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PAWA Film Forum Vol XV: ‘Beautiful Tree, Severed Roots’, Nov. 5 2014 @ Pawa 254

For our 15th edition Pawa 254 Hub is happy to announce the screening of the documentary ‘BEAUTIFUL TREE, SEVERED ROOTS – Seventy Years in Kenya. One Family, Seven Stories’, a film by Kenny Mann.

Date: Wednesday, 5th November 2014
Time: 5pm-8pm
Venue: PAWA254
Entrance: FREE

The film is about an Israeli family which settled in Kenya in the early ninetieth century and their contribution to the nation through the eyes of the film-maker.
The screening will be followed by a discussion which will be facilitated by Film Kenya Magazine.

PAWA Film Forum is committed to showcasing independently produced, often non- commercial work that has little opportunity of reaching the general public; highlighting social, political, cultural and historical realities. By featuring the voices and visions of truly independent media artists from Kenya and beyond, we aim to expose diverse audiences to a range of artistic expressions, cultural perspectives and critical inquiries.

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Screening: Apocalypse World War I, Nov. 3-5 2014 @ Alliance Française

Apocalypse Now
2014 marks 100 years since the start of the First World War. Alliance Française invites you to aseries of documentaries and classical music concerts to commemorate this significant milestone in world history.

Dates: November 3-5, 2014
Venue: Alliance Française
Time: 6 pm

‘Apocalypse World War 1’ is a new series from the directors of the critically acclaimed ‘Apocalypse World War II’ (historical series with the highest rating worldwide) and ‘Apocalypse Hitler’ (voted Best Archival Documentary Series by History Maker, New York 2012), Isabelle Clarke and Daniel Costelle.

The 5 episodes of 52 minutes each feature rarely seen and fully-colorized footage and bring to life the experiences of men and women behind and on the frontlines.

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Workshop + Première: Acting for Camera + Staub auf unseren Herzen – Dust on our Hearts, Oct. 29 2014 @ Goethe Institut

Workshop – Acting for Camera
GOETHE-INSTITUT KENYA in conjunction with UDADA Festival takes pleasure inviting you to attend the workshop “Acting for Camera” held by Stephanie Stremler, leading actress in “Staub auf unseren Herzen – Dust on our Hearts” at Goethe-Institut Auditorium on Wednesday 29th October 2014 from 9.00 – 11.30 am

Stephanie Stremler studied acting from 1998 to 2002 in the Ernst Busch Academy in Berlin. After finishing studies, Stephanie played main parts in various theater productions, for example at Staatstheater Kassel, Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg, Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin, and The Helmi International Puppet Theatre. She took part in various cinema, short film and television productions and sings in her band BETON. ADDICTED TO ACTING, a seven years documentary for cinema, directed by Andres Veiel, won the Berlinale Panorama Audience Award 2004. The award winning mother-daughter drama DUST ON OUR HEARTS by Hanna Doose, was based on a short treatment, the dialogues of the film are improvised in front of the running camera.

Kenyan Première
Kenyan Première of the award winning movie at Goethe-Institut Auditorium on Wednesday 29th October at 4.00 pm
“Staub auf unseren Herzen – Dust on our Hearts” 87 mins, 2013
Director: Hanna Doose, Writer: Hanna Doose
Stars: Susanne Lothar, Stephanie Stremler, Oskar Bökelmann

DUST ON OUR HEARTS follows 30-year-old Kathi, who dreams of succeeding as an actress in Berlin. Her overbearing mother Chris works as a life coach and likes to apply her professional knowledge to analyse her daughter’s problems, at times to great humorous effect and with strong hints at Cassavettes’ legendary acting techniques. When Kathi’s father suddenly returns after a 15-year absence, she finds herself in a cross-fire between her bickering parents. To complicate matters, Kathi temporarily loses her own four-year-old son.
* AUDIENCE AWARD – at Filmfest München 2012: FÖRDERPREIS Regie und Produktion, Tele5
* FIRST STEPS AWARD 2012 in the category of full length feature film
* DEFA Foundation Prize for the promotion of artistic newcomers
* BEST DIRECTING, New German Cinema, Filmfest Munich 2012
* BEST PRODUCTION, New German Cinema, Filmfest Munich 2012

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Film screening: Blancanieves, Oct. 28 2014 @ Michael Joseph Centre, Safaricom House

Blancanieves 2012 movie lo

The Embassy of Spain is pleased to invite you to a Spanish Night of the Udada Film Festival where a cocktail will be offered before the viewing of the modern version of the Spanish Film Blancanieves (Snow White) directed by Pablo Berger on 28th October at 5.30pm at the Michael Joseph centre next to Safaricom house, Westlands.

