pm
Venue: Alliance Française Auditorium
Tickets: KES 500

Somewhere between an Agatha Christie mystery and a Hitchcock thriller, spine-tingling Revenge is hilarious yet wonderfully spooky with a good, heart thumping scare… starring Kenya’s superstar actors.

Solicitous husband, Ben Kambi (Nick Ndeda), has decided to take his wife, Kathy Kambi (Fridah Muhindi), upcountry to recover having been discharged from a mental hospital. The situation gets even worse when Hilda Kambi (Liz Ngugi), Ben’s beautiful but manipulative sister arrives. Ben had invited her to help patch up the toxic, deeply-entrenched differences between the two women he dearly loves. Hilda is, however, hell-bent to destroy her sister-in-law. Both women set to outdo each other as they compete for his love! Soon Kathy finds herself tormented by strange sounds in the night, and visions of the vengeful ghost. Is she having another breakdown? Is someone trying to drive her mad? When she tries to defend herself from this apparition, events take an unexpected turn in a night of unimaginable suspense.

Amusingly clueless but extremely heartwarming neighbour, Derrick Karani (Xavier Nato) arrives on the scene. Derrick, who continues to show up at suspiciously appropriate moments, is drawn into the web of conflict…or is he the one fanning it?

And then suddenly the quarrels between the two women explode into violent murder. This appears to be an open-and-shut case of vengeful murder. As the story unfolds, it begins to look like a well planned scheme… and someone somewhere is cleverly orchestrating it as more deaths are witnessed…But nothing seems to be what it is and the ending is as shocking as the story itself!

Between an erratic wife, a suspicious husband, an abnormally hilarious neighbour and a sinister sister-in-law, who will be the last man standing? Deceit, false identity and frenzied cover-up ensue as the drama reaches fever pitch. In fact, the play lathers it on so thickly, that one doesn’t really know whether to laugh, or …be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

Directed by Mbeki Mwalimu. The show is stage managed by Mwajuma Belle and produced by Abuto Eliud

Tickets @500/=. Advance tickets on sale at only 400 bob till Monday October 13th. Call/Mpesa-0726524124/0728130134, Airtel: 0734524124 or call0202025811. Email:

Tickets on sale at Alliance Francaise reception, Asanand Music Shop on Moi avenue, 8to8 Mall next to Jazz Bar and Metz Photo Lab, Revlon Plaza, Tubman Rd, Off Kimathi St., Lower ground floor, Next to Bazaar Hse, Opposite Total Petrol Station.

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Multimedia Theatre: Ster City – A Journey through South African History, Oct. 17 2014 @ Alliance Française

Ster City
Date: October 17, 2014
Venue: Alliance Française
Time: 7 pm
Tickets: KES 500

With Lindiwe Matshikiza (nominated for outstanding breakthrough performance in the film – Mandela: long walk to Freedom) and Nicholas Welch.

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Play: They Say I Am by Kike Tele, Oct. 10 2014 @ Michael Joseph Center

They Say I Am Poster Final Revised
They Say I Am is an exploration of various stereotypes of women.

Date: Friday, October 10 2014
Venue: at the Michael Joseph Center
Time: 6-9 pm
Tickets: KES 800 at the Gate, Advance KES 600 Single and KES 1,000 for couples – 0715664104

About Kike Tele: They Say/I Am
They Say/I Am is a play intertwined with monologues of poetry exploring the stereotypes of women with the intention of shattering them, revealing stereotypes as the fallacies they are. Conceived and directed by Mwende Ngao and written by Anne Moraa, the play toys with the perception of various women and hopes to encourage the audience to rethink how they view the women in their own lives.

The Cast and Crew
Mwende Ngao
Mwende Ngao is a filmmaker, blogger and poet. She is also the founder of Kike Tele. She believes in the power of art to spark conversations and create change.

Rein is a student and a videographer. She is also a poet and is the 45th slam poetry queen.

Brenda Wambui
Brenda Wambui is a writer and entrepreneur interested in women empowerment, digital media and entrepreneurship. She is the co-founder of the award winning journal Brainstorm.

Amara Poeta
Julie Amara Poeta is a Daughter, friend, sister and Poet who works for an international Handset Manufacturer. A part of HisiaZangu Poetry family, her mantra is not to waste the God-given sunshine.

Namatsi Lukoye
Namatsi Lukoye is a spoken word poet, published writer and founder of Hisia Zangu society and The Kenyan Street Poetry. She is also a Public Relations Officer for Cerebral Palsy Kenya.

Marley Nyokabi
Marley is a poet, writer and an artist with keen interest in film and social consciousness.

Anne Moraa
A writer/editor and a graduate of the Creative Writing (Msc) at the University of Edinburgh, Anne Moraa has had her writing (fiction, non-fiction and poetry) published in And Other Stories, Brainstorm, Badilisha Poetry and others.
A founding member and editor at, she is as ever fascinated by women.


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Comedy: Bank Robbery Gone Sour! Sept. 18-21 2014 @ Alliance Francaise

Bank Robbery gone sour!

Dates and Time: Thursday 18 and Friday 19 at 6 & 8pm, Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 at 3, 6 & 8pm
Venue: Alliance Francaise
Tickets: KES @500. Advance tickets on sale at only 400 bob till Monday September 15, 2014. Call/Mpesa-0726524124/0728130134, Airtel:0734524124 or call 0202025811. Email:


A bank robbery has been staged but the getaway car fails to pick up the robbers who then commandeer a taxi. In a twist of fate, the taxi is involved in an accident. And in the ensuing confusion, the money is stolen by unknown people.

Working in cahoots with a crooked cop (played by Janet Kirina), the thugs suspect a taxi driver (played by Nick Ndeda) stole their loot and pursue him only to get sucked into his mysterious life involving two complicated neighbours (played Maina Olwenya and Xavier Nato) and his two very uniquely different wives (played by Nice Githinji and Hellena Waithera).

In the spiraling chaos of deceit, false identity and manic cover-up that ensues, an overzealous police constable (Umi Rajab) fresh from Kiganjo on her first assignment jumps into the frying pan bringing hilarity to new levels.

This is a high voltage roller coaster of fun from start to finish. You cannot miss this fast paced comedy performed by Kenya’s highly experienced superstar cast directed by Veronica Waceke and Mbeki Mwalimu. The show is stage managed by Mwajuma Belle and produced by Abuto Eliud

Tickets on sale at Alliance Francaise reception, Asanand Music Shop on Moi avenue, 8to8 Mall next to Jazz Bar.

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