Free parking is available in the centre.

This event is celebrated within the framework of the Udada Film Festival a swahili term that means sisterhood. It is a women’s film festival that this Embassy is supporting and will take place from 25th to 29th October 2014.

For more information about the film screenings, please contact the organisers of the festival:

Location:        Michael Joseph centre, Westlands, Nairobi

Date:              Tuesday, 28th October 2014

Time:              5.30pm – 9.00pm


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Screening: The Ambassador by Mads Brugger, Oct. 31 2014 @ Docubox Offices

Screening: The Ambassador by Mads Brugger

Screening: The Ambassador by Mads Brugger

Date: October 31, 2014
Venue: Docubox Offices
Time: 6.30-8.30 pm

In his new stunt documentary, “The Ambassador,” the Danish journalist and filmmaker Mads Brugger impersonates a European adventurer seeking his fortune in Africa. This character, named Mads Cortzen, might have been dreamed up by Joseph Conrad in collaboration with Sacha Baron Cohen. A slender, dapper fellow with a ginger beard and an ironical manner, Cortzen motors around Liberia and the Central African Republic in a flag-festooned Volvo, handing out bribes and secretly recording his meetings with government ministers, diamond mine owners and shady passport brokers. Mr. Brugger’s voice-over briskly explains the rules and risks associated with his imposture, and reveals a world in which everything seems to be for sale. His first purchase is a Liberian diplomatic credential, which he thinks will allow him to operate in the Central African Republic with impunity as he buys conflict gems and sets up a match factory. Nothing is quite as simple as it seems. A Dutch fixer and Liberian officials, in spite of thousands of dollars in fees and “donations,” cannot put his papers in order, placing him at risk of arrest or worse. His Central African partners might be ripping him off, and it becomes hard to tell if Cortzen is master of the mock-diplomatic game or the world’s biggest sucker.

It is also sometimes difficult to read Mr. Brugger’s intentions. “The Ambassador” is both a satire of European cynicism and an exposé of African corruption, but a crucial element of social or ethical concern is missing. There is, for example, no sense of the toll that venal governments and abusive business practices exact on ordinary Africans, and the arrogant contempt that his alter ego shows for the Central African Republic and its people sometimes seems to belong to Mr. Brugger as well.

But much of what he was able to record — the deadpan viciousness of a French mercenary in charge of state security; the casual greed of fellow diplomats; the pomposity and duplicity of local bureaucrats — is genuinely appalling. Mr. Brugger’s portrait of shameless, routine collusion between exploitative foreigners and dysfunctional dictatorships is depressing and undeniable.

Unless, that is, “The Ambassador” is even more of a hoax than it seems to be. This strikes me as plausible, since somebody having this much fun in such proximity to horror may not be completely trustworthy. Via

Find more info. here

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Cinema Japan: Robo-G, Oct. 25 2014 @ Japan Information & Culture Centre

Robo G
The Japan Information & Culture Centre invites you to the screening of the movie “ROBO-G” which will be shown on Saturday, 25th October 2014.

Admission is free of charge and the movie screening is open to all film fans.

Next Screening: ROBO-G
Date: Saturday, 25th October 2014
Time: 2:00p.m.
Gates Open: 1:30pm
Venue: Japan Information & Culture Centre, Embassy of Japan, Mara Road, Upper Hill

Consumer electronics company employee Kobayashi (Hamada Gaku) is ordered to develop a bipedal robot, but fails miserably. He comes up with a plan to pass off a human in a suit as a robot, and finds an elderly man named Suzuki (Igarashi) who fits inside the suit perfectly, but….

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Premier of Open Air Theatre – Moonlight Cinema, Oct. 16 2014 @ the Elephant

Grease Poster
Welcome to Nairobi’s premier open air theatre – Moonlight Cinema.

We screen classic and independent films, for movie lovers on our larger than life air screen. Here you get to see the stars under the stars!

This October the 16th, we bring you the 1978 hit flick “Grease” with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John.

A FREE pizza for every ticket bought from Naked Pizza, with amazing bites done by The Lemon Grass Kitchen.

Hope to see you there and bring your kikoy!

Venue: the Elephant
Time: Starting from 7:30pm
Tickets: 1,000 advance and 1,500ksh, at the gate.
For inquiries contact +254 721 860 286

In association with Rainmaker Limited, Open Air Cinema and The Lemon Grass Kitchen.

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